Eye Catching Mini Wreaths That Will Transform Your Holiday Kitchen Cabinets

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchen cabinets.
Eye Catching Mini Wreaths That Will Transform Your Holiday Kitchen Cabinets

Hello friends! Since Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, I like to add a little something special to every room in my home. This year I decided to add mini wreaths to my kitchen cabinets. I’ve been looking for budget-friendly ways to decorate for the holiday and this idea fits the bill. This is about the easiest decorating I have ever done. Seriously, it’s super quick and easy and doesn’t damage your wood cabinets.

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Mini Wreaths | Holiday Kitchen Cabinets

Mini wreaths for a holiday kitchen.

Supply List

Here is what you’ll need to decorate your holiday kitchen cabinets. with mini wreaths. You probably already have a few of these items if you’re crafty.

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchens.I purchased a 3/8 inch ribbon to hang my mini wreaths with because these wreaths hold up to their name. They are tiny. Measure your cabinet door lengthwise.  If your cabinets are tall and skinny like mine, I find they look best hanging about 3/4 down the cabinet door. But that’s totally up to you.

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchens/

Use hot-glue to secure the ribbon to the mini wreaths. Loop it around the wreath and glue it from the backside.

Securing Your Mini Wreaths To The Cabinet Doors

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchens. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would secure them. I thought about tacks and even those command small utility hooks but I had neither of those on hand. But I did have my trusty blue painters tape. It’s safe on painted surfaces so I was pretty sure it would not damage the cabinet doors.

How To Hang Mini Wreaths Quick And Easy

Secure Mini Wreaths to the back of cabinet doors with painters tape.Okay, you see that I went a little overboard with the ribbon but I didn’t want to cut it too short. I should have followed my rule of measure twice, cut once. The blue tape worked perfectly. And no damage to my cabinets. 🙂

*TIP… be sure and clean the cabinet where the tape holds the ribbon. Kitchen cabinets especially up high tend to get a bit greasy over the years. Boy was that an eye-opener. YUCK!

They’re So Stinking Cute!

I used mini wreaths on my kitchen cabinets for Christmas.

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchen cabinets.

Mini Wreaths for holiday kitchen cabinets.

I told you it was easy. Maybe I should add them to my laundry room cabinets… 🤔 I love the warm woodland feeling it gives my kitchen cabinets but you most certainly can add a colored ribbon or even flock these mini wreaths. That would be adorable!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the Dodson Family.

xo, Do

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