Easy Modern Painted Canvas | Paint Pouring Art

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You can easily create a modern painted canvas with leftover paint. I used a paint pouring technique to get this look. Video Tutorial
Easy Modern Painted Canvas | Paint Pouring Art

Did you know that you can easily create a modern painted canvas with leftover paint? Oh, yea. I used the paint pour technique for this project, and I was pleased with the results. Being a furniture artist means I have a lot of leftover paint. Do you know the 1/4 at the bottom of the container paint? Don’t throw that away. You can create amazing art for your walls with just a few dollars, and you can even put your artistic twist on it. I nailed it on the first try and didn’t even use a paintbrush! Now that’s painting!

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Amazing Modern Painted Canvas – Left Over Chalk Paint

Here’s a video I created of the process. Enjoy!

Before Pouring The Paint – Painted Canvas

I found a 16X20 5 pack of canvases at Hobby Lobby for $10. SCORE! I’ve wanted to do a paint pour on a painted canvas for a while now, so I’ve been hoarding all my leftovers. Since this was my first attempt, I opted into trying it out on a canvas first. Just the thought of dumping paint on furniture made me a bit nervous. I’d heard a lot of talk about adding floetrol to paint to keep it flowing, but like most of the time, I come up short in that department.  And like most impatient DIYers, I just winged. I use water to thin the paint… it works.  I’m an eternal optimist!

Use a blank canvas for an amazing look with paint with this easy pouring technique.

I had some metallic topcoats that were pretty thin to start with on hand, so it didn’t need to thin them with water. The chalk mineral paint was a bit thick, and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t pour as I wanted it to. I added the paints to individual plastic cups and added water to the thicker chalk mineral paints to get the consistency I wanted. Not too thin because I needed the coverage on the painted canvas. All Dixie Belle paints are water-based, and I knew this would not be a problem due to adding the additional water to thin them for this technique.

I used Dixie Belle paint to create a painted canvas using this cool paint pouring technique. I bet you've heard of it...
Leftover paint is perfect for creating a painted canvas using a DIY paint pouring technique. Try it!

The Results Of My Painted Canvas

Create your own DIY painted canvas with this unique paint pouring technique.
painted canvas wall art

This was an enjoyable and simple way to use up all those partial paint containers. As a result, I created a beautifully painted canvas. Actually three! Maybe I should try it on furniture. 🙂

Are you a GOLD lover like me? Wanna see more gold? CLICK HERE to see the metallic gold dresser I painted. It’s pretty cool! Thanks for hanging out with me today. I’d love to get some feedback from you on this project. Please drop me a comment below or just say hi.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. Oh Do it’s gorgeous! I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for demonstrating this technique.

  2. How am I only now just finding this??? Comments are as far back as September of 2018 ??‍♀️ Lol I Love this! I Love the pop of blue! I Love the shimmer!
    Have u tried pouring on furniture Do?
    Btw I Love u Do!

    1. I don’t know! ??‍♀️ LOL But you’re here now. Don’t for get to sign up for my weekly news letter. That way you’ll get every new post in your inbox. ??‍♀️ Love you too. xo Do

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