DIY Wooden Pumpkins… Rustic Farmhouse Style

DIY Wooden Pumpkins

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I just knew when Mr. Honey Do and I began to remove our old fence one year that I would make great use of every single board. And… this Fall they will make the best wooden pumpkins for my front porch! Mr. Honey Do wasn’t exactly ecstatic about the idea of the nail pulling. But, it was my determination of pulling nails on every single board that wore him down. About halfway through the nail pulling, he was right there beside me with a hammer in hand. We’re a good team!

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Weathered Fence Pickets Make CUTE Wooden Pumpkins

I'm making wooden pumpkins with these salvaged fence pickets.

Welcome to my stash! The wood is weathered and ready to go. I can’t wait to show you. Oh, don’t miss the VIDEO on the whole process. You can scroll down from here to find it.

Supply List: DIY Wooden Pumpkins

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Cut the boards to the sizes you want your pumpkins to be.

Measure twice cut once… I can hear my brother say this every time I pull out my saw. Of course, I had to learn the hard way. Yeah, I’ve messed up my share of cuts but I’m pretty good at it now. This really does work.

The fence pickets sizes you’ll need for this wooden pumpkin project are as follows.

  •   One 7″ piece
  •   Two 6″ pieces
  •   Two 5″ pieces
  •   Two 4″ pieces
  •   Two 3″ pieces

You'll want to sand the fence pickets before assembling your wooden pumpkins.

Sanding Your Boards

After sanding weathered fence pickets, you get this amazing wood and gray perfection that only time can give. These wooden Pumpkins are going to look amazing.

Once you have the wooden pumpkin pieces cut to the appropriate lengths, give them a good sanding with a 22o grit sandpaper first. This will remove a bit of the weathered gray (and splinters) but what’s leftover is amazing! Bits of warm wood and weathered gray goodness. It’s the perfect look for my farmhouse porch. I used my electric sander but you can always do it by hand.

Gluing The Wooden Pumpkins Together

Secure the wood pieces together with wood glue.

I assembled the pieces from small to large from the bottom up and then in reverse order to create the shape of a pumpkin. Really cool, huh? I added Gorilla Wood Glue between each board and allowed them to thoroughly dry.

Next, I used my Ryobi drill and bit set to make a hole in the top of the wood pumpkin. I have the perfect idea to add a little bling for the stem of these amazing wooden pumpkins too!

Get ready to be amazed! Hobby Lobby knobs make the cutest pumpkin stems.

HOBBY LOBBY KNOBS! I used wood glue to secure the Hobby Lobby knob (half-price sale always) to the top of the pumpkins. The perfect amount of bling for the project.

Oh yeah! These will be perfect on my front porch this Fall.

That’s what I’m talking about… DIY wooden pumpkins! These will be perfect on my front porch display. Are these not the cutest ever? These were so simple and easy to make. I added a simple raffia bow around the base of the knob for some extra cuteness.

Nothing says Farmhouse like a weathered wood project. Create these amazing wooden pumpkins for almost nothing.

Watch the Full VIDEO TUTORIAL Here!


Make these easy DIY Wooden Pumpkins for your front porch display. Your farmhouse is begging you!


I hope you enjoyed my DIY Farmhouse Wooden Pumpkins today. Are you ready for Fall? Please share your DIY Fall pumpkin decor ideas in the comment section below. I love hearing from you. And don’t forget to check out more of my DIY decor ideas for Fall below.

♥ Until the next project… xo, Do

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DIY Wooden Pumpkins... Rustic Farmhouse Style