How To Add Bougie Gold Leaf On Furniture

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How to Make Your Black Furniture Look More GLAM!
How To Add Bougie Gold Leaf On Furniture

Gold Leaf on furniture can be dramatic when added to painted furniture, especially if you pair it with black paint. This sideboard is getting painted for the holidays, and if you’re a lover of all things shiny, you’ll want to check this makeover out! It’s really over the top… but in a classy bougie kind of way. 

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Before The Gold Leaf

This sideboard had been painted before, but no worries, the paint was still intact and in good condition. After a good cleaning and a light scuff sanding with 220 grit sandpaper, it was ready for the transformation. 

I love a black and gold leaf furniture makeovers. This one is getting glammed up for the holidays.

Product List:

To help you find the products that I used, here is a list and where you can find them for your gold leaf furniture makeovers.

Black Painted Furniture With Gold Leaf

I painted the base of the sideboard with a beautiful black chalky type of paint. Here’s a tip for you! Paintbrushes matter! Cling On is a great paintbrush for blending paints. It’s my go-to brush for this technique. You can find Cling On brushes HERE! Want to learn more about blending? CLICK HERE to learn how to blend like a pro on your furniture.

Before adding the gold leaf, I painted this sideboard with a chalky paint.

Blending Paint

To get this blended paint look, while the black paint is still wet, add a light color (light gray) to your paintbrush. Then quickly started from the center and, in a circular motion, blend the two paints and gradually faded it out into the black. Learn more about blending paint on your furniture HERE.

I highlighted the the cabinet doors  on this sideboard with paint for a unique look.

Want to learn more about applying gold leaf to your furniture? CLICK HERE to learn about my video library of furniture finishes for gold leaf and more!

Applying gold leaf on furniture will give you that glam look for an amazing statement piece in your home.

Applying The Adhesive

Next, apply a thin coat of the Metal Leaf Adhesive to the areas you want the metal leaf to adhere to your furniture. You will notice the glue is white with a blue hue. That’s totally normal with this glue, and after it becomes tacky, it will turn clear. Allowing the glue to become tacky is important for the proper adhesion of the gold leaf. This will take a few minutes. Always read the direction on the glue first because other brands may require different times to become tacky.

I used a special adhesive to apply gold leaf on this black and gold sideboard.

How To Apply Gold Leaf To Furniture Video Tutorial

Sealing The Gold Leaf On Your Furniture

After applying gold leaf to furniture, you’ll need to seal it with a top coat to protect the gold leaf from oxidation.  I recommend Modern Masters Master Clear Top Coat to keep the brilliance. It’s specially formulated for metallic finishes.

Sealing the gold leaf will keep it from oxidizing and losing it's shine on your painted furniture.

Glamorous Bougie Gold Leaf On Furniture

Add gold leaf on furniture for a sensational holiday glam look.
How to paint black furniture with a touch of gold leaf for a holiday GLAM look.

Thanks for joining me for this bougie gold leaf furniture makeover. What a dramatic change black and gold can make on furniture, especially if you’re decorating your home for the holidays. After the holidays, tone it down a notch with some neutral decor. Or not! 🙂

Until the next project… xo, Do