12 Best Wood Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

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Wood Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell
12 Best Wood Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

It’s that time of year again, and if you’re looking for Christmas decor to make or need more decorating ideas, this is the perfect time to dig into your creative side and try out some of these fantastic DIY wood Christmas crafts. These make great gifts, too.

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Wooden Christmas Decorations That Aren’t Boring

I’ve never been accused of having a boring holiday home. I love it when friends and family visit and notice all the beautiful, handmade DIY wood Christmas decor. It gives me the warm fuzzies to get to share them with others. 

Your holiday decor doesn’t have to be boring or cookie-cutter. So why not add your style and jazz things up this holiday season? Everything from centerpieces to unique wooden Christmas trees. Imagine your home filled with creativity that stuns your holiday guests. 

Here are 12 of my favorite tutorials on how to make wooden Christmas crafts to put you in the holiday mood. These wood crafts are also the perfect way to make extra money selling on Etsy, craft fairs, bazaars, and more. Give them as personal gifts to those who love handmade items. You know, your sentimental friends and family. My fave! 

All crafting supplies to complete these DIY craft projects are listed in the blog articles.

#1 Wood Christmas Trees

Wood Shim Christmas Trees Tutorial

Who would ever know these farmhouse wood Christmas trees are made from wood shims?

With glue and a little paint, you’ll have tall, stately trees. Make a wood shim tree trio (that was a mouth full) with different heights. Keep it elegant, or let your creative side go with this one! 

Wood Shim Christmas Tree Craft

#2 Scrap Wood Block Houses

Wood Block Houses Tutorial

Add farmhouse charm to your centerpiece, tabletop, or mantle with these rustic wood block house candle holders. Isn’t the chimney beautiful with the copper pipe? 

Scrap Wood Block Houses

#3 Rustic Wooden Stars – Christmas Craft

DIY Wooden Stars Tutorial

I love the rustic charm of these wooden stars. Easy to make with scrap pieces of wood and a dab of white acrylic paint or chalk paint to give them that chippy paint look. Easy DIY Christmas craft to do with friends.

Here in Texas, I use mine all year long on my front porch as patriotic decor.  

DIY Rustic Wooden Stars

#4 Pinecone Gnome Shelf Sitters

Pinecone Gnomes Tutorial

The stars of this show are these amazing pine cones I found when visiting with my friend, Wendy, in PA. We don’t have them this big where I live, so I packed them in my luggage, knowing I would use them. OMG! Aren’t these the cutest gnomies you’ve ever seen?

Try creating a whole family of pine cone Gnomies. They’re the perfect addition to the mantel, adding a whimsical element to your Christmas decor. The grandkids loved them!

Pinecone Gnomes

#5 Mini Wood Block Christmas Tree

Wood Block Christmas Trees Tutorial

Makes these wood block Christmas trees out of pieces of scrap wood that you probably have in your garage or shed. I keep all my scraps in the barn. Ha!

Check out these gorgeous trees (if I say so myself) with Christmas icing, LOL. It’s not edible, I assure you, but it is fun to create a wood tree that looks edible. Be sure to tell your guests not to take a bite of these wood Christmas crafts. 🙂

Wood Block Christmas Tree

#6 Scrap Wood Block Gnomies

Scrap Wood Block Gnomes

Watch The Video Tutorial Here ▼

This wood Christmas craft will get all the attention! Adorable wood gnomes that will add charm with a bit of whimsy to your holiday mantle or above the fireplace as cute little shelf sitters. 

Scrap wood (a 2×4 I found on the road), faux fur, hot glue, and paint; you have the perfect unique gift. You can even make cute little hats for your Duck Dynasty gnomies for Spring, Summer, and Fall. They’re cute all year long! 

These Christmas wood crafts are sure to sell out quickly at craft fairs. 

Wood Block Gnomes

#7 DIY Wood Christmas Craft – Church

Wood Christmas Craft Church

You’re going to want to make several of these cute little churches. Add them to a wreath or door hanger. The perfect one-board project that anyone can do. This little church looks great as outdoor decor all winter long. 

Also, learn how to add creative texture that looks like snow on the rooftop in this tutorial. 

DIY Wood Church Craft

#8 Wooden Churches – Scrap Wood Craft

Wooden Churches Scrap Wood Craft

More wooden churches! I couldn’t help myself. The little church I grew up in inspired this project. 

A few pieces of scrap wood (picket fence boards) would be all it would take to bring back the memories that were made inside with my Grandma. To get the heartfelt tutorial, CLICK HERE. 

These churches would look great on a mantle, too.

DIY Scrap Wood Churches

#9 Rustic Christmas Tree Door

Christmas Tree Door Tutorial

I found this old door curbside and knew I had to have it. I kept it in storage for years until I decided to repurpose it into this creative Christmas Tree Door. 

It’s a great option for those with tiny spaces who don’t have much room for a real Christmas Tree. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Christmas Tree Door

#10 Rustic Wood Christmas Trees

Rustic Wood Christmas Trees – Decoupage

I made these cute wood trees from picket fence scraps and added beautiful decoupage paper. Of course, pallet wood will work, too. Use what you have to make wood Christmas crafts! I do!

This rustic wood decor will blend nicely from Christmas through the winter season. That’s my kind of decor! 

Rustic Wood Christmas Trees

#11 Chippy Wood Church Christmas Decor

Chippy Churches – Wood Christmas Crafts

Churches, houses, whatever you want to call them, aren’t they fun? Add a bit of farmhouse charm to your home with these chippy churches. All you need is wood and paint. Yes, I painted the doors and hung tiny wreaths above the doors. 

Rustic Wood Christmas Decor Craft

#12 DIY Wood Merry Christmas Sign

DIY Wood Christmas Sign

This stencil hack is pure genius! Not really. It’s extremely simple. It’s almost too simple. You lay an object like a felt placemat from the Dollar Tree (my template) across whatever you want the image on. Spray paint over the whole thing and remove the template to reveal the image in reverse.

This looks particularly good with a wood background, like this Merry Christmas sign I did for our front porch. This is a quick and easy way to make it look like a reverse stencil.

I know there’s an artistic term for this technique, but I can’t think of it. Let me know in the comments if you know. I’m sure other readers would love to learn more about this technique.

DIY Wood Merry Christmas Sign

I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas wood crafts and decor ideas and that you found them helpful. I strive to live a creative life and love sharing it with others.

Using what I have on hand to create is not only budget-friendly but a great stress relief, too. I like to call it my DIY therapy. Who doesn’t need therapy in today’s world? 

If you will, please let me know which one of these projects you will attempt first. Or maybe you have ideas you can share. Let me know in the comment section, and don’t forget to let me know you stopped by.

Lastly, don’t forget to PIN these ideas for future reference and share them with your family and friends. Happy wood crafting!

Until the next project… xo, Do



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