How To Make Wooden Tags In 6 Easy Steps

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Create beautiful rustic wooden tags in just 6 easy steps. Add them to gifts, or use them with your home decor for an added cute factor. I love mine!
How To Make Wooden Tags In 6 Easy Steps

While shopping one day at a home decor store, I came across some cool wooden tags. It was one of those “I can make those” moments. Usually, I say that but don’t follow through and return later to purchase and find they have all been sold out. Not this time!

Well, it’s not the usual gift a woman gets every day, but my man knows what I like. Anything out of the ordinary that I can repurpose is a major score. When I asked him for washers, I thought he would be bringing me the small ones. Instead, I get these Macho Randy Savage-looking washers. Sa…weet! I know just what to do with these bad boys.

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These Wooden Tags Are So Easy!

First off, the washers were way too pretty for me. Let’s get some rust going on these bad boys.

DIY Wooden Tags#woodentags

STEP 1: Creating Rust On Metal Washers

Gather Your Supplies

  1. Red Solo Cup (or any plastic container)
  2. distilled white vinegar
  3. hydrogen peroxide
  4. table salt
  5. washers
  6. weathered board (fence pickets)
Wait till you see what I did with these galvanized washers! I made wooden tags! #woodentags

I read a tutorial a while back on how to do this, but I have never tried it. Let’s see if I can wing it since I don’t remember the recipe. I added my washers to the cup and then added equal parts of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Just enough to cover the washers. (if you’re sensitive to smells, you might want to do this outdoors or in the garage) Then I just dumped in some salt. Sorry, I don’t measure when I cook either. That’s Grandma’s fault, but it always comes out perfect. Well, most of the time.

I let the washers set in the solution overnight. The next morning, I took them out and laid them on a paper towel to dry. All nice and rusty! The rusty washers will look great on wooden tags.

Disclaimer * You really shouldn’t use your Fiestaware for projects. Ha!

STEP 2: Sealing Your Rusty Goodness

After the metal washers had dried, I added a Minwax Polycrylic Coat Spray coat to preserve the rust. Without it, the rust will rub off. Don’t miss this step.

How to rust galvanized washers to make wooden tags. #woodentags
Seal in the awesome rusty goodness with Polycrylic spray before adding them to your wooden tags. #woodentags

STEP 3: Cutting The Boards For The Wooden Tags

With my washers complete, it was time to cut some wood to the shape of a tag. These can be made in any size, and it depends on the size of the washers. I had some old weathered fence leftovers that worked perfectly for this project. I cut a 45-degree angle that matched on both sides. The length of the board is a preference. The one I used here is 8 inches. The washer was 2 inches.

Prepping the boards for DIY wooden tags. #woodentags

STEP 4: Sanding The Boards

Next, I sanded down the board to smooth out the rough edges. I used 120 grit sandpaper and my Makita Orbital Sander. It’s quick and easy, but you can sand by hand if you chose.

Sanding the rough wood for beautiful wooden tags. #woodentags

STEP 5: Drilling The Holes

I needed to drill a large hole in my board where the washer would be placed. Since the hole was so large in the washer, I opted to use my Hole Saw Kit. It comes in different sizes for larger holes. I use it often when doing wood projects. For this project, I used a 1 inch which was a tad bit larger than the washer hole, but it didn’t matter. The hole will be covered by most of the washer.

Drilling holes in wooden tags

The Hole Saw comes with an attachment that fits on the end of your drill. The end of the drill bit is still exposed to be sure of your hole placement. The drill bit will go into the wood first, and then the hole saw will follow behind it. This was perfect for my wooden tags.

I drilled holes in the wooden tags. #woodentags

STEP 6: Glueing The Washer To The Wooden Tag

Glue your washer to the wooden tags with E6000. Add your own personalization, and that’s it, my friends. A unique way to tag a gift, or add a bit of cuteness to anything.

I added DIY rusty washers to old fence pickets to make wooden tags. #woodentags

Patriotic Wooden Tags

DIY wooden tags
DIY Wooden Tags #woodentags

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