How To Make DIY Wooden Stars Christmas Craft

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Learn how to make these rustic DIY wooden stars to decorate your farmhouse this Christmas. It's a fun craft that you can make out of scrap wood.
How To Make DIY Wooden Stars Christmas Craft

Is it ever too early to make fun Christmas decor? Not in my book. But these DIY wooden stars aren’t just for Christmas decor. Use them any time of the year to add a little country feel to your farmhouse. Let’s get to crafting!

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How To Make Rustic DIY Wooden Stars – Farmhouse Christmas Craft

Once again, the scraps of wood I’ve saved from other DIY home projects always seem to find their way into my heart or home. Both are equally okay with me.

All you will need to create these rustic wooden stars are five pieces of scrap wood.

CLICK HERE to see a hanging wood star that my friend Cindy at Reinvented Delaware did that inspired this project. Thanks, Cindy!

I used 5 pieces of scrap wood to create my DIY wooden stars.


DIY Wooden Stars

How many of you drew stars with your pen or pencil in school? I can remember doodling stars on my papers while looking out the window. SQUIRREL

Even with my eyes closed today, I can still create that pattern in my head. So, making these wooden stars was easy for me, and I think they will be for you too.

Grab some scrap wood and cut each piece the same length. Leftover trim pieces work well too.

Why didn’t I think of this? All of a sudden, I envision paint sticks in my head! Those would work too! Okay, if you try this using paint stir sticks, you got to promise to share your project with me. Pinky swear?

Lay the wooden pieces out in the shape of your star before securing them together.

Drilling Holes In The Wood

Lay your sticks in a star pattern while drawing it in your head. You can use your finger too. It does help. Once you have your design down, you’ll need to drill holes at each end of the wood pieces. Drilling holes can be tricky in smaller pieces of wood so go slow and easy to prevent the wood from splitting.

The wood pieces can also be secured together with glue and nails if you wish, but for visual interest, I find this method adds another level of cuteness.

Drill holes at each end of the wood strips. Later you can secure the wooden stars together with twine or jute.

Add Your Style – Wooden Stars

Before securing the wooden star pieces together, if you want to paint, stain, or both, now is the time to do it. Go ahead and play around with different finishes. No stress crafting is how I role.

Today I’m using Dixie Belle’s oil-based gel stain in American Honey and Golden Ash.

For this project, I applied one coat of the oil-based gel stain with a soft cloth (cotton t-shirt), quickly wiped any excess with a soft cloth, and allowed it to dry overnight.

I used wood stain on the wood strips before assembling them into wooden stars.

How To Add A Chippy Paint Look To Wooden Stars

The next day I decided to add a chippy paint look to two of the three wooden stars. After applying the darker stain on the wood, I decided I needed to lighten two of them up.

This is so simple you won’t believe it! You can also do this finish on furniture.

Using any color of chalk mineral paint, dip a putty knife into the paint and drag it along the dark stained wood. Instant chippy paint finish!

It’s okay if the paint gets thicker in one area than another. This makes the finish look more realistic.

And guess what else? The chalk mineral paint doesn’t chip off, and you don’t need to seal this finish. You are welcome. 🙂

To get a chippy paint look over stain, you simply drag the paint along the wood with a putty knife.

Assembling The Wooden Stars

Anytime you’re using jute twine and trying to fish it through a hole, you’ll say a few words.

Every stinking time, the ends start to fray, and I get frustrated.

I was desperate to get the jute through that hole. This is when my brain goes into overdrive.

Immediately I went to the cabinet to search for something. Something that could make the task a bit easier.

Try using jute to secure the wooden stars together. It adds a rustic farmhouse style element.

GLUE! It’s a genius idea, tell ya! I know someone else has done this before me, but it doesn’t matter because I figured it out.

Take a tiny amount of glue and rub it on the end of the frayed jute. With your thumb and finger, twist the end to create a point. The glue dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait long. It also dries on your fingers. UGH!

Here's a tip for getting jute twine through small holes when crafting. Use a dab of glue on the end of frayed twine and twisting it between your fingers. It's so much easier to feed through a hole.

Feed the jute through the drilled openings in your wooden stars to secure the ends together. Tie the jute in a square knot and trim any excess away with scissors.

Tie each end of wooden star strips together with jute or twine.

Securing The Centers

Now that the outer ends of the stars are tied together repeat the process on the inside of the wooden stars by drilling holes and tieing them together.

Using scrap wood strips and tying them together with jute made the perfect rustic Christmas wooden star.

DIY Wooden Stars – Farmhouse Christmas Craft

How To Make Rustic DIY Wooden Stars - Farmhouse Christmas Craft

How To Make Rustic DIY Wooden Stars Christmas Craft
How To Make Rustic DIY Wooden Stars - Farmhouse Christmas Craft

Since hanging the wooden stars on my farmhouse wall, I have had this urge to pull down the Christmas tree. Do you think HE will notice?

Thanks for joining me on the blog today for this fun scrap wood project. We would love to know if you stopped by, so leave us a comment below. And don’t forget to share and PIN this idea into your DIY Christmas board on Pinterest.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. Your stars turned out so cute, Do! Thanks for sharing our farmhouse stars! These would make great gifts too! Pinned 🥰

  2. Do, I love this project. I have always wanted to make some stars. You show us how easy it is to make them. My favorite are the chippy ones. It’s definitely a project the neighborhood ladies will want to do! You always inspire me.

    1. A neighborhood star-making party! I can see it now. I envy your neighborhood parties. Have fun, my friend! Thanks for reading. 🙂 xo

  3. Honey, this is TEXAS….stars are YEAR ‘ROUND decor around here! 😀 I LOVE these, I can’t wait to make some, thank you so much!

    1. LOL, I agree, Brigitte! But a lot of my readers are not from Texas, so I want to share with the masses. Think of all the holidays they can be used with as well. Thanks for reading. 🙂 xo

  4. Was at an auction and bought a box of 57 yard sticks. Now I have a use for them! Well not all! Should I paint them or leave them au natural?

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