My Favorite Paint Brushes For Furniture Painting

My Favorite Paint Brushes For Furniture Painting

Finding the best paint brushes for furniture painting can be a bit of a challenge with so many options out there. Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorite paintbrushes.  I’m happy to help you take the guess-work out of it.

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My Favorite Brushes For Furniture Makeovers

 It's hard to pick just one! Get several synthetic bristle paint brushes for your next project.

Let’s start off with some of my favorite go-to all-purpose brushes. Dixie Belle has some amazing SYNTHETIC BRISTLE BRUSHES in every shape and size. Perfect to use with my favorite CHALK MINERAL PAINT.

Synthetic Bristle Paint Brushes

The mini angle synthetic bristle paint brushes are perfect for those hard to reach areas inside of furniture.

The MINI ANGLE BRUSH is perfect for those furniture painting projects where you need those short handle paintbrushes to get up into those difficult places. This one right here does the job! And for me, I prefer the short handle especially when I have a big job. If you have ever held one of these long-handled brushes for a long length of time, you know how sore your hand can get. One thing I do know is that having a comfortable brush makes painting furniture even more fun. Try a few different ones until you find the one that fits your hand best. Besides, who owns just one brush??? Not me!

The long handle FS (flat small) synthetic bristle paint brush to great for those tiny hard to reach areas. Like these cubby holes in this vintage desk. The FS (FLAT SMALL) Paintbrush. This one is a gem! Let’s just say I hate painting cubby holes. The long thin handle with its narrow brush makes getting into tiny spaces a little easier. Such a shame! All that wasted paint on my hand, lol. Wanna see the desk now??? CLICK HERE to see the BLING I added!!!

Natural Bristle Chip Brushes

Premium natural bristle chip paint brushes. Perfect for adding texture, waxing in the corners and even blending paint. The best thing ever since paper towels! These sturdy little brushes have been known for a long time as being disposable. One time use they say. I have a different opinion. The are PREMIUM CHIP BRUSHES. Premium because they are beefier than the ones you get at the hardware store. They can be used over and over with CHALK MINERAL PAINT. Just give them a good rinse and you’re ready to go. They’re a great brush for a painting workshop instead of using the more expensive brushes. If they get damaged it’s no biggie.

I love using the natural bristle chip paint brushes when adding a texture additive to my paint. I simply throw it away when I'm done. Like the damage, I do to them when I use a CHALK PAINT ADDITIVE for texture paint. These paintbrushes are the perfect choice for this finish. Wanna see what this dresser looks like now??? CLICK HERE to see an Old World Finish.


I love how this natural bristle Belle Paint Brush load the paint up. Less dipping means less mess.

This natural bristle brush is a bit unusual from most paintbrushes. It’s a stocky compact brush that allows you to load up the CHALK MINERAL PAINT and get the job done. I’ve also used it with waxing in the corners to add depth and blending paint.

Zibra Paint Brushes

I was introduced to ZIBRA paintbrushes last year and all I can say is… WOW! The bristles on these brushes are super- fine.  This results in a super smooth finish with your paints. They come in many shapes and sizes that are specific to different jobs. The TRIM BRUSHES are great for cutting in those hard areas. Check out that cool handle on the PALM PRO BRUSH! That’s a brush that will fit in your hand!

I used this ROUND DETAIL ZIBRA BRUSH on my vintage washstand that resulted in a super smooth finish. It’s also great for bending paint colors. Want to learn more about blending with paintbrushes??? CLICK HERE to see a quick video of paint blending on furniture.

My Favorite Wax Brush

Multi-use paint/wax brush for furniture makeovers. Let’s talk WAX BRUSHES! I’m pretty picky about the wax brushes I use. This US ART SUPPLY BRUSH is a multi-purpose paintbrush. It’s wide base and natural bristles make it perfect for large area coverage. It can also be used for paint, but I prefer it for wax application on my furniture makeovers. I waxed this whole piece with this brush! Wanna see how it turned out??? CLICK HERE to see how I waxed over a decor transfer.

My private stash of the best paint brushes around. A girl can never have too many!

See! I told you I had more than one paintbrush! In my defense, I do a lot of different projects. *wink  So what’s your favorite go-to paintbrush? I’d love to hear your opinion on brushes in the comment section below. I just might need a few more to add to my stash! 🙂 Oh, and don’t forget these important steps before you paint your wood furniture. CLICK HERE to learn more.


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