So many colors to choose from…

Not all furniture painting products are created equal. Dixie Belle Paint Products are above the standards in their industry with all the products you will need to create that one of a kind masterpiece. Enjoy the bragging rights!

Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

White Lighting Cleaner… cleans the grime and things you can’t see that may cause your finish to fail.

BOSS… blocks odors, stains and bleed through on wood furniture.

Slick Stick… bonds to glossy and other hard, shiny surfaces to allow affective painting.

CRACKLE… easily create an old and weathered look.

Metallic Paint…comes in multiple finishes.

Dixie Belle Paint Patina Collection

Patina Paint… create AMAZING patina on your furniture and home decor. My personal favorite. 🙂

Prime Start… for use on metal surface (primer) before using patina paint and activator spray. Read instructions before application.

Patina Spray activator for patina paint… comes in green and blue.

Dixie Belle Paint Waxes

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

Best Dang Wax… Black, White, Clear and Brown

Gilding Waxes… multiple colors and finishes to choose from.

Paint Brushes & More

Dixie Belle Paint Stencils & Transfers


Decorative Stencil… multi use

Stencils… multi use