How To Use Wood Filler To Repair Veneer Damage

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Wood filler repair for wood furniture.
How To Use Wood Filler To Repair Veneer Damage

Using a wood filler is an easy way to repair those minor issues with veneer damage that has been loosened over time. I purchase a lot of furniture with wood damage. Trust me! It’s just the nature of the business. With a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to paint that piece in no time.

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How To Apply Wood Filler

Most wood damage can be repaired fairly quickly. like with this French Provincial dresser. The corners have had a lot of wear and tear, and the veneer was lifting and had broken off. The rest of the surface was in decent shape and still had good contact. It just needed surface wood repairs.

wood filler
I use plastic wood filler bt DAP for my small veneer issues before painting my furniture. #dododsondesigns #woodfiller #furniturerepair

Here is what I used to repair this veneer damage on this dresser.

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Application of Wood Filler

Apply a small amount of the DAP Plastic Wood to the damaged area with a putty knife or your finger. If you do, be sure to wear gloves for protection.

I apply to wood filler with a putty knife to the area with the missing veneer. #dododsondesigns #woodfiller #furniturerepair

I found it helpful to secure the putty by gently pushing it into the damaged area with my fingers. This made sure there were no air pockets or gaps that could cause the wood filler not to adhere properly.

I use my finger to make sure the wood filler is in good contact with the damaged area. #dododsondesigns #woodfiller #furniturerepair

Sanding the Wood Filler

After the wood filler is completely dry (about 2 hours), lightly sanded the area smooth. I used my electric Makita Orbital Sander for quick results, but you can sand it by hand. It’s that simple.

I used my orbital sander to smooth the wood filler smooth once it was dry. #dododsondesigns #woodfiller #furniturerepair
Once the wood filler is sanded smooth, it's ready for your paint finish. #dododsondesigns #woodfiller #furniturerepair

I recommend a good primer over the wood filler before painting, but not always necessary depending on the paint you chose. I have several more furniture repair-related posts that you may enjoy too. Got a question you need answers to? Below are some of my most commonly asked questions answered about furniture repair. Or, let me know what you need help by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you.

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