Wood Appliques That Bend For Home Decor Projects

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WoodUbend appliques
Wood Appliques That Bend For Home Decor Projects

Wood appliques that bend? Yep! You heard me right! Today I want to share with you how to apply these wood products to a curved surface. Thus the name… WoodUbend! Be sure and watch the full video tutorial below for all the details of the application process. This retro laundry hamper is getting a well-deserved makeover.

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How To Apply Wood Appliques To A Rounded Surface

WoodUbend is a wood-based product that can be molded once it has been heated up. It has all the wood properties and can be drilled, sanded, distressed, glued, painted, stained, and varnished. A revolutionary and unique type of wood applique can be added to almost any surface. I’m thinking of furniture and home decor.

Amazing wood appliques that bend when heated that will mold to just about any surface.

This is so cool! Watch this!

Supply List For This Project:

Heat Activation Of The Wood Appliques

STEP 1: Heat the wood appliques with a heat gun or blow dryer first. Even if the surface you’re applying them to is flat, you MUST heat them first. The heat serves two purposes. It makes the applique bendable and allows the glue to solidify to the Woodubend product.

This will cause the wood appliques to be reactivated to be molded and allow the glue to be absorbed into the wood. This will create a super-strong bond with the surface you’re applying it to. If you’re working with trim, it’s the same process. It MUST be heated first to allow the uncoiling of the trim. Remember… WoodUbend is stiff before it’s heated, and as it cools, it becomes stiff once again. It will hold whatever shape you have it molded to.

I heated the wood applique with my heat gun just before molding and bending it to fit the rounded surface I was applying it to.
Decorative wood applique molding... WoodUbend! It's bendable.

Add Wood Glue To The Wood Appliques

STEP 2: Apply a liberal amount of wood glue to the wood applique back while it is still warm. The glue will be absorbed into the wood while still warm and bendable.

Apply wood glue to the back of the wood molding before application. Don't forget the heat!

Using Heat To Create A Solid Bond

The bendable wood molding is not only bendable once heated, but you can cut it with scissors. You can't do that with wood!

STEP 3: While the wood applique is still warm with the glue in place, apply it to the surface of your choice. If the Woodubend cools off, it will become stiff once again, and for this reason, you may need to reheat it even after applying the glue. Once it’s in place, add heat to help the glue and wood applique bond to the surface; this will make a solid bond in return.

WoodUbend wood appliques that will bend once heated and mold to even a curved surface. Not just any old wood will do this!

Finishing The Wood Appliques And Trim

STEP 4: Paint, stain or varnish your WoodUbend just like you would any other wood surface.

I used a chalk mineral paint over the wood applique medallion.

I chose to paint, glaze, dark wax, and add gilding wax to finish off this elegant look to add to this project’s pattern.

The combination of the wood applique and chalk mineral paint looks great on this vintage MCM laundry hamper.

WoodUbend Appliques

Adding a wood applique on a curved surface is unheard of. Not anymore!
I love how adding something as simple as a wood applique turned this vintage laundry hamper into a beautiful piece of home decor.

I think it turned out well, and now I have a beautiful container for storage. And that detail with the bendable appliques is the crowning jewel. Have you tried WoodUbend?

Thanks for joining me today as I test out this new bendable wood product.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  1. Hi Donna,
    We’ve just bought a house in Italy and they have left a lot of furniture, I have so many ideas of how to paint them but don’t have a great deal of experience. I did a quick course in Aust before we left but I guess I’ll start with the smallest pieces and work my way up.
    I love your work and sense of style and look forward to seeing more of your vidos.
    Ciao for now

    1. Hi Deb! Major score! That sounds like so much fun and I think that’s an excellent plan. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process. I’m a bit envious. 🙂 xo

  2. Love your furniture painting techniques and the very beautiful artistic outcome.It’s a real pleasure to watch.Thank you.

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