Curbside Junk Transformation To Farmhouse Table

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My friends laugh at me when I tell them that my car automatically starts to shimmy and slows down when garages sales and curbside junk is near. I ain’t even kidding! I’m always on the lookout for roadside treasures and when I spotted these leftovers, the wheels immediately started turning in my head. Oh, the possibilities! These would make the perfect farmhouse table.

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Curbside Junk to Farmhouse Table

There were 4 total pieces. 2 sets with one being about 8 inches taller than the other. They appeared to be possibly off of a daybed, but I’m not sure. Either way, they were the perfect size for the base of tables. The only thing missing was the tabletops.

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureLet’s start with the supplies and tools that I used for the job.

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureA base had to be built first to connect the bottom pieces together. I did this by using my Kreg Jig. It’s a must-have tool when your building and repairing furniture.

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureIt’s niftier than a pocket on a shirt! Well, that’s what Grandpa would say. I’m pretty happy with the results it gives. The union of two board should be super strong, and that is what you get with this tool.

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureAs a side note, I applied wood glue to the ends that join before attaching the screws. This just gives it a bit of added strength. I don’t want any disaster when the grandkids stand on top of it and pretend to be King Kong. It happens!

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureThe base of the table was constructed with wood glue and secured with screws from underneath. The top boards were attached the same way to the base. It’s starting to look like a farmhouse table already. Exciting!

I chose a 1×4 spruce pine that was pretty enough to stain, and then I measured the appropriate lengths. Each one was cut to fit the top, overlapping about 2 inches all the way around the 2 base pieces.

After sanding and cleaning of the new tabletop and the legs of the table, I applied Minwax Classic Gray Stain to all of the wood. It was so easy to apply. I just used a low lint cheesecloth and wiped it on. Beautiful!

Application of Stain on The Farmhouse Table 

After allowing the stain to dry overnight, I applied 3 top coats of Minwax Poly Wipe On in a satin finish. I lightly sanded in between each coat (after it was dried) and wiped off any dust with a clean cloth before applying the next coat. The results were are a durable, beautiful surface.

Application Of Top Coat

Look at all that beautiful wood! The gray stain was perfect with the raw wood and gave it a lovely farmhouse style.

Curbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #farmhousetableCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurnitureCurbside Junk To Farmhouse Table #dododsondesigns #farmhousetable #farmhousestyle #furnituremakeover #tablemakeover #farmhousefurniture

I could do this kinda project everyday! Thanks for stopping by and keep those eyes open for all the goodies that lay on the side of the road. 🙂 You just never know when you will find that perfect something to create your farmhouse table. If you liked this makeover, you might like this one too! Check it out! 

Until the next project…