DIY Faux Plank Farmhouse Kitchen Table Makeover

DIY Faux Plank Kitchen Table Top
DIY Faux Plank Farmhouse Kitchen Table Makeover
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I adore a farmhouse kitchen table. It reminds me of simpler times when everyone gathered around the table for a family meal.

I received a call from a friend wanting to know if I wanted a dining room set. Like with most freebies, it comes with a price. Not literally, but the price of timely repairs. It was a great looking table and my inner voice was screaming, “you can do this!” Today, I’ll show you how I created a faux plank farmhouse tabletop on a vintage table with very little skill.

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Faux Plank Farmhouse Kitchen Table

To say this farmhouse kitchen table was a hot mess was an understatement. Of course, it had veneer issues. For some reason that seems to be my jam! Lucky me, the veneer was very loose and came off with just a scraper. Once the veneer was removed, I used my sander to sand down the whole tabletop with 220 grit sandpaper.

After removing all the veneer, I took my saw and cut grooves in the wood to create a faux plank table top on this farmhouse kitchen table.

Cutting The Grooves In The Wood Tabletop

After removing all the veneer, I took my saw and cut grooves in the wood to create a faux plank table top on this farmhouse kitchen table.

I used my square to draw straight lines across the top of the farmhouse kitchen table to create a pattern of wood planks. I just eyeballed it. No one measurement was the same. Rustic and random sizes.

After removing all the veneer, I took my saw and cut grooves in the wood to create a faux plank table top on this farmhouse kitchen table.

With my circular saw, I set the depth to 1/8 inch. Starting at one end, I worked my way across the table cutting grooves on each line. This was fairly simple and it created the look of faux wood planks. To keep the lines straight, I started using a guide. That didn’t work out too well. The edges of the table were curved and it was difficult to keep them straight. I removed the guide and freehanded the groove cuts. As it turned out, the uneven look made it appear even more like rough sawn wood. Perfection is way overrated in my book and imperfection can add so much character to a farmhouse kitchen table.

Staining The Wood Tabletop

First, I stained the top of the faux plank famhouse kitchen table. Next, I'll add paint to create an aged distressed look. To get the look I wanted, I used General Finishes Java Gel and stained the whole surface and in the crevices that were cut. I allowed it to dry overnight.

Painting The Tabletop

The next step is to paint over the stain on the faux plank farmhouse kitchen table to create a vintage painted look. The next day I painted the farmhouse kitchen table with Butter Cream chalky based paint.  I used long strokes with my brush to create a layered look. I was being careful not to paint in the grooves. Leaving the grooves dark with the cabinet glaze will give the wood depth on the farmhouse kitchen table.


I used my orbital sander to add distressing to the tabletop after the paint had dried. With my hand sander and a 220 grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded the whole top of the farmhouse kitchen tabletop.

Adding An Aged Look To The Farmhouse Kitchen Table

These are the tools you will need to create a distessed finish on your famhouse kitchen table. If you want more of an aged look, try using Rustoleum Cabinet Glaze in Java brown and lightly brush it over the painted surface. Immediately after the application, I use baby wipes and blended the glaze into the paint. I liked the way it turned out!

This DIY faux plank tabletop looks amazing! It's totally DO-able! I painted the based of the table and the chairs with Butter Cream chalk mineral paint and used the same cabinet glaze to accent the details and sealed it with Minwax Polycrylic in a satin finish and recovered the chairs in a beautiful fabric ⇒ HERE is a similar pattern and color that I debated using. Both would be beautiful on a farmhouse kitchen table makeover!

I love how creating a faux plank to on the famhouse kitchen table looks now. What a huge difference? How to create a DIY Faux Plank Farmhouse Kitchen Table that will blow your mind and save you money too!!!

Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Faux plank table top that didn't break the bank.

Hey, thanks for hanging out with me here today. I love these vintage farmhouse kitchen table makeovers and adding the faux plank to the top made a huge difference in the look. I have more I want to share with you. CLICK HERE  if you would like to see a beautiful old piece that I stripped down to the raw wood. It’s a show stopper! Raw wood furniture is really becoming popular with the farmhouse style.

Did you like this makeover? Let me know… drop me a comment, opinion or just say “Hello” in the comment section below.

Until the next project…