Simple Wreaths You Will LOVE For Your Front Door!

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Simple Wreaths For The Front Door
Simple Wreaths You Will LOVE For Your Front Door!

I must admit I have a fetish for beautiful wreaths, but I prefer a simple wreath. I’m a simple girl who isn’t into all the fluff and bows. Just give me a plain wreath that I can add to, and I’m happy! Below are a few of my favorites that I use in my home, inside and out. The front door is a must!

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Cotton Stem

What can I say? I love cotton stems in any way they come. Cotton stems are like heaven on earth to me—the fluffy, billowy cotton nestled into a handy little container. My Grandma picked cotton, and I loved hearing all the stories she would tell, so I guess it’s a strong memory for me. For sure, it’s a southern thing.

Cotton Stem Wreath

Honey Locust & Rosemary

Now, this green beauty deserves a special place to hang. How about a little Tuscan Farmhouse style?  I use this wreath all over my home and even outdoors on my patio in the warmer months. I rinse it off under the sink to remove dust, and it’s ready for a new spot inside my home. The color is a subtle faded green that goes well with farmhouse decor.

Indoor Outdoor Wreaths


These are my go-to when I want a neutral background in my home. You can always add a pop of color like these forsythia flowers to create a beautiful yellow Springtime Grapevine Wreath.

Grapevine Wreath


Magnolia Wreaths also have fond memories attached to them for me. It’s a southern thing! Just look at those majestic leaves.

Magnolia Wreath

Sunburst Grapevine

The Sunburst Grapevine Wreaths are perfect for paint! Yep, I sprayed mine with Rustoleum gold spray paint.

Starburst Grapevine Wreath

DIY Dried Okra Wreath Idea

This one is not the norm, but a rather unusual wreath with my heart attached to it. A sweet friend brought me some dried okra and suggested I make one out of them. It was super easy! You can read how I created this dried okra wreath ⇒ HERE.

Dried Okra Fall Wreath

Olive Leaf Wreaths

And check out all the tiny green olives on this wreath. The olives add so much texture and interest!

Olive Leaf Wreath

White Twisted Vine

I’m loving on this White Twisted Vine. Just a subtle hint of white. It almost appears to have a whitewash all over it. Again, you could add your own special touches and really doll it. Maybe a burlap bow?

Twisted Vine Wreath

Boxwood Wreath

Last but not least is the Boxwood. Probably my favorite of all. Especially after trying to make one from real boxwood trimmings. You can see how I did it ⇒ HERE. Sometimes, it’s just better to buy the darn thing!

Boxwood Wreath

The wall base was created out of pallet wood. Watch this quick tutorial to make your own pallet wood signboard.

Wreaths For The Home

Thanks for hanging out with me today. I hope this has inspired you to use more wreaths to decorate inside and outside of your home. Something so simple can make a big statement.

Happy decorating!