Rustic DIY Fall Decor Ideas On A Dollar Tree Budget

Rustic DIY Fall Decor Ideas On A Dollar Tree Budget

Every Fall, I search for inexpensive ways to create rustic DIY Fall decor on a budget. Let’s say I’m a bit picky about my Fall decor, and I’m not afraid to DIY. I want my own unique look because cookie-cutter isn’t my style. Is this you too??? Well, here’s a way you can DIY a cute addition to your front porch Fall decor with a technique called shadowing in no time at all. It’s so cool! I can’t wait to show you.

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Rustic DIY Fall Decor Ideas On A Dollar Tree Budget

Here is what you’ll need to re-create this DIY Dollar Tree Fall Decor idea.

I made this cool DIY Fall Decor project for my front porch with just 3 items. Come see how I did it!

The Dollar Tree Store has tons of Fall decor ideas that can be used to recreate that one-of-a-kind project. One of the items I search for every year is these cool felt-like placemats that I use for shadowing. Shadowing is like stenciling but so much easier. But before we get started on the shadowing, you will need the background to put this on. Below is a quick tutorial on how to build your own DIY Wood Pallet Sign. If you got scrap wood, it’s super easy.

How To Make A Wood Pallet Sign…WATCH IT HERE!

Sanding The Wooden Pallet Sign

After building your wooden pallet sign, be sure to give it a good sanding. Of course, you can sand the rough edges of the pallet sign by hand with a sanding sponge but I like quick and easy and use the Surfprep Sanding System that I use on my furniture makeovers. If you’re in the market for a great sander, this is the one to have.

 I sanded the pallet wood sign to remove any rough areas with my SurfPrep Sander. I LOVE this tool!

What is shadowing??? Shadowing is where you place an object over another object and paint over it. This will leave a silhouette of that object once removed. For the record, this about the easiest project I have ever done, and with these Dollar Tree Fall placemats, “shadowing” is so easy. Easier than stenciling too! It’s a great way to create DIY Fall decor on a budget.

I used chalkboard paint to spray over the wood pallet sign to create a unique one of a kind Fall decor sign for my front porch.

While you can use any color matte finish spray paint, I chose the chalkboard spray paint because that’s what I had on hand. Use whatcha got! After you have spray-painted over the whole pallet sign, remove the Dollar Tree Fall placemat to reveal the perfect outline for your DIY Fall Decor project. You’re gonna be the envy of the neighborhood with this one. I like to use these signs outdoors as well as inside. Maybe on your hearth? Now I gotcha thing…

Create beautiful DIY Fall decor projects with a cool technique called shadowing. Let me show you how easy it is.

Voila! Instant DIY FALL DECOR

You can also add distressing around the edges and across the shadowing of your design with your sandpaper for a more rustic look on your DIY Fall decor sign.

Using a Dollar Tree Fall decor place-mat was perfect item for creating this shadowing effect on my pallet wood sign. So cool!

Watch This Same Process Done With A Different Felt Design

Easy DIY Fall Decor On A Dollar Tree budget. Now that's decorating on a budget! Isn't it cute???

Do you like this easy DIY Fall Decor Idea? I also did this technique with Dollar Tree PUMPKINS! CLICK HERE for more ideas!

My DIY Fall Decor display on my front porch could not have turned out any better. It was so easy!
Every Fall I search for inexpensive ways to create rustic DIY Fall decor on a budget. I love how unique this is and It was only $1!

I’m pretty stinking proud of myself right now. You know the feeling when you get when you nail a project. It’s not bragging; it’s celebrating the win. Trust me, not all of my DIY Fall Decor ideas work out. So, what do you think? Have you tried it? Would you consider trying this technique? Leave me a comment below and inspire me with your ideas. 🙂

Until the next project… xo, Do

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  • Love this shadowing technique and your fall decor! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with Dollar Store stuff?!? 🙂 Have a super day my friend. XO

  • It sure is! Fall is my favorite time of the year for creating front porch decor. Thank ya, friend. xo

  • This is simply Beautiful. How big is the pallet? Would love to try making this. Thanks for sharing diy.

  • Hi Tammy!
    You’re welcome. Roughly 21X19 but that depends on the boards you use. I purchased the Dollar Tree decor first and made the pallet sign based on the direction I wanted the design to lay. They have other designs too. Try the pumpkin! It’s suoer cute!

    xo, Do

  • What a great idea! I have a bunch of those placemats from dollar tree. I pick them up and we’ll..hoard them…lol! Now I just need to go out and build a trusty pallet or even use a cabinet door. I have plenty of those laying around!
    I think I better run to dollar tree though because I don’t think I have this one but I will check first.
    Thanks for the idea! Love that you didn’t completely paint the black on…gives it more of a fall look.

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