DIY Faux Concrete Finish On A Dollar Tree Pumpkin

DIY Faux Concrete Dollar Tree Pumpkin
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The good old Dollar… What would we do without this store? I have seen so many great projects, especially around the holidays that were created for next to nothing with their $1 goodies. Today, I want to share a fun DIY hack on how to create a faux concrete Dollar Tree pumpkin. I was so happy with the way they turned out, I just had to share this with you.

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Dollar Tree Faux Concrete Pumpkin Makeover

Say goodbye to orange and HELLO to a new faux concrete finish on your Dollar Tree pumpkins. Here it is! ORANGE and begging for another color. Let’s tone it down for a softer look. Here is what you will need to create this unique look on your dollar tree pumpkin.

Supplies List

Carve Your Pumpkin

I started my Dollar Tree pumpkin makeover by cutting out the top. The first step is to carve an opening into the top of your pumpkin. Just like when you carve your real pumpkin to remove the insides. This step is not necessary and if you like the look of the whole pumpkin, by all means, leave it intact and just paint the whole thing. It would be very pretty as well.

Painting Your Dollar Tree Pumpkin

You'll need craft paints for this simple DIY Faux Concrete Pumpkin makeover. I started with the wicker white paint and painted the whole dollar tree pumpkin in a rather sloppy fashion. I really wanted some texture on the pumpkin, so just slathered it on. It covered the pumpkin in one coat. Allow this the paint to almost dry but not fully. I used my blow dryer to speed this process up.

COVER UP THAT ORANGE! Dollar Tree pumpkin I love ya, but the orange has got to go. Then I applied the black in the creases of the dollar tree pumpkin only. Not allowing it dry, I immediately went to the next step. I mixed a bit of black with my white paint to create a beautiful gray color. The color of concrete. Be careful not to add too much black to the white. The black will quickly overpower the white and be too dark, I just used the black that was on my brush and mixed it in the white.

I painted the the creases with black to add depth to my faux concrete pumpkin makeover project. First I painted in between the black indentions with the gray. Again, I added the paint in a good amount. I built up the paint in some areas higher than the others to create an uneven surface.

Such a fun project with those UGLY Dollar Tree pumpkins! After the whole dollar tree pumpkin was painted with the gray, I went back with the same brush and blended the gray in with the black. I wasn’t worried that some of the white was showing, as this gave it character and the look I was wanting.

This Dollar Tree pumpkin will never be the same. Thank Goodness!

Adding Texture To Your Dollar Tree Pumpkin

Quickly after the gray was blended and still wet, I took some ordinary all-purpose flour from my kitchen and sprinkled the flour on the top part of the pumpkin. Just sprinkled in on here and there. Some areas had more than others and that is perfect. Again, I was creating an uneven finish on the dollar tree pumpkin.

Flour? It's the secret sauce to creating a faux concrete finish on a dollar tree pumpkin. With the same brush, I dipped the brush in the flour and lightly dusted the whole dollar tree pumpkin. This created a matte, powdery finish that looks very much like concrete. I allowed the paint to dry overnight. The next morning I dusted off what was left of the flour on the surface of the pumpkin. It was so cool!

I sprinkled flour over the wet paint on the dollar tree pumpkin to create a concrete look. I found these lovely little faux succulents last year and thought they would be appropriate to complete the look with my Dollar Tree Pumpkins. I’m super happy with how they turned out. $1 faux concrete pumpkins. Looks like I paid a million bucks! Well, that’s exaggerating a bit, but you know my excitement to DIY for a $1.

Watch the full instruction on this video.

Same Technique Used On Another Pumpkin

Another fun Fall dollar tree pumpkin makeover!


I LOVE the addition of the GOLD on the pumpkin stem. So classy!

I used this same technique on these Hobby Lobby pumpkins too. The pumpkin stems were painted with Metallic Gold paint.

Not all Dollar Tree pumpkins were born to be orange. Neutral Fall Pumpkin Decor with a faux concrete finish.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to look around at all the opportunities to create beautiful home decor for Fall on your Dollar Tree budget. I love sharing with you, so check back often for more ideas. Or check out more DIY budget-friendly ideas below.

Until the next project… xo, Do


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DIY Faux Concrete Finish On A Dollar Tree Pumpkin