How To Create A Kid-Friendly Chalkboard Table

Kid Friendly Chalkboard Table
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I did it again! Somehow, the curbside junk always seems to be on the road when I’m traveling and I knew immediately it would be a great chalkboard table for my Grands. It was Father’s Day, and my #2 roadside finds of the day. SCORE chalkboard! Seriously, it always happens when Mr. Honey Do is in the car with me. He gives me THE LOOK! You know, the one like my garage is already full of your crap?

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How To Create A Kid-Friendly Chalkboard Table

SCORE! This will be the perfect size for a kid friendly chalkboard table. My little chihuahua #OHTALLULAH was with me and seemed to love the idea of the door opening so she could go sniff the grass. So with her assistance (she thinks she helps) I loaded it into the back of my car and headed home.

Repairing The Table

Before painting this table, it will need a few simple repairs. It was a very plain table and extremely short. With the Grandkids always wanting to be creative with Grandma, I thought this would make the perfect chalkboard table. I had seen these done on Pinterest and I had pinned the tutorial to my PROJECTS board a while back. Of course, it wasn’t in great condition, They never are! It had a broken side piece that held the leg into place. Pretty much an easy fix.

I replace a broken board that secured the legs with a scrap piece I had leftover from another project. I save a lot of craps for this very reason. I found a scrap piece of board I had leftover from another project. NEVER throw away your scraps!

I tightened up all the crews on the table legs and it was good to go. Time for paint!I removed the broken piece of particle board and staples, cleaned up the surface, drilled two holes for screws to secure it to the table with my Ryobi Lithium-Ion Drill, added wood glue to all the ends that connected with the table, reattached the screws that secured the leg back into place. Good as new!

Adding A Decorative Feature On The Chalkboard Table

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Before painting the chalkboard table, I'll add a few embellishments with decor art moulds. I love the whole idea of the chalkboard, but it was just too plain for my style. So, once again back to Pinterest for more inspiration. THESE ARE AMAZING! I found these Vintage art Decor Moulds by Prima Marketing. It’s a DIY product to embellish home decor and craft projects. It’s perfect for furniture as well. I used a product called Paper Clay to form the appliques. Before smashing the clay with my fingers into the mold, I dusted it with corn starch… because that’s what I had on hand. It worked. I used a spatula to remove the extra across the top to form a smooth surface. Seriously, it was like I was a child again, squishing the clay between my fingers.

Application Of The Art Deco Molds

Decor Art Moulds added the much needed character to my soon to be chalkboard table. In progress!The application was easy. I added little wood glue on the back of the mold and applied it directly to wood legs while it was still wet. This allowed me to form the mold to the legs. If these had been round legs on this table, it would have been easy to curve them in the direction of the wood. So fun!

The transformation started with painting over the deco art moulds on the table. For this table, I wanted a rustic, vintage look with a whimsy of French. The first color of chalk mineral paint was applied with a stippling technique. Stippling is a rough application with the edge of the bristles only. Not smooth at all. I wanted a lot of texture for this project. After the paint was dried, I added wood glue in random spots with an art brush. Not too much. Just in spots. To speed up the drying process I used my heat gun in the areas where I applied the glue. The glue once dried will create a crackle effect once the second coat of paint is applied. Character!

The BOLD stripes on this soon to be kid friendly chalkboard table is looking so good!

Two other BOLD colors of  Mint Julip and Mermaid Tail were applied in bold stripes all around the table. It was scary I have to admit, but I wanted a peek a boo effect to show through the last coat of paint.  More or less, I just lightly brushed across the surface with a hit and miss leaving the base color showing.

A final coat of Mason Dixon Gray was painted over the bold stripes. The table was taking a 360 with the way it was looking and I was pretty excited at this point. I allowed the paint and art deco molds to dry overnight. Then I added a black aging wax all over the painted surfaces and buffed with a clean cotton cloth.

Curbside Junk Transformed Into A Kid-Friendly Chalkboard Table

AMAZING! The wax made a huge difference and brought out all the imperfections in the paint.

I LOVE the cool texture and the addition of the art decor moulds on this chalkboard table.

Chalkboard Table Top

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Easy, kid friendly, FREE, curbside, chalkboard table makeover!For the chalkboard tabletop… two coats of Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint were applied with a good brush to the tabletop. You want a very smooth finish, so break out the best brush for this. Blami Chalk Markers were used to outline a stencil I created with my Silhouette Cameo 3. The chalk markers are semi-permanent. They can be removed with a damp cloth or with a magic eraser.

I think it turned out pretty stinking cute for a free table. Bring on the kiddos! How about another makeover from repurposed junk? Check it out!

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  • This is so cute, Do! I love what you did to the table. I have a Silhouette I struggle with every time I use it, haha, but I love it!

  • Thanks, Wendy! This was one of my first makeovers. Gosh, it’s been so long ago.

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