Easy Wood Filler For Furniture Painting Projects

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Easy Wood Filler For Furniture Painting Projects

Trying to find an easy wood filler for your furniture painting projects? I’m happy to share my favorite go-to for quick and easy repairs. Yes, sometimes I need the heavy-duty stuff like Bondo, but most of the time it’s pretty simple and I like that!

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Easy Wood Filler

Before I paint these, I'll show you how to repair the damages from the separation with easy wood filler. At some point, these two twins above were separated… not at birth but much later in life. I’m pretty sure they were at one-time a waterfall vanity. The trend in furniture makeovers is to take a piece of furniture and recreate it into something that is functional with today’s styles. These will make the perfect pair of nightstands. But before painting, they will need my easy wood filler.

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Sanding and Prep Before Applying Easy Wood Filler

I used a rotary sander to smooth out the rough areas of the damaged wood before applying the easy wood filler.

Applying The Mud

This is an easy wood filler to apply. Just smooth it on and let it dry. Sand it with a 220 grit sand paper and it's ready for painting. The application is super easy. Use a spatula with the Dixie Belle Mud and smooth it over the wood damaged surface. You can even “smash” the Mud into deep gouges but you will need to allow for extra dry time if you’re filling this kind of damage.

After applying the easy wood filler AKA Mud, sand with a 220 grit sandpaper until smooth. This is why I never pass up a damaged piece because the repair on wood is simple with an easy wood filler. Now, if you have a really large area, you will need Bondo. CLICK HERE and I have an example of how to use the Bondo.

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  1. I love finding pieces like your nightstands! You can get them for super cheap and turn them into gems. Great video tut my friend. Thank you XO

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