How To Make A Fall Wreath Made Out Of Dried Okra

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DIY Okra Front Door Wreaths
How To Make A Fall Wreath Made Out Of Dried Okra

I’ve always been a lover of nature, and incorporating it into a DIY Fall wreath was exactly what I wanted to do with what I found. The trees and I go a long way back, and I’ll share a little more with you later in this post about using what God gave us. This DIY okra Fall wreath was totally not my idea, but a sweet friend shared her idea with me. She had made a similar wreath from dried okra, and she knew once I saw it, I’d have to have one. So what did she do? She shows up on my front porch with a bag full of dried okra! I got the best friends.

*UPDATE… my friend Stacey has since gone to be with her Father in heaven, and I will always think of her sweet generosity of giving me dried okra. I hope you get to paint chairs in heaven.

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How To Make A Fall Wreath Out Of Dried Okra – Making The Base

I started by making the base for the DIY Fall wreath with cardboard. And for the record, you don’t have to use your good Fiestaware plates (12 inches) for this project, but it was the only round thing I could find at the time. I’ve been known to use kitchen utensils or anything else I can find for my DIY projects. The plate is washable, right?

Using a small plate (8 inches ) worked perfectly for the center hole. Use scissors or an exact knife to cut out the center opening.

I used a piece of cardboard to make the base of my DIY Fall Wreath.

Gluing The Okra Into Place

After cutting out the cardboard base, begin to assemble the okra one by one in a circular pattern. Use a small glue gun to glue the okra to the cardboard. I used my Ad Tech Mini Hot Glue Gun with the Ad Tech Mini Size Glue Sticks.

DIY Okra Wreaths are so fun to make. Almost FREE!

For the first row, leave a gap between the okra. On the second, overlap the okra and fill in the gaps. I continued this pattern all the way around for about three rows. It’s not an exact science, and you can just eyeball it. Super easy.

It’s starting to look like a DIY Fall wreath to me! But something is missing. It needed a little something-something. I had just the thing in my backyard, and I had just noticed them a few days before this project.

How to make a fall wreath from dried okra

Bur Oak / Cup Oak Tree

This, my friend, is a Bur Oak Tree. It makes the most amazing acorns (great for crafts) you have ever laid eyes on. This tree will be 14 years old this Fall 2022. It was a gift from my Dad when we moved to our new home.

He grew this tree from an acorn from a tree in a coffee can and then transplanted it in my backyard.

Okay, stay with me because this gets kinda confusing.

And HIS tree came from a single acorn from my Grandmother’s tree! Her tree is over 100 years old now. That makes it extra special!

Bur Oak Tree

So I decided to add these acorns to my okra fall wreath after I let them dry out.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that my tree started bearing these beautiful, magical nuggets. I’m almost giddy to be able to share this with you. I gathered a handful, well, two hands full, secured them to my DIY Fall Wreath with my hot glue gun, and called it good.

Acorns From A Bur Oak Tree

 This is for you, Grandma. DIY Fall Wreath

I LOVE how it turned out!

DIY Fall Wreath Made From Dried Okra
I used dried okra to make a Fall Wreath. Here's What Happened!

Oh, how I wished my Grandma were here to share my DIY Fall wreath idea with her. I know she would have loved it as much as I do. Many summers were spent picking okra, cutting up vegetables, and shelling peas with her under that huge But Oak Tree. Great memories!

I’ve enjoyed sharing how to make this unique, fun Fall wreath with you. I also made that cute Fall wooden tag. CLICK HERE to learn how you can make one too! And I would love to know what unusual items you have used to create home decor. Tell me all about it in the comment section below. Inspire me!

Until the next project… xo, Do