12 Amazing Metal Leaf Furniture Makeover Inspirations

12 Amazing Metal Leaf Furniture Inspirations all in one blog post!

I’ve been wanting to do a round-up of metal leaf furniture for a while now and today I found some amazing examples, plus a few of my own to share with you.  You have probably seen a few of these gorgeous makeovers floating around on Pinterest and I wanted to highlight these amazing furniture artist and their work. We all have a LOVE for the crazy popular metal leaf. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Because I can't get enough of the metal leaf furniture, I decided to do a round up of a few of my favorites. Get ready to be inspired!

Copper Metal Leaf Artistic Furniture

I adore this metal leaf copper inspired furniture makeover.

Do Dodson Designs  I can’t believe it’s been three years since I created this copper leaf inspiration. This was one of those “I’m not sure if I like it” makeovers but it has been one of my most popular blog posts. Have you tried adding the copper leaf to your painted furniture?

Bold Stripes with Gold Metal Leaf Accents

Bold stripes with the gold metal leaf added to the leg of this mid-century dresser makeover makes my heart happy!

Leah Noell Design Co is a new and upcoming furniture artist that has her own flare with a distinct style. I love how she plays off of the gold in the decor transfer and added the Gold Metal Leaf to the legs of this amazing modern metal tanker desk. Great job, Leah!

Artistic GOLD Metal Leaf Furniture

Artistic Gold Metal Leaf Furniture

Do Dodson Designs  How about an artistic design with gold leaf? This one is my creation! Using a combination of metallic paint and gold metal leaf I created a unique one of a kind design. It’s still one of my favorites to date.

Modern Gold Metal Leaf And Hot Pink Furniture Makeover

Hot pink gold meatl leaf furniture with bold accent stripes.

Tracey’s Fancy OMG! What can I say about this metal leaf furniture makeover? Someone needs to hand me a napkin because of the drooling! My friend has a way with her whimsical designs like no other in the furniture painting industry. This one is over the top with color and style! LOVE it! Great job, Tracey!

Gold Metal Leaf Accents Piano

Do Dodson Designs When I decided to paint my piano I knew it would have some gold metal leaf accents. Simply painted with Driftwood chalk mineral paint and with a pop of GOLD metal leaf. Just enough to make a statement of elegance.

Gold Leaf Cattitude Inspired Bench

Do Dodson Designs A bit unusual for me but I embrace stepping out of the box with my artistry. This cattitude metal leaf inspiration came from my love of cats. This was the only way I could actually have a leopard in my home. Ha! For now, I’ll stick with the domestics.

BOLD Gold Metal Leaf Furniture

Brushed By Brandy For the love of BLACK and GOLD! My friend Brandy went over the top with this one and I’m a huge fan! I love how she took this ornate piece and painted it black and then used a stencil with gold leaf to make a huge statement. A very rich look. Great job, Brandy!

Copper Leaf Makeover Behind The Scenes

copper metal leaf furniture inspiration

Do Dodson Designs Funny story behind this copper metal leaf accented chest. As a furniture artist sometimes we never know how it will turn out. This one gave me a run for my money. CLICK HERE to read more.

Green With Gold Metal Leaf Dresser

Green, gold and bold stripes with metal leaf dresser

Tracey’s Fancy Another amazing Gold metal leaf furniture makeover from Tracey! Oh, the green, bold stripes are just divine and give my eyes so much joy. This is surely labeled as “eye candy”.

Glamorous Gold Metal Leaf Sideboard

Glamorous Gold Metal Leaf Furniture

Do Dodson Designs And more GOLD! Black and Gold for the win… everyday! It’s one of my favorite combos.

Whimsical Pink And Gold Metal Leaf Nightstands

Polka gold metal leaf furniture with a whimsical twist.

Do Dodson Designs Oh, this was too fun! I added a polka dot gold metal leaf metal design to these twin nightstands. Yes, there are two of them. CLICK HERE to see how I split the vanity and made them into twins.

Gold Leaf Inspired Dresser Makeover

Wowzer! Gold metal leaf furniture on steroids!

Leah Noell Design Co  And finally, another beautiful gold metal leaf furniture makeover by Leah. This flowing design is perfect for the eyes to travel and I love how she used the mirror as part of that look. Great use of those bulky old mirrors. Beautiful work, Leah!

That’s A Rap For This Round-up!

Hey, thanks for joining me today in this metal leaf furniture round up. I’d love to hear about your experience with metal leafing in the comment section below. Working with metal leaf on furniture can be tricky but with the right instructions, you too can create amazing pieces that you can brag about to your friends and family. See that cabinet door in the pic above???  I have a video tutorial on this finish and I would love to teach you everything I know about creating beautifully painted furniture. Join me in The Art Of Painting Furniture video library membership for even more inspiration.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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12 Amazing Metal Leaf Furniture Makeover Inspirations


  • So much inspiration in the post! I love working with gold leaf thank you for this!

  • Hey, Tammy! For the love of all things shiny! I’m with you on this one. Thanks for stopping by. xo, Do

  • Ohh my gold leaf! I love how each artist added their own flare on each piece. Thank you for featuring my desk and dresser! I can’t wait to do more leafing after all the inspiration in this post ♥️.

  • Thank you for participating in this round-up, Leah! It was my pleasure to feature your beautiful work. xo, Do

  • Inspiring round-up my friend! Happy Holidays to you and enjoy your time off! XOXO

  • Merry Christmas, Denise! Yes, looking forward to some downtime with those Grands! Thanks for stopping by. xo, Do

  • Great post! I love how different each piece is, there is nothing like the impact of metal leaf!

  • Thank you so much for being a part of this round-up. Your work is always inspiring. xo, Do

  • Hi, I love the white cabinet with the gray paint and gold leaf…I would love to know how to do those brush strokes and how much paint was on the brush…and what brush did you use…do you have a video of this? It’s beautiful!

  • Donna, thank you so much for your time, efforts and talent. I am wanting to re-do my very large bedroom set with metallic. My problem is there is so much detail on my furniture. I would love to use silver, gold and white or grey. Is it possible for you to see my furniture and give me your opinion on this project I am most anxious to do?
    I will only sent photos if you agree to look at them. Thank you so much for any consideration.

  • I really don’t like painted furniture. I suspect it will be a fad that will end up one day being dated and people will buy things to strip and refinish back to the original wood.
    The gold leaf is not a bad look, though.

  • Hi Lauren, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don’t know if it will ever completely go away because creatives love change. Painted furniture has been around a long time but is more popular right now. I painted furniture with my Grandmother when I was a little girl, and that was a long time ago. However, I still love the old wood furniture, and I do not paint them all. Gold leafing is fun! 🙂 xo

  • Thank you for sharing! I agree with a previous poster that i don’t ALWAYS love painted furniture, but, there’s “painters furniture”, and then there’s these, gorgeous makeovers of pieces that end up way better than before. Thank you for sharing the priming and painting techniques in your blog. I did some cleaning, fixing, filling and priming and finally spraying (best tip ever) of a small drawer this weekend and your advice was perfect. Thank you!!!

  • Hi Liz! So good to hear from you. Yes, I can’t entirely agree with painting everything either. But some pieces need it, or else they go to the dump. I’m happy the info was helpful. Take care, and I appreciate you. 🙂 xo

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