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DIY Video Library: The Art Of Painting And Refurbishing Furniture

Are you tired of the bland, expensive new furniture you find in stores? Instead of going shopping, you can create an updated masterpiece from the furniture you already own! Modernize an old family heirloom or refresh that aging curbside find sitting in your garage. In this video series, I will teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to breathe new life into old treasures.

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Expert-Led DIY Video Tutorials

Each video is designed to be a step-by-step journey to mastering painting and refurbishing skills. I will guide you through each technique from start to finish, including cleaning, repairing, painting, updating hardware, and more!

Every video includes a complete supply list so you can find the products you need.

BONUS! You also get my Easy Furniture Repair tips and tricks guide. Why not add some cute legs to that dresser or update the hardware for a totally fresh look? That’s why we’re doing this, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the art of painting furniture?

The Art of Painting and Refurbishing Furniture is an in-depth video library of step-by-step DIY tutorials featuring classic techniques and the hottest trends. You will learn how to refurbish furniture from start to finish and master all the skills you want to learn. The series is designed to help you build the confidence you need to create amazing works of art.

What is included in the art of Painting Furniture?

You will receive unlimited access to my entire video tutorial library, including a new video every month.

How much does the membership cost?

Memberships start at $29/month, you will be billed automatically as long as your membership lasts.

Will I be charged taxes?


How do I cancel?

You can cancel or pause the membership at any time through your account settings.

Do I have access to the videos after I cancel?

Your membership will remain active for the remainder of the term you have purchased for. If you purchased an annual subscription and you cancel three months in you would have access through the end of the year you purchased. Once you active term expires your access will as well. You can always rejoin at a later date to view all the new videos added each month.

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