Wooden American Flag | DIY 4th Of July Craft

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Wooden American Flag | DIY 4th Of July Craft
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When you need to decorate for the 4th of July and you wait until the last minute…  ?‍♀️ I just finished making this quick and easy wooden American Flag sign for my front porch. But sometimes those last-minute ideas turn out to be the best! Right? And I got a chance to repurpose some of the old hardware I’ve been hoarding.

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Wooden American Flag | Easy DIY Patriotic Crafts

Here is what you will need to recreate this easy wooden American flag for your front porch display.

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DIY Wooden American Flag Decor

Here’s how easy this was… all I did was take a scrap board (1×10 x 28 inches in length) that I had leftover from another project. I didn’t even have to cut it. I save most of my scrap pieces of wood for quick DIY woodcraft projects. You can never have too many scraps and I always need a cute sign for something or someone. They make great gifts too.

I used painters tape to tape off the top sections as above and painted it with the traditional red white and blue. I just eyeballed it. No measuring needed. If for some reason someone from the road wants to come and measure my lines… well, that’s just not gonna happen. I hope, lol.

Painting The Wooden American Flag Sign

Red, white and blue wooden American flag sign for the front porch.

I started with the red paint first being careful to paint in the direction of the tape line. This helps with bleeding. Immediately remove the tape after painting the stripes. I recommend painting both sides of the wooden American flag sign so you can change it up a bit. You can always stencil a message or a quote across the flag too. Hey! What about those established signs?

Dodson Family Established in 2014 I may need to try that! I can leave it up all year round.

Red, white and blue on an DIY wooden American Flag sign.


Made in the USA Wooden American Flag

I used my Surfprep Sanding system (or sandpaper) to scuff up the whole flag. This amazing electric sander is what I use on all my furniture makeovers. Rarely do I ever hand sand anything anymore. It took me a total of 1 minute and I ain’t kidding. It added just the right amount of distressing and helped to blend the harsh lines for a vintage aged look. The painted wooden American flag was looking good, but it was too clean for my taste. So, I took a super fine piece of wool and gave it a good distressing. This gave it an aged gray look while sanding it super smooth at the same time.

*If you want to seal your sign at this point you can. Any waterbased topcoat will work. Gator Hide is a water-resistant topcoat and would be perfect if the sign is exposed to the rain. I have a covered porch so I skipped this step.

Mismatched Hardware Knobs | Stars

Mismatched knobs on a DIY wooden American Flag sign for the 4th of July porch decorations.

Now here is the funniest part of the whole project. I was feeling a bit lazy and didn’t want to design a stencil. Finding some mismatched hardware knobs that I had saved (because I’m a hoarder of good junk, lol) was just the right amount of eclectic I was wanting for this project. Some were wood and some were metal but they all had the same white painted distressed look. PERFECT! I simply glued them in place staggering the ones that matched to create a more random look.

This whole project was virtually free. I just used what I had on hand. You most certainly can use acrylic craft paint if that’s what you have on hand.

I'm in LOVE with this DIY wooden American Flag sign


Wooden American Flag sign made from repurposed vintage knobs.

God Bless America

Show your patriotism this 4th of July with this easy DIY wooden American Flag sign for your front porch.

I’m a proud patriotic Mom and blessed to have 2 sons that are serving in the united states military and displaying my colors on this Wooden American Flag is one way to show my love and support for them and this great country. Go USA!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope this inspires you to create your own DIY patriotic signs for your front porch. I’d love to hear from you and any thoughts, comments, or ideas for a future project. Leave me some feedback below. Blessings

Until the next project… xo, Do

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