Easy Cabinet Door Project For A Great Cause

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I have a stash of old cabinet doors I picked up a while back from Habitat for humanity. They’re great for practicing and perfecting a new finish when I’m just not sure how it will turn out, so I use them often. After perfecting my finish, I use them to create wall art and home decor. Today, I’ll be using this one for a greater cause. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that 1 in 8 women born in the US will get breast cancer at some point in their life? It’s the most common cancer in women. That’s crazy! It’s important to be diligent in your routine screenings and self-breast exams because early detection saves lives. Ain’t nobody got time for Cancer!

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Easy Cabinet Door Project For A Great Cause

I have a stash of old cabinet doors I picked a while back from the Habitat for humanity. Come see what I did with this one.

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Because this is a special project I did my best to incorporate as many layers as I could. The layers represent the difficult times that breast cancer survivors have to go through. It’s definitely a process… not just doctor visits, medications, and treatments but also the emotional stages that go with the diagnosis of cancer… denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.

One Layer At A Time

I stared by sanding the cabinet door before painting. It's the perfect size and has trim in just the right place.

Step #1 Sand and clean the wood cabinet doors before painting. Just quickly scuff with sandpaper to remove any loose or chippy paint if they have been previously painted.

Adding a Transfer to The Wood Cabinet Door

The transfer decor I'm using on this repurposed cabinet door is going to look great with the design I chose.

Step #2 Paint the wood cabinet door with your favorite chalk mineral paint. Decor transfers are a great way to create a beautiful look on furniture and home decor. CLICK HERE to see how I applied a transfer to furniture. The border of the wood cabinet was decoupaged with tissue paper. CLICK HERE for more on decoupaging with tissue paper.

Adding Black Wax Over The Transfer

Did you know you can add dark wax over a decor transfers? It gives it a beautiful aged look.

Step #3 To add aging to the transfer, use a dark wax over the transfer after it has been applied with a wax brush and buff with a soft cloth.

Application Of Butterfly Wood Applique

I painted the wood applique before gluing it in place on the cabinet door.

Step #4 Paint the wood applique before applying it to the wood cabinet door. You can skip this step and paint over it if you’re not using transfers.

After heating up the wood applique, I added a good amount of the wood glue before attatching it to the wood cabinet door project.
The wood applique was heated after the application to insure proper attachment.

Apply the WoodUbend to the wood cabinet door. Here is a quick tutorial on the process.

Adding Rust Patina

Step #5 Add some rust patina paint to create a cool rusty finish.

I aged the decor transfer and decoupage paper with wax and a rusty patina on the cabinet door project.

All these layers represent the struggles associated with the process of surviving this dreadful disease. From the bottom of this cabinet door, you can clearly see the transition as it happens. The old broken down that turns into a beautiful butterfly as cancer has been removed.

I LOVE everything abot this! A repurposed cabinet door for a great cause!

I pray this blog post will be a reminder to all women who read this to get those routine screenings. Early detection remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. PLEASE! As a nurse of 33 years, I have seen too many that didn’t survive that could have been treated effectively if they had known sooner. Let’s change those numbers and take our life back.

If you love cabinet door wall art, I have more! CLICK HERE to see my series of cabinet door wall art.

Until the next project… xo, Do

*In loving memory of all those that are battling now and those that have gone to be with our Father in heaven. 

Easy Cabinet Door Project For A Great Cause



  1. A Beautiful Tribute to Breast Cancer Survivors and those that lost their battle. I am a 27 year survivor!

  2. Oh Do, what a pretty and special piece. I am a breast cancer survivor because I caught it early. It is great that you are getting that message out to your followers. You are an awesome influencer.
    Thank you

  3. What a beautiful tribute to those who have battled breast cancer and won. A dear friend of mine had breast cancer 5 years ago, went through chemo and radiation and now has been cancer free! I love how you layered your art and turned an ordinary cabinet door into a stunning piece of art! WOW!

  4. In August I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. After two surgeries and the loss of a breast I was declared CANCER free! I tell my story to every woman I encounter, and encourage them to get mammograms. Your blogs and newsletters are a bright spot, and inspire me to create, refinish and plan for a productive future! Thank you so much.

    1. I love to hear that! Praise the Lord! Yes, now it’s time to create and enjoy without worry. Prayers for long and creative life, Victoria.

      xo, Do

  5. Do,

    I absolutely love this and the meaning behind it. I have a friend, a nurse, 47 years old, who had Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was 25. She just went through chemotherapy for colorectal cancer at 47 years old. Now she has been diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lungs. She’s an incredibly strong women, very strong faith, but how much can one person take? She has 2 preteen children and a great husband. I want to make her something with my transfer but I’m not sure if I should. She’s been a survivor, but she’s so weak physically she may not make it this time. Your thoughts are so appreciated. Thanks much??

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