The Best Way To Hang Mini Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets

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How To Hang Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets
The Best Way To Hang Mini Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets

It’s time to decorate for Christmas! Want to add a little holiday flair to your kitchen cabinets? Learn how to hang mini wreaths quickly and easily without damaging your cabinets.

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Christmas Decorating In The Kitchen

Do I ever love decorating for Christmas?! The answer is YES! 

But I had neglected my kitchen in the decorating department for so long. I don’t know why. But I know that my kitchen will never be dull again during the holiday season now that I have discovered these evergreen mini wreaths. Well actually, these are candle wrings but they work.

I’ve been adding them to my kitchen cabinets every December for a few years now. Well, it’s more like November. It’s a great way to make the kitchen feel festive without clutter.

I’ve also started adding them to my bathroom cabinet doors too. Hey, bathrooms deserve decorating too. Don’t ya think? It always amazes me how a simple wreath can change the whole feel of your cabinets and make a beautiful statement. 

The Best Wreaths For Kitchen Cabinets

The best wreath for your kitchen cabinets is the one you love. Purchase them from Hobby Lobby or DIY your mini wreaths. It really doesn’t matter. Of course, when choosing mini wreaths, they will need to fit the front of the cabinet door, or it might look a tad bit overdone.

 That’s why I stick with the smaller-size wreaths. There are many options, and the perfect size will fit within the frame of the cabinet door. The average cabinet door will accommodate an 8-10 inch wreath. Evergreen wreaths are most commonly used for the holiday season.

If you have trouble finding smaller wreaths, try searching for candle rings. That is what I’m using today.

How To Hang Mini Wreaths From A Kitchen Cabinet Door

What you’ll need: 

How do you hang a wreath without damaging wood doors?

Do not use nails or tacks! No way am I putting holes in my painted cabinets. We just painted them last Spring. Instead, I tried this simple trick. TAPE! It works!

In my honest opinion, you could use command hooks hung upside down, but those are a bit pricey. Here’s what I do. 

wreaths on kitchen cabinets

STEP 1: Measure The Ribbon

So, before you begin, measure and cut the desired length of ribbon you’ll need for all your wreaths at one time. This will save you time. 

The ribbon length depends on how far you want the wreaths to hang. I like the center, but it’s your preference when hanging your kitchen cabinet wreaths. 

Mimi Wreaths For Kitchen Cabinets

Also, consider the amount of extra ribbon you’ll need to loop around the wreath to secure it and hang it over the top of the cabinet door. I added about 2 inches for the top overhang and 4 inches to secure the ribbon to the wreath.

How To Hang Mini Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets

STEP 2: How To Secure The Ends Of The Ribbon

After cutting the proper length of ribbon, it’s time to secure it to the wreath. 

Thread the ribbon through the back of the wreath and secure it with hot glue from behind. Be sure that your ribbon faces with the front side showing. I did the first one wrong side out. It wouldn’t be normal if I got it right the first time. HA!

I used a lacey vintage ribbon to hang my mini olive wreaths, but the ends frayed a bit after cutting. Adding a small amount of hot glue to the ends was the answer to keep it from further fraying. Plus, if I ever (and I will) want to change out the ribbon, it can be easily pulled apart. 

Be careful not to burn your fingers when using a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon. Finger protectors would have been nice but I didn’t use them. I’m a rebel.

How To Hang Mini Wreaths On Cabinets

I used clear packing tape (or duct tape) to wrap around the top end of the ribbon to seal it off—no need to use a hot glue gun for this end. 

How To Hang Wreaths With Ribbon

STEP 3: How To Hang Mini Wreaths With Tape

Now that you have the ribbon attached to the wreath, it’s time to hang them. 

On the inside of the cabinet door, drape the ribbon across the top by about an inch or so. Find the center of the door and secure it to the back of the cabinet door with tape.

I prefer using clear packing tape so that when the cabinet door is opened, all you see is a simple fold-over of the lace. No bulky hangers! 

If you have glass doors, as I do, you’ll need to ensure the tape isn’t visible from the front side of the cabinets. I have been known to use painter’s tape to secure them too. CLICK HERE to see another example of mini wreaths hung on kitchen cabinets.

Measuring the ribbon is essential because you want them to hang at the same level. 

Somebody needs to scrape the paint off those glass doors! Yikes! I’m a bit behind in the clean-up department. No one will see the inside of the cabinet doors when they’re shut. No one but you. It’s our dirty little secret. 🙂

How To Hang Mini Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets

Hanging the wreaths at eye level is a good look when decorating your cabinet doors. Being able to view them from every angle is visually pleasing. I especially love viewing the side of the wreath when I walk into my kitchen. 

The Best Way To Hang Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets

Mini Christmas Wreaths For Your Holiday Kitchen

It’s a simple look without a lot of fuss. I cook a lot during the holiday season, and having my kitchen decorated with these cute mini wreaths makes me happy. 

My countertops can be used for what I love without worrying about decorations getting in the way. I even added them to my pantry doors. Gosh, I LOVE this time of year! 

How To Hang Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets
How To Hang Mini Wreaths On Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas Decor

Thanks for joining me today while I share my mini wreath transformation in our holiday kitchen. Hanging greenery on cabinets in a larger kitchen can add a bit of coziness and warmth. Not that I’m complaining about the size of my kitchen. 

I’d love to hear your thought on these tiny little beauties. Have you tried this? Would you try this? Let me know in the comment section, or say hi so I know you stopped by. 

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. I did this in my kitchen also and I am in love with the wreaths on my cabinets. I don’t see where I can attach a photo of them or I would.

  2. These wreathes are so stinking cute! I don’t think they would come down after Christmas. Love the look of them with the neutral ribbon.

  3. I love it! I’ve wanted to do something festive in my kitchen for awhile. I too did not want to put nail holes in the cabinet doors. Thank you so much. I’m going out right now for the materials!

    1. Hi Diane
      Yes, I didn’t want to damage the doors either. You can use the Command strips with the hooks but I find that painters tape works just as well. Enjoy your holiday kitchen 🙂 xo

  4. Love this look bought the wreaths after christmas last year got the ribbon this year. I am working on them now. I have lots of cabinets also.Thank you for the help. Love Christmas and yes bathrooms need Christmas love to.

  5. You are an inspiration to me. I cretainly will hang some wreaths in my kitchen’s cabinets.
    Thank you , MERRY CHRISTMAS. By the way I am following your messages from

    1. Thank you, Hayame!
      It’s always good to hear from other like minded individuals. It gives me great pleasure to share what I love.

      Sending you the warmest wishes for a beautiful Christmas from Texas. 🎄💚 Blessings to you and your family.

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