Insanely Easy Way To Repurpose An Antique Washstand

Insanely Easy Way To Repurpose An Antique Washstand

Pretty often and more times than none, I purchase old pieces based off a feeling or vision that I have. Just like this antique washstand. I used it for a short time as a coffee bar in my kitchen, but then “Joanna Gaines” came along and I just can’t get enough of the farmhouse look. She has some serious skeelz and vision!

I browsed Pinterest one morning with coffee in hand, when I came across a shelf that was made from one of those vintage towel rack thingies. It was attached to the antique washstand to hang hand towels on. When I say antique washstand, some of you may be saying to yourself, what is she talking about? There’s no sink on that table. Well, back in the day, because my Grandma told me so,  they used a large bowl or pot to put the water in and sit on top of the table. The men folk would come in from the fields and wash their hands before dinner. Most of the “simple” common people that lived in the farming communities didn’t have indoor plumbing. I guess that’s where the term dry sink comes from. It was then I had the vision.

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I Just Love This Antique Washstand

I took some of my left over weathered fence boards and made a 3X4 ft wooden sign. Using the same board for cross pieces on the back, I secured them down with Elmer’s Wood Glue and wood screws. Then I laid the towel rack on top of those boards and drew an outline. With my Skil Jigsaw, I cut out the pattern carefully. It was pretty easy. The next step was attaching it to the form boards I had built. I used wood screws and wood glue to secure it to the back.  It looked flawless.

I had this cute coffee stencil I had made with my Silhouette Cameo 3 a few months ago. I was dying to use it on something. This would be perfect! Can you see my vision yet?

I attached one more board across the top and secured it with glue and pin nails. This made a cute little  a mini shelf. After adding a few S hooks for a coffee cup display, it was complete. Of course my favorite part of this whole makeover is the staging. It’s so fun to go house shopping for goodies. It’s my thang! The gold coffee set belonged to my Grandma. I’ll cherish it always. Oh, to have one more cup with her.


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Until the next project… xo,Do

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    This is such a cute idea. I would have never thought of doing it this way. Thanks for sharing with us.0

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