How To Make A Christmas Tree Door

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SCORE! It’s the curbside find of the year and I have a fascination with old doors and that’s no secret. There’s just something magical about them. Maybe it’s because it was a passageway into someone’s life and to me that’s meaningful. So, I look for project ideas that will add even more meaning to their stateliness. They’re just grand! Today I want to show you how I made a Christmas tree door that isn’t as hard as you may think. And if you have a small home with limited space for decorating, this is your answer.

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Old Door Before It Was A Christmas Tree

Repurposing this side of the road freebie into a Christmas Tree was the right thing to do. I gave it a new life! Merry Christmas!

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Cutting The Shape Of Your Christmas Tree Door

I started by using a straight edge of a 2X3 to mark the shape of the Christmas tree. Step #1 First, mark the shape of your Christmas Tree Door with a pencil or marker. For this project, I used the 2X3 boards that I purchased for the trim to mark the straight lines. A simple clamp will secure the board so that you can mark those straight lines. I work alone a lot and those clamps come in handy when you need more hands. Using a circular saw, cut through the door following the lines to create the outline of the triangular shape you marked. Hello Christmas Tree Door!

*This door had been previously painted for another project but I will be painting over it with my Dixie Belle Paint.

Glue any loose connection of the old door that was cut out for your Christmas tree. Step #2 Secure any loose paneled pieces with wood glue and allow them to dry before the next step. This will ensure a strong bond and give strength to your old door.

Save Those Cut Off Pieces Of The Old Door

BONUS! Save these cut off peices and use them for your second Christmas tree door!

BONUS! I have plans for these two cut-offs. These can be attached from behind with wood slates. Square off the bottom with a circular saw and you have a second Christmas Tree Door! Try using vintage hinges on the front side to give the appearance of a connection. Do you see my vision??? I will be doing this one for my bedroom!

Adding Trim To The Christmas Tree Door

I used a 2X3 wood trim to outline and secure the Christmas tree door. Step #3 Adding the 2X3 trim will add strength to your old Christmas Tree Door. Measure the boards and cut the appropriate angles for the shape of the tree. This tree shape is a bit different from some of the others I have seen. I wasn’t able to create the pointed peak on the old door, so I squared it off on top. All doors are not created equal and this one had a few challenges due to the design. I think it still works!

Adding Decorative Features To The Christmas Tree Door

I like to add embellishment to these plain old doors! Step #4 Try adding decorative moldings to add interest to a plain door. Be creative here and the sky is the limit. Here’s a quick video of the application of the moldings I used in this project.

Painting The Christmas Tree Door

I painted the Christmas tree door with a vintage buttercream chalk mineral paint to give it that farmhouse feel. Step #5 Paint the door your favorite color! That’s the easiest part of this whole project because there is no prep before painting if you use Dixie Belle paint. This door had been previously painted and all I did was clean it with a damp cloth and it was ready to paint.

*When painting over old finishes, it’s best to know what type of paint was used. The rule is water-based paint on top of water-based paint. If you’re unsure, soak a cotton ball in denatured alcohol and rub over the painted surface. If the cotton ball DOES NOT remove some of the paint, more than likely it is oil-based paint and will need to use a primer before painting over with waterbased paint.

Adorable Christmas Tree Door

This was the best use of an old door! I cut it into the shape of a Christmas tree! It's perfect for small spaces.


I'm in LOVE with this old door turned into a Christmas tree. What a great idea for small spaces.

This project tickled my fancy! What a great way to repurpose those old doors and create a space-saving Christmas Tree for those small spaces. I can think of a lot of variations of the project and how to make it my own. A card display?  A Christmas calendar?  Add cup hooks to display your favorite ornaments? So much is going through my head. What would you do differently? I’d love to hear your ideas and how this would work in your creative space. Drop me a comment below. You know I LOVE hearing from you.

Until the next project…  xo, Do

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Door


  • Hi Donna! Your door looks fantastic! But I have to say, I really love the color mix on that door BEFORE you redid it!! Did you paint the door those colors in a prior project, or did you acquire the door from another artist who had created the color combo? I would actually like to know what colors and mediums were used to get that effect for a solid wood door that I have and would like to repurpose.

  • Very clever! I love what you did with the door. Just stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  • OMG? love this door tree! Turning “free” into “fabulous” is my favorite kind of projects. Where are you getting those cute small wreaths??
    Thank you for all these wonderful tutorials, I’m always excited to see you’ve posted a new one!

  • Thank you so much, Sue! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 xo, Do

  • Love it, I made some similar did you add anything g to have it stand alone or does it lean on a wall? Love all your projects you are very inspirational!!

  • Thanks, Arlene! For now, it’s leaning against the wall. I will build a base so it can stand alone. 🙂

  • This was definitely worth waiting for ♥️
    I have some old doors in the Attic that will be getting a new look for next Christmas ❣️ thank you for sharing ❣️❣️

  • I have a few in the attic too. Love those doors! So glad you liked it. 🙂 xo, Do

  • Love love you and every project you share with us, your faithful followers!! I have a question from the gold leaf video. You mentioned where you got the hardware for the doors and drawers and I couldn’t understand what you said. Please let me know. Have a merry blessed Christmas!

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