How To Add An Rusty Patina Finish On A Door

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If it weren’t for my precious (puppy), I would have never discovered how amazing a patina finish would be on my exterior studio door. A white door and big ole puppy feet just aren’t a good match. The pic below is actually after I cleaned it. (shaking my head with an eye roll) Quick, give me my paintbrush!

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Before The Patina Finish

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Supply List

The Reason Behind This Makeover

This is the reason for the patina finish on my studio door. A great way to camouflage those paw prints. #dododsondesigns #patinafinish #shopdog #furbabyHey all! Meet Lexi. This is the dirty girl that leaves paw prints all over my door. Let’s just say she is the reason for this makeover. She has a bit of separation anxiety and does her best to follow me to work. Maybe someday she will be allowed inside when she learns that my paintbrushes aren’t chewing toys for a pup. Ha! My Father in law rescued her from the side of the road in a ditch after being abandoned. I’ll never understand how anyone can be so cruel. Well, she’s safe now and rules the porch AND door! Love my fur babies.

Priming The Metal Door/Aged Patina Finish

I started off by cleaning and then priming the metal door with BIN primer. The door had a factory primer when I purchased it, but it’s been exposed to the weather for a few years now. Just to be safe, I painted 1 coat of primer over the whole door just to be sure. Also, since I was planning on using a patina paint and spray activator, a primer is a must to protect the metal door from the corrosion of the patina activator. Don’t miss this step on your metal projects.

Painting The Base Color Of The Door

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to paint a door? #dododsondesigns #patinafinish #painteddoor #rust #rustpatinaBefore applying the patina paint. I painted the base of the door with a beautiful blue color called Bunker Hill Blue by Dixie Belle Paint because I want the predominant color to be blue.

Spray Activator For The Patina Finish

Like Patina Finish? Then You'll Love This one! #dododsondesigns #rusteffectpaint #patinafinish #patina #rust #patinapaintAfter applying the patina paint in just the areas that I wanted the patina, I sprayed the activator on while it was still wet. I was right about the patina and blue combination. It worked! The whole door was sealed with Gator Hide from Dixie Belle to protect the patina finish. It’s perfect for projects that require a little extra protection from water and humidity. I’m thinking the puppy paw prints are a thing of the past.

Aged Patina Finish Perfection!

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How about this finish on furniture??? I gotcha covered! CLICK HERE to see how this looks on second-hand furniture. Thanks for hanging out with me today. I hope this will inspire you to play around with these fun products.  “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein~

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Aged patina finish on an exterior door. Apply this amazing look on any surface!