How To Create A Gorgeous Wood Pallet Chandelier

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In the last few months I have been playing around making wall decor from an old wood pallet. I also have a graveyard (that’s what I call it) of weathered fence pickets. It’s a gold mine. For this project, I chose to use a wood pallet, but either will work just fine.

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Re-purposed Wood Pallet Chandelier

How to create a wood pallet chandelier for dramatic wall art. #woodpallet #diydecor #wallart #dododsondesigns

Supply List

Picking Your Wood Pallet

How to create a wood pallet chandelier for dramatic wall art. #woodpallet #diydecor #wallart #dododsondesignsI hand-selected each and every board paying attention to details. Knotholes are a good thing. Rusty nails can be good too. All adds to the character and that rustic look I’m after. After pulling most of the nails, I sanded the board with an orbital sander. I used 150 grit paper due to the rough texture of the boards. Some were smooth and some rough cut. Stenciling on rough boards can be tricky so I got them semi-smooth. I laid all the board out and assembled them one by one until I achieved the look I wanted.   I used my pneumatic staple gun and wood glue to secure the boards with 2 cross pieces on the back.

Chandelier Stencil

How to create a wood pallet chandelier for dramatic wall art. #woodpallet #diydecor #wallart #dododsondesigns #homedecorHa! Yes, you’re seeing right. Meet Walter. Better known as the neighborhood pigeon. He comes to visit me frequently in the studio. Today, he was particularly attracted to the glass crystals that I plan on using to add a little bling on this wood pallet.

Chandelier Stencil

The chandelier stencil was purchased from Amazon and you can find it by CLICKING HERE. It’s been in my studio a couple of years now waiting for the right project. It a thick reusable stencil so I can use it over and over. It would great for a raised stencil as well. The entire design size is 21.2″x 36.7″. I actually made two of these signs at once since I had all the supplies readily available.

Creating a shadow with Your Stencil

The first wood pallet I did had a double stencil with one done in white and the overlapping stencil in black. This created a shadow effect and gave it a 3D look. I used Folk Art craft paint and makeup sponges to carefully blot the paint over the stencil. Be careful not to push the paint into the board, but simply tap it on lightly. Due to the rough texture of the boards, it can cause leaks under the stencil. You can also Mod Podge as your first layer before your color over the stencil. This will create a seal that will keep the paint from leaking under the rough surface of the wood pallet. Fill in the gaps (bridges) from the stencil with an artist brush and lightly sand after the paint has dried with a 220 grit sandpaper.

Attaching The Crystals To The Wood Pallet

Crystals and a wood pallet are the perfect combination for dramatic wall art. The plan was to attach them somehow to the wood pallet. I tried a few things, nails, screws, etc. Nothing seemed to look right. One evening I was sitting in bed and it popped in my head. Cup hooks! Why didn’t I think of that before now? I think it will work on the wood pallet.

Cup Hooks For The Win!

Adding cup holders to the wood pallet was perfect to hang the crystals from. These cup hooks are genius! Perfect for attaching the crystal to the wood pallet. This will allow you to remove the crystals for easy cleaning, or you can change the crystals out. They also come in colors!

How To Create A Shadow Effect With Your Stencil

Just one wood pallet and a great stencil is all you will need to create this beautiful chandelier wall art. This chandelier wood pallet wall art was done with a single stencil. I applied the black stencil first and then overlaid the white to create a shadow effect by shifting it slightly.

Wood Pallet Chandelier Wall Art

Got wood pallet? Create your own chandelier wall art.The wood pallet chandeliers were a real hit! Since making these two, I have made many more and donated a few to different fundraisers in town. You can only imagine the bidding wars the ladies got into with these rustic beauties. Great fun and a worthy cause. Thanks so much for stopping by. If you like what you see, give me a shout out! I’d love to hear from you.

Until the next project…



  • These are stunning!! What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for generously sharing your unique talents and techniques. Beautiful work!!♥️

  • Hi, Sarah! I appreciate your kind comments and I hope you’ll visit more of my DIY projects. I love sharing my work. 🙂

    xo, Do

  • Do these are so awesome. I must make some. Thank you for sharing I’m sure they were a hit

  • Beautiful! As always, love your work, love you and thank you very much for all you teach us! XO, Wen Golten

  • Thank you, Mary! This was a fun girly project. 🙂 xo, Do

  • Hey Wendy! So glad you stopped by. It’s so good to hear from you. xo 🙂

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