How To Apply Raised Stencils On Furniture

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How To Apply Raised Stencils On Furniture
How To Apply Raised Stencils On Furniture

Let’s just say I love a good challenge, but the challenge for me with this sideboard makeover was a double whammy. The old latex paint was peeling EVERYWHERE with veneer damage. It sounds like a great project for some raised stencils. Boy, can I pick’em or what?

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Prepping The Sideboard For The Raised Stencils

Well, I knew this would be a job stripping all of the latex paint off, but after 2 days, I was down to bare wood. It was in better shape than I anticipated. The end pieces had severe veneer damage, so it was super easy to remove. Learn more about veneer removal by CLICKING HERE. Everything else was pretty much intact. Thank goodness for my new SurfPrep Sanding System; I was able to salvage most of the venner and prep it for stain and the raised stencils. CLICK HERE to see how it looked after 2 days of stripping.

After stripping the paint off this sideboard, I was ready to apply some raised stencils for an updated country look.

Applying Raised Stencils To Furniture

It’s like icing a cake! Seriously it’s that fun to apply the raised stencil on furniture. After establishing the stencil location that is being applied, secure it in place with paper tape. Use a Mud Spatula to smooth the MUD across the stencil until the area is fully covered with the product. Immediately remove the stencil and wash it with mild soap and water so it will be ready to use at the next location or for proper storage for your next raised stencil project.

To apply a raised stencil on your furniture, you will need a few items. A beautiful 3D stencil and some mud.

Adding Details To Raised Stencils On Furniture

Once the raised stencil is dried, take 220 grit sandpaper and gently sand back any rough areas. Be careful not to sand too much. You want the stencil to be raised and visible. Too much sanding can create an inconsistent look, and you want all the raised goodness for the next step. Details!

You can paint right over the raised stencil once it's dry.

Adding The Details

Now, here is where it gets fun! To add detailing to the raised stencil, you can layer paint colors, patinas, and waxes with Dixie Dirt to create a unique look. For this look, apply the Iron Paint with a putty knife and scrape it across the raised stencil. While the Iron Paint is still wet, lightly spray over it with the Green Patina Spray. You can apply colored waxes and Dixie Dirt after the patina finish is dried. It will give the raised stencils even more of an aged look. Or you can paint over the design for a more subtle look. I like both.

I applied Iron Patina Paint with a putty knife over the raised stencils to give it a rusty aged look.

Raised Stenciling End Results

Raised stencils on painted furniture with a rusty patina.
The rusty patina really added a great look over the raised stencils.
I stained the wood a beautiful weathered gray to compliment the raised stencils. The rope hands are adorable!

Did you see that Okra Wreath I used in the staging? Country gals are thrifty! Learn how I made it by CLICKING HERE! You know they say you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. This statement rings true for me as I find myself drawn back to my roots with this raised stencil makeover. Flea Market finds, and rusty-crusty goods were what I grew up knowing in a small town in East Texas. I come from a long line of junkers, thrifters, and what I call make-doers. I’d say this one is pretty spot-on for me.

Raised stencils and thrift decor are the perfect combo for unique and usual style. Budget friendly decor doesn't have to look budget friendly.
I LOVE how the raised stencils on the sideboard added texture and style. It was so basic before the makeover.

Even today, I find myself thrifting as a habit. Sure, I can afford to go to Hobby Lobby, but I would miss the challenge. The challenge of creating on a budget and creating a look that is all my own.

Hey, thanks for joining me today while I share my heart. I know I’m not alone, and I’d love to hear from you. Tell me all about the near and dear items you use in your home decor in the comment section below.

Until the next project… xo, Do



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