How To Resurrect A Park Bench From The Dead

One doesn’t think about resurrecting furniture, but there are times I swear that the things I find have no heart beat! I mean D E A D dead! Just like this park bench I found on the side of the road. It’s the nurse in me that wants to save everything, especially furniture. Besides it was FREE!

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The Park Bench Resurrection

Bringing this park bench back to life was a no brainer. Look at all that detail on the cast iron! Talk about rough shape, this park bench had definitely seen better days. The only salvageable part was the cast iron end pieces. A good cleaning and fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference. But before I could even think about paint, I had a real overhaul on my hands. All of the wood slats were rotten and decayed.

Supplies list for this project:

Using my bolt cutters, I quickly removed the rusty bolts from the park bench. I'll be replacing them with new ones. This is where I called for reinforcements. Mr. Honey Do to the rescue! We used a pair of bolt cutters to remove the old rusty bolts. The bolts and screws were rusty and this was a quick easy removal. 

We used the old boards as templates and purchased new slats. Nothing fancy, just your basic inexpensive pine.

Staining The Wood Slats On the Park Bench

I applied the VooDoo Gel Stain to the replacement slats for the park bench. It gave the wood a beautiful weathered look. The wood slats got a beautiful weathered gray look with Dixie Belle’s Up In Smoke VooDoo Gel stain. Fast and easy and it’s water based. A great product to use if you’re sensitive to oil based products and the strong smells. Working inside, it’s important to me to use those products that work and are safe for indoor use. 

Spray Painting The Metal on The Park Bench

The cast iron ends of the park bench had some areas of rust, not to mention it was faded and just not really pretty. The quick fix for this was Rustoleum Hammered Paint and Primer all in one. I sprayed two light coats allowing dry time between each coat. I love this look. It’s perfect for those rough metal surfaces that need a new look. The coverage is amazing and will look nice on the park bench.

Securing The Wood Slats To The Park Bench

A gyroscopic inline screwdriver was used to attach the wood slats to the end pieces of the park bench.We pre-measured and drilled the holes where the carriage bolts were to be attached to the end pieces of the park bench. After drilling the holes on each end of the wood slats we used a cool new tool called a Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver. Righty tighty, lefty loosey! It’s all in the wrist action. Gosh, I love cool tools! This one belonged to Mr. Honey Do. It may not have mysteriously lost its way back to his tool box. 

Flipping the park bench over made it easy to tighten all the bolts.

The Park Bench Reveal!

This park bench makeover was worth every penny. And it didn't take much either!


Park Bench makeover that was worth it!Oh my goodness! What a transformation. The total cost of this french inspired park bench makeover was less than $30. I think this would make a great bench for a mud room too! If you love a good bench project, check out this catty leopard inspired bench I made from an old headboard. CLICK HERE to see the full makeover.

Until the next project… xo, Do

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