My Top 40 Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Furniture Makeovers

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dixie belle chalk paint furniture
My Top 40 Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Furniture Makeovers

Hello, my fabulous Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Furniture-loving friends! If you’re new to chalk-painted furniture and Dixie Belle Paint Products, I’m sharing my top 40 furniture makeovers today just for you. So, if you need a little furniture refurbishing inspiration, you can always find some here.

This post contains a few affiliate links to help you find the products I use. You are not charged extra to use any of the links, but any income I make will be used for more amazing DIY projects to share with you! To see my full disclaimer, click here!

64 Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Colors to chose from for your furniture makeover ideas.

40 Dixie Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover Ideas

WARNING! You have just entered the furniture flipping zone! You have been warned! Proceeding from here is almost guaranteed to make you want to paint all furniture you see. Especially the ugly ones! 🤣

#1 This color makes me so happy! 2020 needs more of this chalk paint color… don’t you agree? Dixie Belle did well when they created these colors. CLICK HERE to see how I blended this happy look.

Add a little cheer to your next furniture makeover with Dixie Belle chalk paint in colonel mustard see yellow.

#2 I would have never dreamed that purple chalk paint would look so elegant but being a Donny Osmond fan (google him if you’re under 40 🙄 ), I couldn’t resist giving this BOLD color a go. CLICK HERE to learn more about why I’m not afraid of bright colors.

I NEVER dreamed that Dixie Chalk Paint in this Amethyst color would look this amazing on my furniture.

#3 I have no shame in telling you that some of my furniture in my home has been chalk painted multiple times. This one is no exception, but I’m thinking after all that stenciling, I’ll never touch it again. CLICK HERE to learn how to create a Bone-InLay Dresser with stenciling.

Caviar for the win! This amazing black chalk paint from Dixie Belle is the perfect background for stenciling this bone in lay pattern. Classic!

Keep Going… More Chalk Painted Furniture Ahead!

#4 Holy Guacamole! Seriously, that the name of this chalk paint color by Dixie Belle. I added the decorative molding and finished it off with white wax. CLICK HERE to learn more about this makeover.

Holy Guacamole Bat man! This green chalk mineral paint by Dixie Belle looks delicious on this cabinet makeover.

#5 When In The Navy and Gray by Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint come together in blended fashion, you get this subtle look. Just the right amount of highlighting on those drawers.

In the navy is an amazing deep shade of blue by Dixie Belle Paint. Chalk paint never looked so good on this refurbished dresser.

Don’t Stop… More Chalk Painted Dixie Belle Furniture Below

#6 By now, you’ve noticed a trend with my chalk paint makeovers. I can’t use just one color. That’s the beauty of Dixie Belle chalk paint. Easy to blend, and you can custom mix your own colors. Just like I did on the coffee table. CLICK HERE to learn the colors I combined for this gorgeous Teal color.

#7 Did you know you can chalk paint a piano in one day? I sure did, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I used Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint in the color Driftwood. CLICK HERE to see the before.

Driftwood is an amazing shade of gray chalk paint by Dixie Belle Paint Co. I painted this piano in one day using their chalk paint.

#8 My client brought me this hutch one day, and I was like… no way am I going to be able to make this look good. Guess I was wrong! CLICK HERE to see how I created those french grain sack stripes inside the hutch.

Bring on the gray, baby! This gorgeous gray hutch with french grain stripes was painted with Dixie Belle chalk paint in Hurricane gray.

You’re Sinking Into The Abyss Of Chalk Paint Now!

#9 When I was asked to participate in a charity auction for MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I just had to give it all I had. The vintage desk they provided me to flip was really a challenge, but I think it turned out beautiful. CLICK HERE to see the before.

Chalk paint makes the perfect whitewash for wood furniture. I used Dixie Belle Paint and diluted butter cream with water to create this look with GOLD accents.

#10 Does this buffet table look familiar? If you’ve been following me a while, you will probably recognize this piece. Bless its heart! It’s been chalk painted 3 times, and now it has a hairy cow hanging over it. 🤣 Okay, I’m done. No more painting… but I can’t promise. CLICK HERE to see the blended stenciling with chalk paint that you can’t see in this pic. Thank you, Dixie Belle!

Chalk Painted buffet table using a combination of neutral colors including Butter Cream, Cotton and Sand Bar by Dixie Belle Paint Co.

