Three Easy Steps To Painting Terracotta Pots

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Hello there! Today I’ll show you how I took my sad terracotta pots and updated them with paint. Painting terracotta pots are so easy and I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to update things regularly at my home. But before I consider buying new, I always ask myself if it can be painted. Sure enough, clay pots are perfect for chalky type paints. All you need is a chalky based paint and a brush.

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Before Painting Terracotta PotsThree Easy Steps To Painting Terracotta Pots #dododsondesigns #paintingterracottapots #paintingtechniques #diyproject #diyhomeprojects

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Step #1

Before I started my project, the first thing I did was clean any dirt away from the outside of the pots. This was easily done by sweeping across the outside of the pots with a broom. You could use your paintbrush if you wanted. Don’t bother washing the pots with water unless they are super dirty. They’re going to be outside anyway. If you do, be sure and allow them to dry thoroughly before the next step.

Step #2

Three Easy Steps To Painting Terracotta Pots #dododsondesigns #paintingterracottapots #paintingtechniques #diyproject #diyhomeprojectsNext, pour your chalky based paint in a separate container. You don’t want to contaminate your paint. The clay pots are in no way clean. Trust me on this one. 🙂 I used an inexpensive chip brush for this project and saved my good brushes for my furniture. I call these my lazy throwaway brushes. Sometimes I wash them but it’s rare. I’m a lazy painter, what can I say? But if you feel froggy, wash them and reuse. They will hold up!

Using a furniture painting technique I call “dry brushing”, I brushed over the whole terracotta pot sparingly with the chalky based paint.  Because the terracotta pot was rough, this method was perfect for the washed looked I was wanting.

Step #3

After painting the terracotta pots, fill with your favorite flowers and enjoy!

Three Easy Steps To Painting Terracotta Pots #dododsondesigns #paintingterracottapots #paintingtechniques #diyproject #diyhomeprojects


Three Easy Steps To Painting Terracotta Pots #dododsondesigns #paintingterracottapots #paintingtechniques #diyproject #diyhomeprojects Painting terracotta pots made a huge difference. It really brightened up my porch to my studio. I totally recommend that you consider this before you buy new containers for your garden flowers. It doesn’t hurt to try. It’s totally DO-able.


Until the next project…