Easy How To Make Easy Wall Coat Hanger

I made aquick and easy wall coat hanger with just one board! My space was small and I only needed just a couple of hooks. This was the perfect solution.
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This project started as a prop and quickly grew into, “Hey, this could be a thing.” Why not share my one board DIY wall coat hanger with everyone. Seriously it was so easy it’s almost embarrassing. Get ready to want to make your own. I made two!

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Make A Wall Coat Hanger With One Board

Here are the supplies you will need to complete this easy one board wall coat rack.

To begin with, I measured the length of the board that I would work in my space because the traditional wall coat hangers are usually pretty big. I just needed it for a jacket and maybe a ball cap.

I applied the gel stain to the board that I would be using to make the wall coat hanger.I stained both boards with the VooDoo Gel Stain. It’s a water-based product and can be used as a stand-alone stain or can be used with water-based paint. The second board I got to playing around and did an aged technique with a vinegar/water spray mixture. Read on.

Adding Paint Over The VooDoo Gel Stain

After painting the board for the wall coat hanger, I used a 50/50 mixture on vinegar and water to create an aged looked.It took the Gel Stain about 30 minutes to dry. You want to allow it to dry before you apply the paint on top of the stain because we are going to be using a mixture of 50\50 water and vinegar to create an aged look on the board and you don’t want the brown stain to mix with the paint. While the paint was still wet, I sprayed heavily over the whole board. The board will need to be standing on the end so that the paint will run in one direction. You can play around do whatever you think will look best. For this project, I stood it on its end.

Applying The Hooks On The Wall Coat Hanger Board

I LOVE these wall coat hanger hooks that I chose for this project. So quick and easy to attach to the board.Allow it to dry thoroughly and it’s good to go. No need to use a sealer over the paint because Dixie Belle Paint does not require a sealer. It seals itself after about 30 days of cure time. Now is the time to add your favorite hardware. I found a lot of options on AMAZON and this is what I chose. CLICK HERE to see them.

Adding The Hanger To The Wall Coat Rack

Using a D Ring picture hanger was the perfect choice for my one board wall coat hanger.You will need a heavy-duty picture hanger to hang your wall coat rack. I like these D Ring Picture Hangers. It’s quick and easy because no one has time for complicated.

I love the look of these rustic wall coat hanger hooks with the weathered paint finish on this.Create you own one board wall coat hanger with this easy tutorial.I made a quick and easy wall coat hanger with just one board! My space was small and I only needed just a couple of hooks. This was the perfect solution.I made aquick and easy wall coat hanger with just one board! My space was small and I only needed just a couple of hooks. This was the perfect solution.Hey, thanks for joining me today. How stinking easy was that? This project was part of a staging that I did with a mud bench makeover. CLICK HERE to see the full staging with the bench. It turned out so good!

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  • Loved the one with the gray and vinegar technique!!

  • This isn’t about painting furniture but about painting fabric on lawn furniture.
    Have you done this? How do you do it?
    I’ve emailed you as well.
    thanks Carlene Newton form Ok.

  • I’ll be looking for your email! Fabric painting is so cool!

    xo, Do

  • My question is about outdoor fabric as well, but I’d like to paint my fabric patio umbrella. What do you think – has anyone else tried it successfully? Any ideas on paints, etc would be great! Thanks

  • Hey Laura! I can’t say I have tried that, but if you use Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint and seal it with their Gator Hide, I think that would be the way I would go. I would love to know how it works out! You can find those products by clicking here. https://bit.ly/2K19PJT

    Happy painting!
    xo, Do

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