#11 I bet you don’t see furniture painted like this every day. I was playing around with raised stenciling and came up with this! I thought surely no one would want it. It sold the same day I posted it. What do I know??? 🙄 CLICK HERE to learn more about raised stenciling.

Love me some farmhouse! This cabinet was refurbished using a chalk paint combination of farmhouse green, chocolate brown and black caviar by Dixie Belle Paint Co.

You Know What’s Up Ahead… More Dixie Belle Chalk Paint!

#12 I love some Art Deco Furniture, and I knew when I saw this one exactly what I wanted to do to it. With a little chalk paint and a floral transfer, I transformed this into a lovely statement piece. CLICK HERE to all the deets on this makeover.

I refurbished this retro buffet table makeover using chalk paint and decor transfers. I love the pop of colors on the neutral background.

#13 Did you know that when you add Dixie Belle’s texture additive to chalk paint, you can create a finish that covers a multitude of sins? I did it on these end tables, and it turned out great! CLICK HERE to see how I did it.

If you look closely you'll see an amazing texture on this end table. I used Dixie Belle texture additive with my chalk paint to make this beautiful gray finish.

#14 Does this one look familiar??? This the same buffet I paint 3 times! This was my second attempt to please my farmhouse-loving self. I couldn’t get past the pink, but I thought it was pretty. CLICK HERE to see how I achieved this look with chalk paint and furniture transfers.

Farmhouse gray chalk paint pared with these soft pink roses transfer works well this shabby chic setting.

You’ve Gone Too Far To Turn Back Now!

#15 I get a lot of compliments on this vintage Armoire cabinet. The mixture of floral and chalk paint once again wins. You’re going to want to CLICK HERE to see the before.

One of my favorite furniture transformations is this vintage armoire chest. I used a combination of chalk paint colors and a floral transfer to achieve this farmhouse look.

#16 The transformation of this Pub table and chairs was another one of those “why did I say yes” makeovers. But the results always make it worth the effort. These were previously chalk-painted Turquoise. 😮 CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about.

I refurbished this farmhouse pub style table and chairs with grey chalk paint and refinished the wood on the seats and table top. Isn't it stunning?

#17 My client wanted a french farmhouse look and requested a custom color. Once again, I was able to use Dixie Belle chalk paint to create this one-of-a-kind color. CLICK HERE to get the color recipe.

This french farmhouse inspired dresser and end table makeover was refurbished with Dixie Belle chalk paint. I mixed the 2 colors of vintage duck egg and cobalt blue to get this beautiful soft color.

Almost Half Way…

#18 Ah yes, the subtle look and feel of Gray. This vintage eye-catching sideboard was in bad shape… (like most everything else I flip), but it’s rare I give up on a piece. Like the sign says above it, “I’m doing to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life.” CLICK HERE to see the full makeover.

I have always been drawn to these vintage buffet - sideboards.  This one has been refurbished a couple of time. It still looks great!

#19 This one is for FANCY NANCY! There’s just something about these vintage vanities with the round mirrors. I love a good paint and stain combo, and this one works with this precious Tea Rose color. CLICK HERE to see the full makeover.

These vintage vanity dressers are screaming for someone to come save them. I'm doing my part! This one was refurbished with gel stain and chalk paint.

#20 Steel Magnolia! Who doesn’t remember how Julia Roberts stole our hearts in that movie. And let’s not forget my ole buddy Wheezer! 😆 Great movie and beautiful chalk paint color when it’s applied to furniture. CLICK HERE to learn how to apply metallic paint the right way.

A metallic paint finish is a beautiful way to update and refurbish vintage furniture.  This color is called Steel Magnolia by Dixie Belle Paint Co.

Half Way… More Chalk Paint Makeovers!

#21 There’s nothing I love more than beautifully painted white furniture. It may look simple, but it’s one of the hardest colors to paint. It’s all about the prep with this makeover. CLICK HERE to learn how to master the basic steps and ace white chalk paint on furniture every time.

White is definitely the hardest color to paint with but the result are stunning when it's done correctly. I used a good stain blocker on this MCM dresser  before using chalk paint to assure that the white stays white.

#22 The Old World Finish on furniture is still popular and easy to create with chalk paint. CLICK HERE to learn about this fun technique and layering paint.

I used a combination of chalk paint colors and waxes from Dixie Belle to create this unique old world feel.

