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Painted canvas
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Did you know that you can easily create a modern painted canvas with leftover paint? Oh, yea. I used the paint pour technique for this project and I was really pleased with the results. Being a furniture artist means I have a lot of leftover paint. Do you know the 1/4 at the bottom of the container paint? Don’t throw that away. You can create amazing art for your walls with just a few dollars, and you can even put your own artistic twist on it. Nailed it on the first try and didn’t even use a paintbrush! Now that’s painting!

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How To Easily Create An Amazing Modern Painted Canvas

Here is a complete list of the supplies I used for this project.

Before Pouring The Paint

Painted canvas using the paint pour technique.I found a 16X20 5 pack of canvases at Hobby Lobby for $10. SCORE! I’ve been wanting to do a paint pour a painted canvas for a while now so I’ve been hoarding all my leftovers. Since this was my first attempt, I opted into trying it out on a canvas first. Just the thought of dumping paint on furniture made me a bit nervous. I’d heard a lot of talk about adding floetrol to paint to keep making it flow, but like the majority of the time, I come up short in that department.  And like most impatient DIYers I just winged. I got water… that should work, right? I’m an eternal optimist!

I used Dixie Belle paint to create a painted canvas using ta cool technique. I bet you have heard of it... Modern painted canvas with a paint pour technique. The metallic topcoats I had on hand were pretty thin to start with so I didn’t need to add water to them. The chalk mineral paint was a bit thick and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t pour as I wanted it too. I added the paints to individual plastic cups and added water to the thicker chalk mineral paints to get the consistency I wanted. Not too thin because I needed the coverage on the canvas. All Dixie Belle paints are water-based and I knew this would not be a problem as a result of adding the additional water to thin them for this technique.

The results

Modern Paint Pour Technique Painted canvas with a modern paint por techniquepainted canvas wall artThis was a really fun and simple way to use up all those partial paint containers. As a result, I have had something amazing to show for it. Maybe I’m brave enough now to try it on furniture. 🙂

Are you a GOLD lover like me? Wanna see more gold? CLICK HERE to see the metallic gold dresser I painted. It’s pretty cool! Thanks for hanging out with me today. I’d love to get some feedback from you on this project. Drop me a comment below because your feedback matters to me.



  • Wow! I love this technique that seems fast and more! I’ll try it for sure. In the end did you protect it with a topcoat or something shiny?

  • Thanks Martine! Yes, a few days after it was completely dry I used a glossy top coat. It was super fun and easy.
    xo, Do

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