Metallic Paint On Furniture You Can Apply With A Paintbrush

Metallic Paint On Furniture You Can Apply With A Paintbrush
Metallic Paint On Furniture You Can Apply With A Paintbrush

I love the look of GOLD metallic paint on furniture. It seems the Farmhouse style is taking a turn, and I see more and more color and bling in the mix. Hallelujah! I have arrived! I admit I love to stand out and walk in my own direction, and I encourage you to do the same. Remember, the style inside your home only needs to make you happy. Oh, I want to give you a heads up… the paint color is called warm silver by Modern Masters, but it has gold undertones. 

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Before The Applying The Metallic Paint

I’ve had this french provincial dresser waiting patiently her turn for just the right finish. Because it has a smooth, slick finish already, it’s perfect for metallic paint. I don’t paint just any old piece with metallic paint. It has to be deserving of the work and effort that it takes to make it look amazing.

The after is better than the before! This french provincial dresser is getting a paint makeover.

Modern Masters makes a beautiful line of shimmer paint that looks fabulous when applied the right way on your furniture. This may come as a shock to you, but I painted this dresser with a paintbrush. Looks like a sprayed finish, right? I promise you; you can paint metallic paint with a paintbrush.

Prepping Your Furniture

I began by sanding and cleaning the whole piece. If you like, I can show you more about prepping your wood furniture before painting here. CLICK HERE to learn more. The finish is only as good as the prep.

You gotta try this paint!

Painting Your Furniture

After the prep and cleaning, I applied one coat of the Zinsser Tintable Primer. The purpose of using a tintable primer is to have it tinted a similar color of your paint. This metallic paint is opaque so having a similar color as the base coat helps with the coverage.

It took 3 coats for full coverage but the end results are so worth it. Modern Master Clear Coat was used to seal the paint to give it a durable finish. Here’s a tip for you. Metallic paint has a memory so I like to roll it on first. This method worked best for me. Then I used a paintbrush to smooth it out. Always paint in one direction with your paintbrush when using metallic paint to minimalize brush strokes.

Metallic Paint Has My Whole Heart!

Going with the metallic gold theme was perfect with the warm silver as it has a hue of gold. I think the combo looks great! I sprayed the original pulls with Rustoleum Bright GOLD spray paint. The knobs are gold mercury glass from my favorite Hobby Lobby store, but I had to correct an issue with the drawer holes. They were too BIG! CLICK HERE to see how I fixed them. No one wants wobbly Hobby Lobby knobs!

Warm silver metallic paint is a dreamy color with a hint of gold. Smooth sleek and sexy!
I painted my french provincial dresser with gold metallic paint and I LOVE this finish.
Using metallic paint on your furniture can really make a statement when you're looking for that wow factor.

Thanks so much for hanging with me on this metallic paint makeover. Metallic GOLD is such a classy choice, and I used a similar paint on a chest of drawers that turned out lovely too, without a sprayer. Metallic GOLD leaf is also G O R G E O U S, and if you’re a gold lover like me… CLICK HERE for more inspiration. Happy painting!

Until the next project… xo, Do

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