How To Stencil On Wood Furniture | Peek-a-boo Pattern

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How To Stencil On Wood Furniture | Peek-a-boo Pattern
How To Stencil On Wood Furniture | Peek-a-boo Pattern

Using a stencil on wood furniture isn’t uncommon, but when you want a little extra, you can get a peek-a-boo design/pattern that is quite pleasing to the eye when you apply it to the drawer sides. I call it eye candy! Here’s how I do it.

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How To Stencil On Wood Furniture With Chalk Paint

After recently beaching the wood this antique Chifforobe, I decided it needed a little something special, but I didn’t want to take away from the beauty of the wood. I’ve done this method before on other pieces, and I really like the look. It’s super easy, and since I already had chalk mineral paint on hand, I just used what I had, and it turned out great. Here’s how I did it.

How To Stencil The Sides Of Drawers On Wood Furniture.

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How To Stencil On Wood Furniture… Peek-A-Boo Drawers

STEP 1 Find a stencil with the pattern you love.

STEP 2 Add a small amount of paint to a styrofoam plate.

STEP 3 Lay the stencil over the area you want to apply it to. Using painter’s tape over the stencil allows you to get the size you want without damaging the stencil—no need to cut the stencil to fit. That’s just the way I DO it.

How To Stencil On Wood Furniture... Peek-A-Boo Drawers

Use Minimal Paint When You Stencil On Wood Furniture

STEP 4 With a mini foam roller, apply the paint to the roller. I only use a light coat. Too much paint can cause the paint to bleed under the stencil. I can’t emphasize this enough. Less is more. If you need to apply a second coat for full coverage, it’s okay. Personally, I like a light stencil with the wood showing through the design.

Pro-Tip For Stenciling On Wood

After applying the paint to the roller, offload the paint on the roller to another surface before applying over the stencil to make sure you don’t have too much paint. This will minimize the bleeding and give you a crisp, clean look.

STEP 5 Remove the stencil immediately after applying the paint and allow it to dry. Repeat on the next drawer.

STEP 6 Use a 220 abrasive sanding pad to distress the stencil pattern after it was dry to give it a worn look. But this is optional. Since the drawers were a bit tighter than I would like, it worked out well. No worries if the drawers rub a bit. It just looks like the drawer sides were naturally worn from sliding them in and out. That’s just extra character in my book!

This is the easiest way to stencil on wood. I use a foam roller and get great results every time... so simple and fun to do.

The Results Of Adding A Stencil On Wood Drawers

I just love the look of a stenciled pattern when applied to the side of a drawer. Just enough detail that doesn't take away from the beautiful wood finish.

I like the look of a stencil on wood, and this one is a winner on my antique chifforobe. It's subtle but adds a feminine touch. The peek-a-boo surprise makes me happy every time I pull out a drawer.

I like the look of a stencil on wood, and this one is a winner on my antique chifforobe. It’s subtle but adds a feminine touch. The peek-a-boo surprise makes me happy every time I pull out a drawer.

Thanks for joining me today, and I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY stencil project. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. I always love hearing from you.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. This is gorgeous! Love the natural wood plus the surprise stencil on the side of the drawers! 🤩

  2. What a fun addition to the chifforobe. Your work always inspires me. I have a bombay chest that I’m going to redo and doing a stencil on the drawer sides will be the perfect finishing touch.

    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and giving me such great inspiration!

    1. You’re so kind, Catharine. I appreciate that. I haven’t done a Bombay piece yet, but I’m on the lookout. I know yours will be amazing too! 🙂 xo

  3. How absolutely unique and beautiful Cindy! Now when I get my new dresser, I will be making sure the drawers will work for this. Just love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your technique of bleaching and then how to enrich your piece with a lovely surprise! I appreciate you so much.

  5. Perfect Do! Stenciling the drawer sides made an otherwise plain Chifforobe into something with a really special and unpredictable surprise. I will remember this technique with some of my projects. It turned out really beautiful. Thanks!

  6. At first I wasn’t sure about the bleached wood finish. But I love the finished look. The stencil really sets it off. It’s gorgeous in the setting that you shared with us.

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