#23 Because the little girl inside of me never grew up! Ever so often, you’ll see me hop on over to the playful and whimsical side of furniture painting. This was just for fun! Pink and Gold inspired nightstands. CLICK HERE to see a cool blending video tutorial on these chalk paint colors.

For the little girl inside me that screams to get out every once in a while... I created this bold whimsical look on this repurposed vanity turned side table using chalk paint colors in Peony, Apricot and Butter Cream. Of course I had to add a touch of gold leaf.

There’s More Amazing Makeovers A head… I promise!

#24 And then there’s chalk paint with a rusty crusty patina! Oh, but this technique is so much fun! The chemical process literally changes right before your very eyes with Iron Patina Paint. It’s amazing! CLICK HERE to see the man cave furniture makeover I did for my hubby. Then I sold it! 😀

I refurbished this coffee table set for my hubby for his man cave! I used Dixie Belle chalk paint and added some rust paint to create a rusty metal appearance to the wood. What's not to love about some rusty crusty furniture???

#25 By now, you probably think you’re hallucinating after looking at all the painted furniture, but you’re not. That is a painted sofa, and I used Dixie Belle chalk paint to do it. CLICK HERE to get the goods on this unbelievable makeover.

I could just faint on this painted sofa all day long! Yep, the fabric has been updated with chalk paint and sealed with wax. Super durable and just wipes clean. No, the color will not rub off on your clothes.

#26 Who doesn’t love these old chests? Fun to chalk paint and they are still handy for storage. This makeover got a textured finish with a vintage wordy transfer. I’m not sure what it says, but it sure is pretty. My vintage quilts look good in it too. CLICK HERE to see how I did it.

I added a textured paint that I created with Dixie Belle products to get this amazing look. The furniture transfer also added a sentimental feel to this cedar quilt chest.

Who’s Idea Was It To Share 40 Chalk Paint Makeovers?

Oh, that would be me…. my arm is tired but I must push on. 🥱 I hope I’m not boring you. This could take a while.

#27 Another painted fabric makeover! Chairs are a dime a dozen, and I can’t think of a better way to learn how to chalk paint fabric than with a cheap chair. CLICK HERE to learn more about this fun makeover and how I used Dixie Belle Paint.

Yes, you can paint fabric on a chair! I do it all the time with chalk paint. Try using Dixie Belle and just have fun with all the colors.

#28 You would not believe how this gentleman’s chest looked before I gave it a restoration hardware makeover. The man I purchased it from wanted $50 for it. I offered $10, and he took it. He should have given it to me for free. It wasn’t terrific! Broken leg, messed up drawers… you know the look. CLICK HERE to see how I achieved this look with chalk paint.

This gentleman's chest was a labor of love! Totally restored with a restoration hardware finish that makes a definite statement.

#29 Raised stenciling on the doors of this vintage dresser gives it an embossed metal appearance. It’s just chalked paint with a texture additive. CLICK HERE to learn how to create this raised stencil look on your furniture.

Raised stenciling on the doors of this vintage dresser gives it an embossed metal appearance. It's just chalk paint with a texture additive.

10 To Go! Refinished Wood Makeovers Too… just because.

#30 Shocker! I don’t chalk paint everything. On the contrary, I love a beautiful wood finish more than most, and you’ll see I do quite a few of these makeovers. This Mid Century Modern dresser was stripped and refinished with a beautiful dark walnut gel stain. CLICK HERE to see the products I used and a detailed tutorial on refinishing wood furniture.

I don't chalk paint all my furniture! I like to preserve all that beautiful wood when it's appropriate. You don't find these MCM dressers very often in this condition.

#31! BOLD stripes are not for the faint at heart, but I love them paired with a soft floral transfer. This makeover was special and dedicated to my BFFF. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. That would be me! CLICK HERE to see the full makeover.

The BOLD black stripes on this dresser and the softness of the blue floral furniture transfers make this a unique and one of a kind makeover.

#32!! I created this look on this vintage dresser with chalk paint and a stencil. I used the same chalk paint colors to create the antiquing on the mirror. CLICK HERE to see how I created the matching antiqued mirror. And it’s not even the original mirror!

Vintage Dresser Makeover using Gray and pink chalk paint.

