Simple Rustic Christmas Decor | Scrap Wood Churches

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Simple Rustic Christmas Decor | Scrap Wood Churches
Simple Rustic Christmas Decor | Scrap Wood Churches

Oh, I’m excited to share this project! Rustic Christmas decor is my style and goes well with my modern farmhouse decor. The little wooden churches give me all the feels! Great memories of the little country church I attended as a child—population 25 on a good Sunday.  Let’s get started.

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How To Create Amazing Rustic Christmas Decor

Scrap wood churches... simple and easy to make! I used repurposed fence and created beautiful rustic Christmas decor that is budget friendly.

Gather Your Supplies

Here is what you will need to create your tiny rustic churches!

Cutting Wood For Rustic Christmas Decor |Wooden Churches

Before creating my tiny rustic churches, I measured and cut my boards to the height I wanted.

Find boards that are long and straight for this project. This will make it so much easier to cut and line them up together. Once you have found two boards with similar lengths, use a straight edge to draw your cuts. You can also use three boards, but that depends on the width that you want the tiny churches. I tried both but preferred the two boards. The peaks of the tiny churches are whatever you imagine in your mind. The peaks could be tall and skinny or short and fat. I created each one differently to match the rustic Christmas decor in my home.

Securing The Boards For The Tiny Wood Churches

I used random scrap wood to secure the three wood pieces together for the tiny churches. I also used nails for extra strength.

To secure the boards together, flip them over, and use some scrap wood pieces to secure your rustic Christmas decor together. I like to use wood glue and nails. If you want to get all fancy, try using a pneumatic nailer for quick assembly. It works great when you’re doing mass productions. These sell very well during the Christmas holidays, by the way…  *wink. You’re welcome!

Before Painting Your Tiny Rustic Christmas Wood Churches

I used my Surfprep sanding system to smooth out the rough edges of the repurposed fence boards before painting.

If the wood you used to create your Rustic Christmas decor churches is weathered and rough, you will need to give it a quick sanding before painting them. If you’re planning on creating these to sell and need to make them quick, I use my Surfprep Sanding System. Hand sanding is okay, but when you want quick and easy, and you have an assembly line going, this is my go-to. Oh ya… they also have sanding pads for handing sanding.

Painting Your Tiny Rustic Churches

I painted the rustic Christmas Church decor with a chalk mineral paint before adding the texture.

Now here is the FUN part… the paint! Choose a color that you love and drybrush the paint over the wood. Full paint coverage isn’t necessary because it allows the wood grain to show through. Remember, we’re going for a rustic look.

Texture Additive For A Rustic Chippy Look

I used an additive mixed with the chalk mineral paint to create a textured look on the tiny wooden churches.

To add a cool texture to your tiny wood churches,  add equal parts of the Sea Spray powder and paint and mix well in a disposable container. After it is mixed well, the texture will be similar to a peanut butter consistency.

Applying The Texture Paint

The best way to apply the Sea Spray paint mixture to your rustic Christmas decor is with the stick you stirred it with. The thicker you apply it, the more texture and cracking you get. This can also be sanded back after it dries for a smoother look. I use tongue depressors! LOL, it’s a Nurse hack I learned years ago. You can buy them in bulk on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of craft sticks. You’re welcome!

This texture is amazing! I it almost looks like snow on the tiny wooden churches. This will be the best rustic Christmas decor ever!

Instant Rustic Christmas Decor!

Rustic Christmas decor comes in all shapes and sizes. These mini wooden churches give me have all the feels!
Mini wooden churches add a special feel to my rustic Christmas decor. A simple budget friendly DIY Christmas project.
How to add rustic Christmas decor to your home on a budget.

