Antique Dresser Edgy Makeover With Paint

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Painted Antique Dresser
Antique Dresser Edgy Makeover With Paint

There are many reasons not to paint an antique dresser, and a Mother in laws opinion isn’t one of them. 🙂 More on that later in this post. However, I feel strongly about saving these old pieces, even if it means painting them. For this project, I have chosen to do a little of both: wood restoration and paint. Warning, it’s a little edgy.

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Antique Dresser Makeover With Paint – Before

This antique dresser had seen better days. The top was pretty beaten up and stained, and no amount of sanding would remove the stains in the wood. However, the lower half wasn’t too bad. The wood was still in good shape, and I was more than happy to restore that part of this antique dresser, but I wasn’t sure how to cover up the ugly part, but I was willing to take a risk and try something new.

I salvage even the ugliest pieces even if it means I have to paint it.

Supply List For This Project

The Back Story Of This Antique Dresser

The drawers were falling apart; if that weren’t bad enough already, someone had added wire to the bottom of this antique dresser and over several holes in the back. Want to know why? Scroll down if you dare!

Even the worst pieces of furniture can be salvaged and saved from the landfill.

Varmints! There’s nothing in my book worse than mice or rats.

The only reason I know that adding wire like this is that I saw my Grandfather do this to my Grandma’s furniture. She has an old wardrobe I liked playing in as a child. I also remember the smell of moth balls that were placed inside the wire to repel varmints. That’s what Grandpa called them! My Grandparents had a weekend home in the country, and let’s just say it wasn’t as secure as it needed to be. My nights spent with my Grandparents were sometimes interesting but memorable, to say the least.

I knew when I removed the wire from this old dresser it was gonna have issues.

Repairs And Cleaning Before Painting

A lot of cleaning, sanding, and repairs to the drawers were done before I could even think about getting out my paintbrush.

After my usual sanding, cleaning, and repairing of this dresser, I decided to do something a little different. The wood top had a lot of stains that went deep into the wood, but the lower 1/2 of the wood was in fairly good shape. Refinishing the wooden top wasn’t an option.

So, rather than painting the whole dresser, I decided to paint only the parts of the wood that couldn’t be refinished.

The Edgy Paint Finish

I started this makeover by painting the top half with light-colored chalk paint (Antique Villa), using a cling-on brush, and dragging the paint down the sides (starting from the top edges) in a random uneven streaking motion.

I used Antique Villa as the primary color for this antique dresser makeover.
Best paint brush ever for artistic blending of paints on furniture.

The second color I used was gray, called Weathervane. It’s a yummy dark gray, and when paired with the Antique Villa, it creates a beautifully aged paint finish. I used my Cling On Brush, a spray bottle with water, and a putty knife to create this look by dragging the gray into the Antique Villa (cream color). After completing the design, I wanted; I allowed the paint to dry fully—about 3 hours at room temperature. Wise Owl Paint dries quickly.

The secondary color used on this antique dresser is called Weathervane. I used my paint scraper to add texture and age to the paint finish.

Sealing The Paint And Wood On The Antique Dresser

Wise Owl makes a Furniture Salve that is nothing less than amazing! Not to mention the heavenly smell of my favorite Lemon Verbena. This salve is multi-purposed. It’s great to rehydrate brittle wood, clean old hardware, and even help with old sticky wood drawers. I applied it over the antique dresser (even the paint), inside and out, using a soft cotton cloth. It conditioned the wood and sealed the paint all at the same time. You gotta try this stuff!

After painting the top half of the dresser, I finished the whole thing with Furniture Salve.

How The Antique Dresser Looks Now – After

I’m super happy with this edgy paint finish! Rustic, yummy, aged goodness with the beauty of the wood, giving it the appearance of the old weathered finish with my spin on an artistic design. The best of both worlds, and as a result, I saved this antique dresser from the landfill.

This isn’t my usual painting style, but I’m liking the artistic vibe!

Painting a true antique dresser isn't what I usually do. But when the wood is damaged beyond restoration, it's the thing to do.

Oh yeah, and I have to share this funny with you. I LOVE my Mother In Law… let me just say that first. She knows that I paint old furniture, that’s no secret. One day when she was over for a visit, she informed me that she did “NOT LIKE THIS ONE.”

I’m happy to report that my Mother In Law still loves me even if I don’t meet her standards of furniture refurbishing.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. It’s a little edgy but not boring.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m so glad I got to share this antique dresser makeover with you. Let me know what you think in the comments. I can take the heat! LOL

* Post Update My Mother In Law has since gone to be with her father in heaven. I will forever be grateful for her unconditional love and support of my business of refurbishing old furniture. I miss you, Lena. I’ll see you again one day.

Until the next project… xo, Do