Hang In There… Just A few More Chalk Paint Stories

#33!!! The story on this DIY rolling kitchen island isn’t painted with chalk paint either. But I did use Dixie Belle paint products, so I figured you would want to see it. CLICK HERE to see how I transformed this old cabinet into a handy tool in my small kitchen.

I flipped this cabinet into a rolling kitchen island using my skills and some Dixie Belle Paint products. It's perfect for my small space.

#34!!!! Here it is again! Remember my vintage buffet table? This was the first makeover, and I really liked it. But obviously not enough not to repaint it. CLICK HERE to see how it all began.

Vintage buffet table refurbished with chalk paint and stencils.

#35!!!!! When penny tiles meet chalk paint on this vintage pie crust table, it’s a match made in heaven. Talk about a fun project… CLICK HERE here to see how to create a tiled tabletop.

When chalk paint and tile come together on a vintage table you can't help but fall in love.

Are You Still Hanging With Me? Almost There!

#36!!!!!! And how about this nautical-themed chest? Of course, I used multiple colors of chalk paint, a mermaid transfer, and some Zinc Gilding Wax. Shimmery high lights!. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Chalk painted chest with a nautical furniture transfer. I love the mermaid!

#37!!!!!!! It is well with my soul… and it is well within my Gold-loving self to step outside of the usual and create something just for fun. I used chalk paint and “WRAPPING PAPER” I found in my closet to create this little beauty. CLICK HERE to see how I created this look.

Whimsical black and gold attitude was easy to create on this MCM side table. I used chalk paint and wrapping paper. Yep! It's so stinking cute now.

#38!!!!!!!! Blame it all on my roots; I grew up in boots. The country is strong within my soul, and when I found this amazing charcoal horse transfer, I knew it was happening. CLICK HERE to see the full tutorial.

Chalk painted dresser with Dixie Belle Paint and embellished with a furniture transfer by Hokus Pokus.

#39!!!!!!!!! Because I love a pop of color and a bold pattern, I completely refurbished this vintage armchair in the colors of my area rug. Chalk Paint and Dixie Dirt! Yep, I was playing in the dirt. CLICK HERE to see how to add an amazing dirty finish to your next project.

Go bold or go home! This vintage armchair had seen better days and all it needed was some chalk paint and a little love.  Now it's FABULOUS!

The Last But Not Least… #40 No Chalk Paint Makeover!

#40!!!!!!!!!! Whew! That was a lot of flipping in one blog post. Well, as you can see, this beautiful washstand did not get chalk painted. I L-O-V-E my wood. Shocker! Instead, I used Dixie Belle’s White Wax over the raw wood to create this soft dreamy farmhouse feel. This little cutie lives on my front porch. CLICK HERE to learn how to create this look on your wood furniture.

White Wax by Dixie Belle Paint Co was all I needed with this raw wood vintage wash stand makeover. It gives the wood a soft appearance and the  protection it needs with out chalk paint.

That’s just scratching the surface of all the Dixie Belle chalk paint furniture makeovers I have done over the years. I just thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane, and sure enough, it was. If there’s one thing you should know about furniture makeovers with chalk paint, every project comes a story, and you’ll always learn and grow with each one. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Thanks for allowing me to share my passion with you. Furniture painting in itself is a lesson in life.

Until the next project… xo, Do 😘




  2. Hi Do! I love every single one of your creations. They are all my favorite. I’m hoping to paint just like you some day. I’m still in the practice stage. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Barbara ( not the same one as above)

    1. Thank you, Rita. Just jump right on in there! You don’t know what you can accomplish until you try. I’m sure you will amaze yourself. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. xo 🙂

  3. I love your work, all of your pieces are beautiful to look it over and over again. I also love the fact that you include videos with your work. Happy Holiday’s

  4. Love everything ,haven’t used wallpaper ,but did a small cabinet with animal print burlap,glued on then let dry ,put a coat of water based polyurethane on it,love it.

  5. Wow, these projects are incredible. It is hard to have a favorite. So many beautiful finished pieces. Love them Ll!

  6. Úžasná práce na tolika kouscích, klobouk dolů. 💓
    Stejně mám ale nejradši poslední proměny na bílou barvu / popřípadě světlounkou /
    Vaše postupy jsou na internetu nejlépe zdokumentované, -vím jaká je to práce /tvořit a ještě fotit /
    Přeji hodně nábytku u silnice a nápady co s nimi , Bí

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