These tiny churches make me happy. I catch myself smiling as I walk past them… which is often. My hubby has the tree lights on a timer so that when I wake up in the morning, I’m greeted by the lights and the tiny rustic churches. Every morning feels like Christmas morning. It’s the little things in life. Do you have rustic Christmas decor that makes you happy? I’d love to hear about it… tell me your inspirations in the comment section. I get warm fuzzies when I hear from you. πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas! Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. These are absolutely stunning Do ❀️ Thank you for sharing and reminding us of the TRUE meaning of Christmas

    1. Awe thank you, Gayle! It’s a great time of the year for family and friends. For me, it’s the most important.

      Blessings and Merry Christmas. xo, Do

  2. I love your tiny Churches, your Christmas Tree and the galvanized pail in the picture. Can I ask what you use the pail for? DΓ©cor or something else?
    Your work and ideas are my inspiration Do.
    Thank you so much πŸ™‚
    Have yourself a ” Merry Little Christmas ”

    1. You’re so sweet! That galvanized pale is an olive bucket. I just use it for decor, but it’s great for pillows, blankets and even wood for the fireplace. Hmmm, you got me thinking.
      xo, Do

    1. Hi Wendy, I used an artist’s brush and just painted them on. The Sea Spray was used to create the chippy look by dragging it across the surface with the tongue depressor. I love those little sticks. πŸ™‚ xo, Do

  3. this is so lovely. how very special to come in the mornings and be greeted this way! I’m a bit jealous…but happy for you my friend!!!

  4. Hi Do
    What a super cute simple fun Idea. Thanks again. I wanna do the lil wreath this Christmas for my kitchen cabinets.
    Hugs ? Lynn

  5. Love these churches! They bring back memories of my grandfather, who was a Southern Baptist minister many years ago, mostly in small rural towns in southern Mississippi. I’m definitely going to try making my own little churches!
    Just to clarify – did you use two 3” boards for each church and then join all churches together or hang each church separately in a row on the wall?

    1. Aren’t they cute?! Yes, the leftover fence was about 3 inches each. I put 2 boards together… so they’re about 6 inches in width at the base. Each Church is hung separately. I like to redecorate during the season and this will allow me to move them around.

      I can’t wait to see your little Churches. Please share. They make me happy. πŸ™‚ xo, Do

  6. Hi Do Dodson!! These are the cutest things i have seen so far this year! 2 things. 1. what if you don’t have reclaimed wood? 2. once you put on the texture do you sand and then paint around the edges in once color and in the middle another color? I guess i could just copy you. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hey Cheryl! That’s a HUGE compliment. Thanks! If you’re using new lumber, I would stain the wood with a waterbased stain and then use the Sea Spray and mix it with your favorite color. I used a white because I wanted it to look like snow. It’s a fun project!

      Merry Christmas my friend. xo, Do

  7. The churches are really charming, I’m going to talk my son into making some for us! May I ask what flooring that is in the picture, love the colors ; ) *Merry Christmas*

    1. Hello Mar! Thank you, so glad you enjoyed them. As for the floors, it’s a porcelain tile that looks like weathered wood. We purchased it at Home Depot a few years ago. . Sorry I can’t remember the name of the style.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours. xo, Do

  8. Hello Do I have become obsessed with your videos, I have learned so much watching them! Thank for all the inspiration and instruction. I fell in love with these churches and started making some yesterday but I am unsure what to do once I put the Sea Spray on…do I paint over it and sand or sand then paint? Thank you and Merry Christmas…see you in January in Atlanta, I am so excited about the workshop!

    1. Hi Becky! Because the Sea Spray is mixed with the paint, I did nothing but sand over it lightly after it was dried. It reminds me of snow. They’re just so cute! EEEEEK! I’ll see you in Atlanta. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
      xo, Do πŸ™‚

  9. I love these little churches. Can you give us some measurements as to the heights of each church. Thank you!!

  10. Well, here it is 2021 already and I’m just seeing this….and I’m totally smitten with them! As I was thinking about making some, I had a funny thought…..these could easily become gnome houses! Lol, or is that a crazy idea?

    1. Thank you, Ellen! I table saw is the easiest for these long angled cuts but can be done with a circular saw. Please get help if this is your first time using a saw. πŸ™‚

  11. Love these churches!!! I plan to attempt them. Can you tell me how you made the doors? Did you have a form?

  12. So charming and elegant. I’ll be making these for next year. Thanks for sharing. I have to ask – how much do you sell for?

  13. Hi, Do! These Churches are so gorgeous! I definitely have them on my list to do! We have bunches of old barn wood and I think they will be beautiful, using that! I can see Christmas gifts for nieces and my Bible Study ladies! have a very Merry Christmas!

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