Painting Chairs With No Limits

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Painting Chairs With No Limits

The words “painting chairs with no limits” will be burned into my heart forever. Recently I came across a talented young man with a message that he is spreading nationwide. His message is #NOLIMITS. Words so powerful that it brought me to tears. Such an inspiration to so many! Meet Andy Arnold, an inspiring young artist, and fellow creativepreneur.

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 Painting Chairs With No Limits

Painting chairs with no limits are the words Andy Arnold, furniture artist, lives by. When I heard about Andy and his mission for helping disabled veterans, I just knew I had to meet this young man. “I’m Andy Arnold, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Andy’s Chairs.” These were the first words Andy said to me as he extended his hand out with a firm handshake followed by a HUGE hug.  Let me just say, this young man means business with a heart of gold.

His Mission Painting Chairs

Painting chairs with Andy Arnold, CEO of Andy's Chairs. andyschairs.comMeet Carolyn Arnold. Mom and COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Andy’s Chairs. What a dynamic duo these two are. Carolyn is also an artist and has mentored Andy and his love of painting chairs. His mission was to educate others about our disabled veterans and spread the word that there are no limits in life. Even with disabilities. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these amazing one of kind designs go to Project healing Waters. An organization that is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled, active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. You can read more about what they do to help our veterans by CLICKING HERE.

Let’s Paint Chairs

Painting chairs and adding gold gilding wax was super fun and easy. I was so excited when Andy accepted my invite to come and paint one of his famous chairs on a Facebook LIVE with me and Dixie Belle Paint Co. Andy had told me that he had used Dixie Belle Paint Products before and really loved the paint, but had never tried using gilding wax. I knew exactly what he needed to add to his arsenal of finishes.

Introducing Andy To Gilding Wax | Finger Painting

Painting chairs with embellishing them with gilding wax is so much fun with your fingers. Painting chairs was his jam, but more importantly, was his message to others! It didn’t take long for Andy to grab the GOLD out of all the colors of gilding wax that Dixie Belle had to offer. He had a vision and knew exactly how he wanted the chair to look. Didn’t I tell you he had a heart of GOLD?

Painting Chairs | Accents With Gilding wax

Painting Chairs with andyschairs.comOther colors of gilding wax were applied over the gold to create a beautiful rainbow effect. Andy told his Facebook audience that he named the chair Humanity. Each and every chair that he paints has a special meaning.

Products Andy used for this chair makeover: Click on the products below to find where to purchase for your next chair makeover.

Super Man Andy! Painting Chairs

Superman ain't got nothing on this talented young entrepreneur! Painting chairs for project healing waters. And that is exactly how I feel about this young man. A superman with his heart and willingness to help others and certainly inspires everyone that he comes intact with. I had the pleasure to sit and chat with Andy in private that night about his chairs. He told me that God created humanity (mankind) just like he was creating chairs for disabled veterans. PEOPLE, take notice of this heart! We are all humans and we should treat all of humanity with dignity and respect. Thank you, Carolyn (MOM) for allowing me to experience the heart of an angel.

To learn more about how you can help Andy with his mission #NOLIMITS you can contact him through his website at



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