Creative Ways To Make A Wooden American Flag

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Here it is almost 4th of July and I just finished making this quick and easy wooden American Flag for the front porch. I’m such a procrastinator and waited till the last minute. Sometimes those last-minute ideas turn out to be the best! Right?

I’m a proud patriotic Mom and blessed to have 2 sons that are and have served in the united states military. I couldn’t be more proud of them and all the men and women that proudly serve our country. God bless the USA!

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Quick and Easy Wooden American Flag Decor

This project was so simple and quick that I didn’t even take a picture. I swear, it was that easy. All I did was take a scrap board I had laying around that was already pre-cut from another project. You know, all those scraps of wood that you saved for that someday project. Well, it finally paid off.

I used painters tape to tape off the top section and painted it with my acrylic craft paint in a matte finish. Then, I painted the bottom part of the board all white. Using my painter’s tape, I taped off the sections for the stripes. I painted over that with the red and then removed the tape. Easy Peasy!

Now here is the funniest part of the whole project. I’m feeling a bit lazy today and didn’t want to design a stencil. What to do! I needed something white that would stand out and appear to be stars from a distance since it was going on the front porch. I found some old drawer knobs that I had saved, because I’m a hoarder of good junk, lol. They were already white and mismatched with different sizes and materials. Some were wood and some were metal. I loved the eclectic mix. I used E6000 crafters glue to apply them to the board. Nice!

The painted wooden American flag was cute, but it was too clean. The red and white stripes were too bright and didn’t look right with the vintage hardware. 220 grit sandpaper was used to scuff up the whole flag and then I applied a Java Glaze (I LOVE this stuff) over the whole piece. That added just the right amount of aging and it was perfect! A piece of wire was repurposed from an old picture frame and was reused as a hanger on the back of the project. I’m serious! This whole project was virtually free. I just used what I had on hand.

God Bless America

Creative Ways To Make A Wooden American Flag



Creative ways to make a wooden AMERICAN flag from repurposed hardware. If you liked this project, go check out my DIY Chalkboard Chargers

Until the next project… xo, Do


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