The Only Reasons To Paint An Antique Dresser

Antique dresser makeover using Wise Owl Paint and a putty knife.
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There are many reasons not to paint an antique dresser. However, I feel strongly about saving these old pieces even if it means to paint them. For this project, I have chosen to do a little of both. Restoration and paint. Read on…

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Antique Dresser Makeover

I salvage even the ugliest pieces even if it means I have to paint it.Preparing For The Makeover

This old gal had seen better days. Her top was pretty beat up and no amount of sanding would repair the beauty of the wood. However, the lower half wasn’t too bad. The wood looked okay.

The drawers were falling apart and if that weren’t bad enough, someone had added wire to the bottom of this antique dresser and several holes on the back. Wanna know why? Scroll down to see more

Even the worst pieces of furniture can be salvaged and saved from the landfill.Ha! The only reason I know this is because I saw my Grandfather do this to my Grandma’s furniture. Mothballs were placed inside the wire to repel varmints. That’s what he called them! They had a weekend home in the country and let’s just say it wasn’t as secure as it needed to be. My nights spent with my Grandparents were sometimes interesting, to say the least.

I knew when I removed the wire from this old dresser it was gonna have issues.After the usual sanding, cleaning, and repairing I decided that I would have to paint.  But, rather than paint the whole dresser, I would only paint half. That sounds weird, right? I had a plan.

Replacing The Hardware

Here's a great tip for nailing those tiny nails. It will change your relationship status with your hammer. No more smashed fingers ever!The hardware was cleaned up and replaced in its original spot. Here’s a tip for you. Use a pair of Needle Nose Pliers to hold those tiny nails to avoid smashed fingers. It will seriously change the relationship with your hammer. You’re welcome!

Painting The Antique Dresser

Below are the products that I used to create my masterpiece.

I used Antique Villa as the primary color for this antique dresser makeover.I started with a color called Villa from the Wise Owl Paint Line. Wise Owl Paint is a highly pigmented paint and goes on like a dream. Great coverage with usually 2 coats. When painting over darker woods with light colors, it may take three coats of the paint.

Best paint brush ever for artistic blending of paints on furniture.

I love their Cling On Paint Brushes too! I painted the upper half with one coat and used my Cling On Brush to make the paint appear to be streak down the wood where it gradually fades into the wood. It gave it an artistic look. Normally I would have used a primer before painting, but I didn’t mind if stains bled through the paint. The finish I wanted was old and weathered and the few stains just added character.

The secondary color used on this antique dresser is called Weathervane. I used my paint scraper to add texture and age to the paint finish.The secondary color used is called Weathervane. It’s a yummy dark gray and when blended with the Villa, it creates a beautifully aged finish. I used my Cling On Brush, a spray bottle with water and a putty knife to create this look. After completing the design I wanted, I allowed the paint to fully dry. About 3 hours at room temperature. Wise Owl Paint dries quickly and that helps me complete projects a lot quicker. I like that!

Sealing The Paint And Wood On The Antique Dresser

After painting the top half of the dresser, I finished the whole thing with Furniture Salve.Wise Owl makes a Furniture Salve that is nothing less than amazing! It can be used for so many things. It’s great to seal wood, paint, clean old hardware and even helps with old sticky wood drawers. I applied it all over the whole piece, inside and out using a soft, white cotton cloth. It conditioned the wood and sealed the paint. It comes in several scents, but the Lemon Verbena is my favorite. You gotta try this stuff! It smells amazing. No musty, stinky wood furniture for me.

The Finished Product

What a cool finish on this dresser!I’m super happy with the finish! Rustic, yummy, aged goodness with the beauty of the wood. The best of both worlds and as a result, I saved another piece from the landfill.

I love painting an antique dresser and leaving a bit of the original showing.I’m so glad I got to share my makeover with you. Do you like wood and paint finishes together? CLICK HERE  to see a cool copper leaf finish on a minibar.

Until the next project…