Man Cave Furniture that will make any man drool!

Man cave furniture that will make your hubby happy. #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #paintedfurniture
Man Cave Furniture that will make any man drool!
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When I think of man cave furniture, I think of leather, wood and all things manly. Unfortunately for my man, this isn’t my style of choice for our home. Did I say our home? Yikes! That’s where the man cave furniture comes in. Sometimes you just need to bend a little.

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How To Create Man Cave Furniture

Is this not the manliest coffee table you have ever seen? Perfect specimen for my man cave furniture makeover. #mancavefurniture #dododsondesignsThe first thing I did was to search out some really inexpensive furniture. Church garage sales are perfect for great buys. Most everything is donated and it sells super cheap. I SCORED this coffee table and matching side of super chunky manliness for $20. Nothing feminine about this coffee table and I’m pretty sure it’s perfect for my idea. This photo doesn’t show the coolest feature about this table, but the top is attached with springs that allow it to elevate into a tabletop. Football central right here. Oh, he will love this man cave furniture! I can just see all his snacks and beverages sitting nicely right in front of his oversized leather thrown.

Creating a Faux Wood Plank Table Top

I used a square to make straight lines before cutting the grooves in the table top.The tabletop was just plain wood and lacked character. I wanted it to really be manly, so I decided to create a faux plank top by cutting grooves all across the top to look like wood planks. Using a square, I marked lines across the tabletop in random sizes. It really added to the rustic factor I was looking for on the man cave furniture.

I used my RYOBI circular saw to cut the grooves in the table top.Using my Ryobi circular saw, I set the depth to about a 1/8 of an inch and cut grooves all across the top of the wood table. After a quick sanding and cleaning, it was ready for paint.

Painting The Base Color of the Man Cave Furniture

I painted the groove that I cut in the top of the wood table top to make the man cave furniture look more manly. #mancavefurniture

You can purchase your Dixie Belle Paint right ⇒ HERE and have everything shipped right to your front door. A smooth creamy chalk mineral paint that covers wood furniture like a dream.

The whole process was super easy and so much fun. After painting the base colors and allowing it to dry, I added the Iron Patina Paint with a chip brush in the areas I wanted the rusty patina.

The Patina Spray Activator

Man cave furniture #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rustfinishImmediately after adding the iron paint, I sprayed the Patina Spray (while it was still wet) over all the areas where the Iron paint was applied. Allowing the patina spray to pool and puddle in some areas and even dip off the sides and down the legs created a unique look.

In this photo, you can see how the Patina spray is activating the iron paint. The whole process takes between 2- 6 hours. I let it sit overnight for the ultimate rusty finish.

The next morning I was so excited that I called my hubby out to the studio for his opinion on the man cave furniture. Trust me when I say I rarely ask his opinion with my work. “paint ruins wood” Yep, he’s all man.

Well, his response was all I needed. One word. WOW! Best compliment ever. That was until he decided we should keep it. What did I just DO???

Is this not cool or what?!

Rust finish for your man cave furniture. Check it out! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rustfinish #rustThis is the look after about 8 hours. It’s perfect in every way. I sealed the finish with the Gator Hide topcoat for ultimate water-resistant protection.

Welcome to Man Cave Central!

Man cave furniture that will make any man drool! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rusticfurniture #fauxfinish #rust #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeoverMan cave furniture that will make any man drool! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rusticfurniture #fauxfinish #rust #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeoverMan cave furniture that will make your man drool! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rusticfurniture #fauxfinish #rust #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeoverMan cave furniture that will make your man drool! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rusticfurniture #fauxfinish #rust #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeoverMan cave furniture that will make your man drool! #dododsondesigns #mancavefurniture #rusticfurniture #fauxfinish #rust #paintedfurniture #furnituremakeover

Well, to this day this set still is a part of our home. He did agree that I could add my feminine touches. Thank goodness! I recently share our home on a blog. If you want to see how it blends in with my decor, CLICK HERE!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this manly makeover. It was too fun! If you enjoyed this faux rust finish, I have another I’d like to share with you. CLICK HERE to check out even more rust on a wooden chest of drawers.It’s pretty cool!

Until the next project… xo, Do