Flea Market Side Table Idea That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Unique Side Table Made Form Antique Speaker Stand - Flea Market Flip
Flea Market Side Table Idea That Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you ever come across a flea market find, and you just knew someday it would have a purpose? That’s what happened here. Today I want to share a unique side table idea with you that anyone can do—a great way to give those antique radio speaker cabinets an updated modern style for your home.

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Flea Market Side Table Idea

I have a side table idea for this antique speaker cabinet. You gotta see this!

I scored HUGE when I picked up this antique radio speaker cabinet for $20 at our local flea market. Not sure what I was going to do with it, I shoved it in the corner of my guest room (my kids lovingly refer to it as… AKA the dead room ), where it lived in peace and harmony with all the other finds that are waiting for a makeover. This room makes me happy. It’s full of memories.

Can you even imagine the memories that were made around this antique speaker cabinet? Just the thought of where it’s been and all those who enjoyed it makes me smile. Giving it a new purpose is a great feeling. Not many of these are left around.

Two-Toned Stain And Paint

I started my side table idea by cleaning the whole piece thoroughly with Dixie Belle White Lighting to remove all the dirt and grime that could cause my finish to fail. Afterward, I lightly sanded the top and the legs of the cabinet to smooth out any rough areas and wiped it clean of any leftover dust. Apply one coat of the No Pain Gel Stain to assure good coverage.

I began my side table idea makeover by staining the top and legs of this antique speaker stand.

Wipe back the additional gel stain with a low-lint cheesecloth or an old t-shirt. That works great too! That’s it! Easy peasy. No need to seal the finish because it’s an all-in-one stain.

No Pain Gel Stain was perfect for my side table idea using this antique speaker stand.

Painting The Side Table

Time to paint! My favorite part! But before I paint, I use a stain blocker called BOSS because there’s nothing worse than painting and then having those nasty stains rear their ugly head the next day.

I applied a coat of BOSS to prevent stain bleed through on my side table idea makeover.

Blending Paint For A Beautiful Look

Collard Greens and Dried Sage were the two colors used to obtain this finish. Blending paint is easier than you think. I’d love to teach you all my tips and tricks in The Art Of Painting Furniture. CLICK HERE to learn more! 

My side table idea was beginning to take shape when I started blending paint to create a beautiful look.

Unique Side Table Idea

My side table idea was a huge success with this antique speaker cabinet.

My side table idea was a huge success with this antique speaker cabinet.

I only dreamed that my side table idea would turn out so well. I LOVE IT!

Look outside of the box when looking for a side table idea. This antique speaker cabinet was the perfect solution.

I’m super happy with my side table idea, and I’ll be on the lookout for another antique speaker cabinet to make a pair. How cute would these be nightstands? Do you love the blended paint look on furniture? CLICK HERE to learn more!

Until the next project… xo, Do 



  1. This is beautiful Do… look at those legs! Love the Collard Greens and Dried Sage together. Have an amazing day my friend. ps – would have LOVED to be there and seen you in that sumo wrestler garb LOL 😉

  2. I love these 2 colors together. I am a member to your classes so i am slowly coming along. IT is so hard to decide what colors to use, what technique to attempt. It makes me overwhelmed to where i just stare at my piece.

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