How To Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

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Learning how to paint laminate furniture the right way takes all the guesswork out of it and you can relax and be confident that you’ll be successful. There’s nothing worse than a failed finish on your furniture. I’m pretty sure you’re like me and want to do it the right way the first time. That wasn’t the case with my first attempt and I want to share my success with you today.

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How To Paint Laminate Furniture

Ah, yes, those beautiful laminated pieces of furniture that look so pretty but are a booger to paint. Well, at least they used to be. Ever since I discovered SLICK STICK, I for sure don’t pass up near as many of these beautiful french provincial dressers. This one had a few issues. Isn’t that always the case? (*insert eye roll here)

Below is a product list for you to find the products that I know like and trust to help you paint over that shiny, slick laminate.

For you video learners, here a quick tutorial.

Using A Bonding Primer

Learn how to paint laminate furniture using one of my favorite products. Slick Stick!Here’s how you do it! After the usual cleaning with the White Lightning, paint two coats of the SLICK STICK over the laminate surface. Allow 2-3 hours between coats to ensure it’s fully dried. Painting over the first coat before that time is not a good idea. You want to make sure that all the water has evaporated and even the water you can’t see or feel on the surface.

Allow Time To Dry

Slick stick is the perfect bonding primer for slick surfaces like this laminate dresser.Allow the painted surfaces to dry another 24 hours. Next, you will want to do a “scratch test”. This is where I use my fingernail or another object and scratch across the surface. This will give you the assurance you need to proceed with your painted furniture makeover. The only reason that the finish could fail is if you don’t clean it well before. All the more reason for using White Lighting to clean the surface first. This is how to paint laminate furniture the right way. Now, find your favorite color and get to painting! I’m so happy you joined me today. I paint a lot of furniture and I share here weekly so come back often. Or sign up for a free tutorial and get signed on to receive my weekly newsletter where I share everything.

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How To Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding



  1. I’m excited to see the rest of this project! I always seem to bite off more than I thought I would need to chew when picking pieces, so I know the feeling!

  2. Does this technique work on kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are laminated? Have some areas that are worn and bubbled is it ok to sand first?

    1. Hi Linda! It sure will but it will not cover up any damaged or bubbled areas. You will want to repair that with bondo or some other filler first. Clean well and then apply 2 coats of the slick stick. You should be good to go for them to accept paint. Please share the results with me. I love a good makeover. Good luck dear! xo

  3. Can you spray the paint on the furniture after you slick stick? If so, how many coats of paint should go on after slick stick?

    1. Hi Dana! You absolutely can. That depends on the paint that you use. If you are using a chalky type of paint, I would say 2 light coats for full coverage. I don’t use latex paint. Here are the paints and sprayer I use. xo

      Chalk Mineral Paint
      Sprayer for chalk mineral paint
      Liner for sprayer

  4. I could really use your advice, I have an entertainment center that I plan to turn into a beverage cabinet on my back porch, it is laminate. What kind of paint should I use to keep it weatherproof? My porch has a roof and is screened in but the humidity in Alabama is a problem, also the pollen is going to be a problem so I’ll need to be able to wash it down…is this even possible?

    1. Hi Linda.
      I have bad news. The humidity will be the issue. Unless you can cover every single inch inside and out with a waterproof sealer, the paint finish will fail. If you have laminate, it probably isn’t 100 percent wood. It may be okay for a year or so, but eventually, the humidity and extreme temperature changes will take a toll. If you could find something that is solid wood, it would tolerate the moisture a bit better. But the wood will still swell. Sorry for the Debbie downer advice. I love the idea. πŸ™‚ xo

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