How To Master Furniture Painting For Beginners

Follow these basic steps of furniture painting and NEVER have to repaint your furniture again because of a failed finish! Today I’m sharing the basics of furniture painting so that you can be sure that when you paint your furniture you are doing everything possible to create a beautiful lasting finish on your furniture. No shortcuts allowed! Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way. Shall we?

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Furniture Painting Basics 101

Well it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t have another set of eyes in the studio. Hmmm, I wonder if she could prep for me? For some strange reason she really likes this piece. Silly kitten.

Following the basic steps of furniture painting is important if you want a beautiful finish that you can brag about.

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Prepping The Furniture Before Painting

I start with removing the dirt, grime, food, oils or just anything that can accumulate on furniture and could cause the paint not to adhere properly. I use a product called White Lightning by Dixie Belle Paint Co. It comes in a crystal form. I simply mix it in warm water and add it to my spray bottle. Then I spray a liberal amount of the solution over the exterior of the furniture. Only the paintable parts. With a soft cotton cloth I wipe back all the built up gunk. Even if you think your furniture is clean, I challenge you to try this. It removes the stuff you can’t see and that’s important for a great finish. You may need to repeat this step several times until it is clean.

Next you will want to remove any residual of White Lightning that is left on the wood with water. I like a spray bottle once again because it’s fast and easy. 

Furniture Painting and Stain Blockers

Furniture painting can be risky business if you don't use a good stain blocker. I'll be painting this piece white and I don't want to take a risk of bleed through. Now that your furniture is all clean, now is a good time to inspect the piece. Does it have any rough areas that need to be sanded? This step isn’t necessary if your piece is in good condition. If the finish is old and uneven, use a 220 grit sandpaper to smooth any rough areas and then wipe down with a cotton cloth to remove any leftover dust from the sanding.

Then apply 1-2 coats of a primer, stain blocker. I like BOSS by Dixie Belle Paint Co. It comes in clear and white. Since I’m painting this piece white, it makes more sense to use the white. It will make it easier to cover. 

Furniture Painting Made Easy With Dixie Belle

Today’s furniture painting has never been more easy. Furniture paint has come a long way. My personal preference is Dixie Belle’s Mineral Chalk Paint. It’s smooth, creamy and easy to apply. I used two coats to cover this Mid Century dresser. That’s it! It’s good to go! The paint will fully cure in 30 days and it is not necessary to use a sealer. That makes it my go to for quick and easy. Even a beginner can master this look!

A Classic Look That’s hard To Beat

Even after the painting was and moving back inside my home, the kitten is still in love with it. I totally get it. Photobombing at its best! 

And I think the hardware made all the difference in the new country vibe.

I really like how this Mid Century Modern piece now has a country vibe. Sometimes all you need is a little paint and some cute cup pulls. Modern meets country. It’s kinda like country goes to town! Now I’m talking about myself. ha!

Until the next project…xo, Do


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