DIY Pumpkin Fall Decor on a Dollar Tree Budget

Diy Pumpkin Fall Decor On A Dollar Tree Budget
DIY Pumpkin Fall Decor on a Dollar Tree Budget

I wait all year for Fall to roll around and feel lost when it’s gone. To say it’s my favorite time of the year is an understatement. I couldn’t wait for the Dollar Store to put out all their Fall decor. So many things to play around with for $1. I found several felt placemats in multiple patterns that I quickly realized would make great stencils—one of the best hacks in my arsenal of tricks. So easy, and hey, it was $1! SCORE! Fall decor!

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2 DIY Easy Dollar Tree Fall Decor Ideas

This chippy old window was a freebie when I purchased a chippy old door from a junk dealer. I paid a little more than I wanted to for the door, so the window sealed the deal. SCORE! The ideas were dancing in my head by now for Fall decor. I love old vintage mirrors, and this old window would be perfect, plus it had great potential for being a two-in-one project. Read on.

I added a Dollar Tree twist on this window and created beautiful Fall decor for my front porch display.

Watch The Video Tutorial Here…

Project #1 Stencil Hack Fall Decor

After a quick sanding, cleaning, and a tape job to protect all that chippy painted goodness, I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint for the back of the window. Three coats were applied with ample drying time between coats. (always follow directions on the can)

Chalkboard spray paint is perfect to create a chalkboard from an old window.

After that, I flipped the window over and added the STAR OF THE SHOW! The Dollar Tree felt table thingy. I know, genius, right? See where the two in one project are headed? Read on…

This will be fun creating fall decor from this felt pumpkin from the dollar store.

I added a mixture of water and vinegar (50/50) to a spray bottle and adjusted the sprayer to just a bit more than a fine mist. I lightly sprayed the window with the mixture to leave water droplets lying on the glass.

Repurposed window (2 in 1) project for Fall decor.

Looking Glass Spray

The looking glass spray is hard to find in stores where I live. So I found this one on Amazon. It works well!

I used looking glass spray on an old window to create a vintage mirror for fall decor. .

Now, the magic begins! I used Krylon Looking Glass Silver spray paint and evenly coated the whole window. I just used one coat. Quickly you can see how the water and vinegar mixture repels the paint and remains bubbled on the surface of the window. The paint will dry very quickly, within a few minutes.

I sprayed over the dollar store felt pumpkin to create a masking effect.

I used a paper towel to gently blot the surface to remove the water after the paint had dried. It revealed a peekaboo effect from the chalkboard paint on the other side that gave it a beautiful aged, antiqued mirror look. Looking back, a soft cotton cloth would have been better. The paper towel was a bit rough. DO NOT wipe! It will scratch the surface and cause streaks. Trust me on this one. This was actually my second attempt.

Using this dollar store felt pumpkin place-mat, I was able to create amazing fall decor items for my home.

The Chalkboard

Don’t miss this step, or you’ll have ghosting! Ha! Well, what I meant to say is you need to prime your chalkboard before using it. If you miss this step, whatever you write on the board will leave a ghost impression even after erasing. To prevent ghosting, lay your chalk flat on the chalkboard painted surface and rub it all over the board. Rub the chalk into the board with a soft cloth or chalkboard eraser. I prefer the eraser because it leaves a light layer of chalk on the surface and makes for a beautiful, soft gray look on your board.

DIY chalkboard made from a re-purposed window for fall decor.

Vintage Mirrored Fall Decor

Here’s how the vintage mirrored turned out! So stinking cute!

I love how I created fall decor with this re-purposed window.

The Chalk Board For Fall Decorating

When I get tired of the vintage mirror, I flip it over and chalk a personal message. Don’t you just love a chalkboard?! I can now use this window all year round. Indoors as a cute chalkboard or outdoors for Fall Decor.

I LOVE how this chalkboard window turned out for my front porch fall decor.

Or this one…

You can create pumpkin signs galore for your fall decor.
One of the best hacks in my arsenal of tricks. So easy and hey, it was $1! SCORE! Easy DIY Dollar Tree Fall decor! How's that for a hack?

So, what do you think? I’d love to hear from you. Share your comments, ideas, and feedback below in the comment section. Or say, “Hey! Let me know you were here. I also have more Fall decor ideas to share. Below are links to other DIY Fall budget-friendly ideas that you’re gonna want to check out. I LOVE this time of year!

Until the next project… xo, Do

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