How To Make Wooden Drawers Slide The Easy Way

How to make wooden drawers slide like butta!
How To Make Wooden Drawers Slide The Easy Way

Working with antique and vintage furniture can be a challenge at times. Wooden drawers are one of the main things in a piece that has to be working to be considered functional in my book. One thing I have learned the hard way is… less is more when it comes to furniture repair.

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How to make wooden drawers slide like butta!

How to Make Wooden Drawers Slide Like Butta!

Not all wood furniture comes with this problem. It’s usually the pieces that have been in storage and exposed to extreme temperature changes. This makes the wood swell and shrink and sucks all the life right out of the wood. Just like aging, I guess. Ha! Maybe I could use a little wax too. Here is what I do to correct wooden drawers that don’t slide well and the products that I use to correct it when it’s possible.

First, start by sanding the wooden drawers to smooth any rough surfaces that may be preventing them from sliding. The wood often splinters and sometimes just a light sanding will correct a lot of the issues. Here’s a quick video tutorial with all the details below because I learn better by watching.

Watch The Video Tutorial Making Wood Drawers Slide The Easy Way

Applying The Paste Wax To Wooden Drawers

How to make your wooden drawers slide like butta!Next, after sanding the wooden drawers with the sanding blocks, apply a small amount of the paste wax on a paper towel (because it’s disposable and easy) and then apply it to the drawers and slides. Use long even strokes. The wax should be dried within a few minutes so you can slide your drawers back into place.

It’s really that simple. Not all sticky drawers can be fixed this way but it’s worth a try. If there are structural issues, those will need to be repaired first, but this method will help most wooden drawers slide more easily, and as a result, no more sticky drawers!

How to make your wooden drawers slide like butta!

Remember, always apply your Paste Wax after you have finished painting or refinishing your furniture. Paste Wax is a water-repellant product and as a result, if you try to paint over it, your paint will not adhere properly. That’s it! Quick and simple. I hope this helps you with those sticky drawers and if I can help in any way, please email me at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you.

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