How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right Way

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I LOVE cleaning wax brushes… said no furniture painter ever! Right? Learning how to clean wax brushes properly is a must. In today’s post, I will show you how to bring your wax brushes back to life! It is a necessary evil when you paint as much as I do. I’m a lazy painter and tend to neglect my brushes. Especially the wax brushes. They will sit for months with leftover wax on them. Did I just openly admit that? Busted!

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How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right Way

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Oh ya, I like a big beefy wax brush.

How To Clean Wax Brushes

How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right WayThere is nothing better than a beautifully waxed piece of furniture in my book. The feel and look are unique and just can’t be replicated with any other product. But it comes with a price. The cleanup! Not a fan!

How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right WayBut seriously, is easier than you may think. Pour a small portion of mineral spirits in a glass jar and let your brush soak for a few minutes.

Blot the wax off on a paper towel and repeat the process until clean. Once the brush is clean, allow drying.


How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right Way

The Final Step In How To Clean Wax Brushes

The last step is to clean the brush in warm soapy water and rinse well. This will remove any residual mineral spirits that are left in the bristles. And to keep the bristles soft, you can also add a tiny amount of liquid fabric softener with water and rinse your brushes. There’s nothing better than to have all your brushes clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Inspirational moments with a furniture painter happen often and cleaning a dirty brush at the last moment can ruin the mood. Know what I mean?

How To Clean Wax Brushes The Right WayI’m so glad you decided to join me today and please feel free to check out some of my furniture makeovers. I give these brushes a real workout! FURNITURE MAKEOVERS

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  1. Mineral spirits does dissolve wax well.
    In a pinch, so does ammonia. That’s why Windex is a poor choice to clean waxed kitchen cabinets.
    I actually soak my brushes in 1/2 ammonia (or Windex if I’m out) and 1/2 water over night and wash them with dish soap. Done. Oh – I suspend the brushes so the handles don’t soak up moisture, and so the bristles don’t bend.
    Clean and beautiful.

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