8 Amazing Distressed Black Furniture Makeovers Ideas

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Distressed Black Furniture

Are you a fan of black-painted furniture? Today’s blog post is a round-up of stunning pieces of distressed black furniture. Let me caution you; it may make you want to cross over to the dark side. I have a thing for dark, moody furniture. It’s kind of like the little black dress that every girl needs. Are you ready to get started on this dark and lovely journey? ♥

 Stunning Distressed Black Furniture

Wet Distressed Black Furniture Makeover

I’ll start with a piece I painted for a client that is simple but elegant. Nothing fancy about this finish, just your basic black distressed makeover. There’s just something about a clean statement piece. You can see the full makeover ⇒ HERE.

 Caviar Style Vintage Dresser

Distressed Black Furniture

Check out this beauty! Denise over at SALVAGED INSPIRATIONS calls this one caviar. I tend to agree. Rich and tasty. Loving the gold accents!

Black Color Washed Furniture

Distressed Black Furniture

How about some color wash! Carrie over at THIRTY EIGHT STREET knew what she’s doing with this piece. I love the way the color is transparent and shows a bit of the wood tones. Gorgeous! ♥

Primitive Distressed Black Furniture

Distressed Black Furniture With A Primitive Finish

This was an unusual finish for me, but I like the rustic primitive look. It was super easy, and you can learn how I got this look by CLICKING HERE.

Dry Brush Painting Black Furniture

Distressed Black Furniture

Again, Carrie at THIRTY-EIGHT STREET outdid herself with this technique. ♥ I loved this so much I had to try and recreate it. CLICK HERE to see my spin on this finish. 

Painted & Distressed Black Furniture

Distressed Black Furniture

Country farmhouse chic is what this little doll is all about. ♥ Kandice over at JUST THE WOODS did great with this classy little piece. I’ll take this style every day!


Distressed Black Furniture

I would have never known this wasn’t from the Pottery Barn! ♥ Great job by Denise over at SALVAGED INSPIRATIONS.

Black Painted Furniture

Distressed Black Furniture

What a doll, baby! This curvy gal is rocking her back in black. Go over and give my friend Kathy at Petticoat Junction some LOVE! ♥

Distressed Black Dresser

Whatcha think? Inspired? I sure am! ♥ Thanks to all the talented furniture artists for sharing with me today.

Don’t be shy; feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I’d love to know you stopped by.

Until the next project… xo, Do