Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!

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I grabbed this Mid Century Modern Cabinet at a steal for $5. SCORE! It had one door that was broken, but that was it. I can work with that! And, I even repurposed the broken door. I’ll share that project another day. I thought to myself, this would be the perfect piece for a little modern art. I’d been playing around with the idea of gold leaf and really loved the way the gold leaf furniture popped.

As you can see this cabinet has missing legs in this picture and that’s because I got in a hurry. I believe two of them are sitting on the top of the cabinet, along with who knows what. Creatives are known for their untidiness. Ha! Boy, I won’t disappoint.

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Are you ready for a gold leaf furniture makeover?

This cabinet is getting the makeover of a lifetime! Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon! #dododsondesigns #goldleaf My inspiration for this gold leaf furniture project came from a painting, of all things. About 5 minutes after I decided to do this makeover, I was scrolling through Pinterest (every day) and came across a beautiful modern painting. My inspirations come from everywhere. Sometimes it’s nature and sometimes it’s random. I wasn’t looking for what I found but it did stop me in my tracks. The abstract art painting had the most amazing colors of gray, metallic gold on a white background. Definitely not my usual style, but I felt compelled to break away from the norm on this one. What’s the worst that could happen? I’d just have to repaint it. Been there and done that!

I had some gold leaf sitting on the shelf that I had never used just waiting for the right moment and the right project. MOMENT! Oh, and my new travel mug helped a bit in my inspiration too. My sweet friend Kristy created it just for me. Can you tell I LOVE gold? It’s my LOVE color.

Let’s Get Started

Supplies List:


Modern silver and gold leaf finish for your furniture. Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon! #dododsondesigns #goldleaf

About The Paint

I began painting in small strokes, creating the outline of my design before adding the gold leaf. #dododsondesigns #goldleafI began this makeover painting the whole exterior with Zinsser 123 Primer. I applied one coat and allowed it to dry. About an hour at room temperature and it was ready to go. The base coat was painted with cream-colored chalky based paint. You can substitute Dixie Belle’s Butter Cream.

Now comes the fun part. I used a Gray Chalky Paint, but you can also substitute Drift Wood. Apply the gray using brush strokes with an up and down motion. Starting from the top of the cabinet and worked your way down the side, around the front, to the opposite side and up on top again. One big swoop! I wanted a consistent pattern that would flow and cause your eye to travel with the design that I was creating.

Step It Up A Notch With Metallic Silver

Silver metallic was added over the gray before adding the gold leaf. #dododsondesigns #goldleafAfter I had created an outline of my design, I went back and added a metallic silver paint. You can substitute Dixie Belle’s Silver Metallic paint. Layer and overlapping the previous gray creating a depth of field.

Sanding And Distressing

I lightly sanded and distressed the surface of the cabinet before adding the gold leaf. #dododsondesigns #goldleaf #metallic #silverI used a block sander to smooth and soften the lines of the painted areas. Sometimes, I just don’t know where to stop. I distressed the whole piece, even the edges pretty good. At first, I was worried that it was too much with such a modern look. But, after standing back, I liked the look it was taking on. A mix of modern, glam and rustic. Sounds crazy, huh?

I Got Carried Away

NO pics. Wah, wah! It all went so fast and there was gold leaf everywhere. It was even floating in the air. Seriously fun!

Pretty simple actually. The kit I used is called Speedball by Mona Lisa. It comes with 25 sheets of gold leaf, glue, and a sealer. But, before I started, the directions recommended that the surface that you are applying it to be sealed first. I used a Furniture Sealer to seal the whole piece first. It’s a polyacrylic sealer that has a beautiful satin sheen. I applied one coat.

Next, I took a small artist’s brush and went to town on the glue. I added it to only the areas I wanted the gold leaf. After applying, I allowed the glue to get tacky before applying the sheets of gold leaf. I simply laid the sheets over the glue and then smoothed over the surface with a soft cloth. This is where the gold started raining from the heavens! It was EVERYWHERE! Do not do this in your home unless you are prepared to do a massive cleanup.

Shortly after I cleaned everything up, I applied 2 coats of the sealer with the kit over the gold leaf areas with the small artist brush. This will keep the gold from discoloring and oxidizing later on. After all that work, I want to make sure that the gold stays gold. The results were breathtaking. I never dreamed something so chaotic could be so visually stimulating.

 Introducing, the mid-century modern gold leaf furniture makeover!

Metallic silver and gold leaf finish for furniture. #dododsondesigns #goldleaf #metallicsilver #metallic



Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon! #dododsondesigns #goldleaf



Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon! #dododsondesigns #goldleaf Oh, and as for the missing door? The design that I created will work with the door in either position. To the right or the left. Ya, I thought of everything on this one.

Metallic silver and gold leaf finish for furniture. Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon! #dododsondesigns #goldleaf



Tutorial AVAILABLE NOW! Artist Gold leaf and silver finish for your furniture and home decor. #dododsondesigns #goldleaf



Gold leaf furniture can add a pop of GLAM to your home if you like that kinda wow factor. It's also a great way to dress up other projects as well. How about this .97 cent cabinet door I purchased at the ReStore? Want to learn more about gold leafing? Come on over and I'll show you. :) #dododsondesigns #goldleafTo say I love this shiny GOLD stuff on my furniture is an understatement. I have a few others to share with you if you’re totally obsessed with the metal leaf makeovers. CLICK HERE to see 12 amazing metal leaf-inspired makeovers from another talented furniture artist. And id you fancy GOLD, check out this gold leaf POLKA DOT inspiration. It’s so cute!

Until the next project… xo, Do

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Gold Leaf Furniture That Will Make You Swoon!