Wood Christmas Trees Made The Easy Way

DIY Wood Christmas Trees
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Wait till you see these! Today I’ll show you how to make these adorable wood Christmas trees out of weathered fence boards and some left-over scraps. It’s always around this time of the year that I start thinking about all the DIY Christmas decor projects I want to make. And because I like to put my own spin on my home decor, I’m decoupaging them with some scrap decoupage tissue paper. They turned out so cute and I can’t wait to show you.

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How To Make Wood Christmas Trees

I made these adorable wood Christmas trees from some old fence lumber. Easy peasy, my kind of project.

How stinking cute are these? I also made tiny churches from this same weathered fence lumber. CLICK HERE to get all the details. Once again, saving our old fence turned out to be a great idea. And you bet I say “I told you so” to Mr. Honey Do every chance I get. Ha! These are cute as is, but…

Below are the supplies you will need to re-create these adorable Christmas Trees.

Assembling The Trees

I measured the weathered fence boards and cut them in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Use 3 boards approximately 3 inches in width to create the wood Christmas trees. The height of each tree depends on the cuts. Make them all the same height or stagger them as I did. My trees measured 48 inches, 42 inches, and 26 inches in height for your reference.

I connected the tree boards with some left-over 1/4 in plywood. Gorilla glue and a few quick nails.

After cutting your boards, secure them with 1/4 in plywood (or whatever thin pieces of wood you have) wood glue, and nails. I save all my wood scraps pieces of wood for this very reason.

Decorating Your Wood Christmas Trees

Because I was going to apply decoupage tissue paper to the wood Christmas trees, I gave then a quick sanding to remove the rough edges.

If you’re using weathered lumber, lightly sand with medium grit paper to prepare the wood for decoupage. The surface will still be rough but that’s okay. You’ll see as we go along.

When I found this buffalo plaid tissue paper, I knew it would be the perfect touch for my Christmas decor projects.

Decoupage On Wood Christmas Trees

Liberally apply the topcoat over the decoupage tissue paper. I use this instead of Mod Podge. Works great!

Apply a thick coat of Dixie Belle’s topcoat to the wood Christmas tree first. Then apply the decoupage tissue paper over the topcoat. The topcoat will act as the glue and literally absorb into the paper. It’s so cool! After the paper is in place, add another layer of the topcoat on the top of the tissue paper. The topcoat will appear bluish in color but will dry clear.

While the topcoat is still wet, I use a sanding block to gently rub the side to cut the tissue paper perfectly.

While the topcoat is still wet, use a sanding sponge to gently trim the edges of the tissue paper for a perfect edge. Gently rub away from the paper on the wood Christmas tree in one direction. Do not rub back and forth.

Adding A Raised Stencil

After the decoupage tissue paper, I added a raised stencil to my wood Christmas tree.

Use a reusable stencil and Dixie Belle’s MUD to create the raised design on the wood Christmas tree. Learn how to apply a raised stencil by watching the video below. I use this technique on furniture too.

Distressing The Wood Christmas Trees

Using a sanding sponge, I distressed the decouage tissue paper back to show a bit of the weatherd wood on the wood Christmas tree.

Here’s the fun part. When tissue paper and Dixie Belle’s topcoat are applied on a rough surface (weathered lumber) it creates the perfect vintage look when it’s distressed. All the rough areas sand back nicely to reveal a super-aged paper. You will want to apply a water-resistant topcoat over your wood Christmas trees if you’re using them outdoors. Gator Hide is the perfect choice to protect your masterpieces. These little beauties are living on my front porch this holiday season.

Oh my heavens! These vintage wood Christmas trees have my whole heart.


The vintgae tissue paper was perfect over the weatherd wood on these wood Christmas trees. I'm making more of these!


These mini wood Christmas trees are the perfect addition on my front porch for the hoiliday season.

And THAT is how to use those left-over scraps to create a wood Christmas tree on a budget. Unique and one of a kind. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with these little cuties. Yes, I do have a dresser on my front porch. Would you expect otherwise? I’m creative! What about a Christmas tree door? CLICK HERE to check out this idea for your holiday decorating. Oh, and don’t miss these adorable scrap wood Christmas Churches. They were a HUGE hit!

Do you decorate your front porch? I’d love to hear about your Christmas porch designs too. Drop me a comment below. Muah!

Until the next project… xo, Do

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Wood Christmas Trees Made The Easy Way


  • Love your projects, when I grow up I wanna be just like you 🙂

  • I found a pile of fence panels at the dump a few years ago…..took three or four days to talk my husband into going back for them. He was NOT convinced!! But in all, he’s used more of them than I have!!! Haha! They just don’t understand our “vision” until it comes to fruition and it’s staring them in the face…..then they have that aha moment and say things like “Wow, Babe! You’re so creative!!” LOL

  • I giggle a little every time I use them. Sweet victory. 🙂 xo, Do

  • These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing your vision and talent!

  • Currently making a set…..well, my brother made them and now I’m painting/stencilling them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Hi Sue! What a sweet thing for your brother to do. I’d love to see yours when they’re done. xo, Do 🙂

  • Gahhh…I love this project! I am absolutely going to have to try this! Thank you for the inspiration!

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