How To Add Beautiful Transfers On Furniture

How To Add Beautiful Transfers On Furniture

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How To Add Beautiful Transfers On Furniture
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I’ve been painting furniture for a long time and paint was all I ever needed, until I found out about adding transfers on furniture. It’s a game-changer with painted furniture and super easy to apply. Here’s how I did it.

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How To Add Transfers On Furniture

My Inspiration For This Project

Inspiration can come from many places and these pulls are perfect for the decor transfer I'll be using.Inspiration can come from the strangest places but I always keep my eyes open. When I found this chest I immediately fell in love with these pulls. The patina was perfect and it reminded me of the beach and those tiny little shells that I enjoyed picking up the last time I visited the beach and have the perfect decor transfer for this one! It’s all beachy!

Before Putting Transfers On Furniture

Decor transfers on furniture look amazing over paint.Let’s get started! Before the application of the transfers on furniture, you will need to paint your furniture first. Since I had my vision set on the whole beachy theme, I went with a beautiful color of chalk mineral paint called Mermaid Tail. A gorgeous blue/green ocean color.

I added crackle over the first layer of paint to add a weathered look before adding the decor transfer.The crackle was applied with a chip brush after the paint was dried in random spots. This will give a crackled texture to the piece once I apply the second color over it. Allow the crackle to fully dry before applying the next color. Next, apply whatever color you love over the crackle that you want to peek through. I  used Yankee Blue. Don’t overwork your paint with this step. Apply it and walk away. You won’t see the cracks until it has fully dried. Depending on the amount of crackle you apply, the more cracks you will get. I added a little extra because I wanted the texture with the old weathered look too. So fun!

Decor transfers on furniture in addition to paint gives painted furniture a whole new look. AMAZING!You can always add your spin on the style as I did with Re-design by Prima’s Decor Wax and Chalk Paste. The paste was added with a putty knife to add a chippy look and the Diamond Dust… well, you just gotta try it for yourself. This will add beautiful highlights to the corners of this piece. It looks like a million bucks! It twinkles!!!

How To Apply Transfers On Furniture

Decor transfers on furniture should always be applied over a smooth surface. The transfer comes with a little wooden stick that you use to rub over the transfer to make contact with the paint.Decor transfers on furniture should always be applied over a smooth surface. The transfer comes with a little wooden stick that you use to rub over the transfer to make it come in contact with the paint. If your surface is a bit rough, you may want to sand over it to smooth it out first. Getting good contact is important with the transfers. If you’re using a transfer on a painted surface, add the transfer before you add the topcoat. Once your transfer is on, then you can add a top coat to seal it. I used Dixie Belle’s satin topcoat for this project. It also comes in a flat.





This little mermaid transfer is a hit! I love the beachy vibe and the diamond wax added great highlights in just the right spots. It kinda twinkles like the stars over the ocean. Thanks for joining me today. If you like the beachy vibe, CLICK HERE to see another ocean-inspired piece or my latest DIY Photo Transfers.

Until the next project… xo, Do



  • Love this Mermaid Beachy makeover Do! The way you tied in the transfer with the gold accents – so gorgeous! Have a super day my friend. XO

  • Thanks, Denise! It’s fun to step outside of the box. I secretly want to live on the beach with a margarita and a good book. You should come with me. xo

  • Do you totally out did yourself. I love this Amazing Look. You were spot on with the hardware. Stunning ????

  • Thanks, Lynn! Are you ready for the big reveal? hee hee 🙂

  • I am new to this world of redesigning furniture so far with Dixie Belle and the amazing talented people I am learning a who new way of re imagining creating beautiful pieces of furniture they were once lost.

  • Thanks for sharing, Margaret! I agree! Happy painting. 🙂 xo

  • Love your dresser. Where do you normally buy your transfers at ?

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