Easy How To Paint Bold Stripes On Furniture

Easy How To Paint Bold Stripes On Furniture

Painting bold stripes on furniture can make a profound statement in any room. Today I’m sharing how to paint those bold stripes without that nasty bleeding under the tape and how to get a crisp, clean line every time. I’m excited about this one! I got special plans for the staging on this one and a flashback of memories.

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How To Paint Bold Stripes On Furniture


*Don’t miss these steps before painting your wood furniture.

Taping Off For Painted Stripes On Furniture

To paint stripes on furniture, you will need to choose a color that accents the base coat. For this project, I chose a bold black and white pattern. Start your project by taping off the design you want with painter’s tape. You will want to use your finger to smooth the edges of the tape to make sure it has good contact with the furniture before painting.

Painting bold stripes on furniture can make a profound statement in any room.

How To Prevent Paint From Bleeding Under Tape

Lean in close on this one! This step is super important if you want those crisp, clean lines. Well, that was silly to say. Of course, you do! Start with burnishing the edges of the tape with the same base color. I like to use my finger, but you can use an artist brush for this as well. This will create a seal with the base color that will prevent the accent color from bleeding. Allow the paint to completely dry.

Lean in close on this one! This step is super important if you want those crisp clean lines.

Next, paint the color of your choice for the stripes on the furniture. If you’re using a black over white like I’m doing here, you’re probably gonna need a second coat of paint for full coverage. It’s unnecessary to allow the final coverage coat to dry completely before removing the tape but be very careful. You would be very unhappy if you accidentally let the black paint touch that beautiful white. How do I know? Because it happened, lol.

Next, paint the color of your choice for the stripes on furniture. If you're using a black over white like I'm doing here, you're probably gonna need a second coat of paint for full coverage.

Adding A Pop Of Color

You definitely can step it up a notch and add a pop of color, as I did here with these amazing decor transfers! It’s like the easiest way to add a decorative touch over stripes on furniture.

Adding decor transfers over the bold stripes on furniture is a win win. What do you think? Would you do it?

And check out those black high gloss drawer pulls! Want to learn more about updating old hardware? CLICK HERE to learn how quick and easy it is to spray paint hardware for a new look. And for the blended paint at the base of this dresser, CLICK HERE for a video tutorial on the blending paint technique that I used over the stripes on furniture.

I love the look of bold stripes on furniture with a floral pattern.
I just LOVE how these BOLD stripes on furniture look.

This blog post is dedicated to a dear four-legged friend that carried me many miles across Texas and brought me more joy than you can imagine. We road through bluebonnet patches, ponds, and water-filled ditches. The blue flowers in this decor transfer I used reminded me of a special day. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. And yes, those are my spurs hanging on the wall. One of the last items left from my equestrian adventures. RIP Skippy.

Inspiration can come in all forms. Sometimes, it a beautiful memory.

So, what do you think about using BOLD stripes on furniture? Is this a look you would incorporate into your home? I’d love to know what you think. Here’s an idea for you… try creating stripes with stencils. It’s a more subtle look and not so in your face.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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  • Just wondering, did you seal the base coat? or wait for paint to dry? (if so how long?) I find the painters tape can pull up the base coat when it is removed. Maybe I am using the wrong tape? Thanks Do!!

  • Do, Great job as always. Love the stripe idea and your tips for a clean line. You are such a good teacher and I love your story that inspired the piece. Great memories. Thanks

  • I just love bold black and white! This is such a beautiful piece and the staging is impeccable.

  • We do love our black and white stripes. Thank ya, friend!

    xo Do

  • Beautiful piece and love that you dedicated this post to your dear Skippy. Oh my heart. That pic really touched my heart. XOXO

  • I kinda teared up when I wrote that. I’m such a sucker for my animals. Thank you for your kind words.

    xo Do

  • Hi Gail! Great question. I allow the paint to dry a good 24 hours before taping and I never seal before painting stripes. If you still have this problem of the paint lifting when removing the tape, you might be needing to use a primer on the wood before painting. Also, they make an easy release tape that’s not as sticky. Not all painters tape is created equal. You can ask the experts at your local paint store for suggestions too.

    Hope this helps. Happy Painting my friend. ?

    xo Do

  • Hi..long time painter..my favorite tape is the green frog tape..I’ve had issues with the blue painters tape.
    Love your style and your willingness to share your knowledge.

  • Yes, Ma’am! I agree. I just use what I have on hand. Such a risk taker. Happy painting!

    xo, Do

  • I love the look with all the different elements used. It created a stunning piece and love the story you shared as well.

  • The black and white striped piece was stunning.

  • Hi Leslie, I personally love hearing the stories behind the makeover. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 xo

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